The list of new music releases for the last Friday of July, isn’t the worst I have seen, but it certainly is nowhere near the best. Since I could only muster enough new albums for a list of nine, I am one short of what I require to do a review. Though there are some familiar names on the list, there aren’t any albums that I think would get a good review from me. I have been a fan of Chris Robinson for more than two decades and have attempted to do a review on Chris Robinson Brotherhood’s studio material in the past, but since I didn’t want to give a bad review, I picked a different album and I don’t want to make that mistake again. Marc Ribot & The Young have a live album that unfortunately seems a little too loose for my tastes. I must admit, the Latin tribute to Creedence Clearwater Revival is quite interesting, but not quite up my alley for an entire album. Here is the list of new releases that I could get together.

  • Chris Robinson Brotherhood- “Anyway You Love, We Know How You Feel”
  • D Generation- “Nothing Is Anywhere”
  • Descendents- “Hypercaffium Spazzinate”
  • Lori McKenna- “The Bird & The Rifle”
  • Marc Ribot & The Young- “Live In Tokyo”
  • Owen- “The King Of Whys”
  • Thank You Scientist- “Stranger Heads Prevail”
  • The Bouncing Souls- “Simplicity”
  • Various Artists- “Quiero Creedence”

Even though I won’t be writing a review on any of these albums, that doesn’t mean there won’t be any review at all, for July 29. It means that I won’t be reviewing any of the new releases for this week, but I will pick an album that has been released already this year to review. It is possible that it will be an album that I was unaware of when it came out of or that I wish I had chosen instead of another. There was an album that came out a couple of weeks ago, which I didn’t find out about until a week later, so that is what I will be reviewing this week. As usual, I will put out the review on Saturday, so check-back then to see which album I chose and to read the review. That’s What I Know, so That’s What You Know!!


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