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1927- Lee Allen (saxophonist; worked w/ Fats Domino, Little Richard + more…; died in 1994)

Lee Allen (musician)

1940- Paul Williams (vocals w/ The Temptations; “Just My Imagination”; died in 1973)

Paul Williams of the

The Temptations w/ Paul Williams “I Wish It Would Rain” live video link here.

1949- Roy Bittan (piano, organ, accordian + synthesizers w/ Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band; has worked w/ Jackson Browne, Peter Gabriel, Dire Straits + more)              67 yrs.

Keyboardist Roy Bittan's setup

1952- Johnny Colla (guitar + sax w/ Huey Lewis & The News; “The Power Of Love”)     64 yrs.

Johnny Colla

Huey Lewis & The News w/ Johnny Colla “The Power Of Love” video link here.

1954- Pete Briquette (vocals + bass w/ The Boomtown Rats; “I Don’t Like Mondays”)                    62 yrs.

Pete Briquette (with Bob

1961- Paul Geary (drummer w/ Extreme; “More Than Words”)        55 yrs.

Paul Geary

1965- Dave Parsons (bassist w/ Transvision Vamp)          51 yrs.

and Dave Parsons once did.

1970- Monie Love (female MC; “It’s A Shame”)            46 yrs.

Picture of Monie Love

Monie Love “It’s A Shame (My Sister)” video link here.

1974- Rocky Gray (drummer w/ Evanescence)             42 yrs.

William Rocky Gray

1975- Daron Malakian (guitarist w/ System of A Down)        41 yrs.

Daron Malakian Metallica

System Of A Down w/ Daron Malakian “Chop Suey!” video link here.

These are your birthdays for today, along with video links for a few of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!