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As most folks already know, Rob Wasserman passed away on Wednesday, after his struggle with cancer. He was an accomplished bassist and composer, who played and performed with many amazing artists during his thirty plus year career.


Wasserman was born in California on April 1, 1952. He began playing the violin and didn’t switch to the upright bass, until he was through with high school. He attended the San Francisco Conservatory Of Music where he studied both composition and the double bass. Some of Rob’s early jobs, include playing with Van Morrison and the David Grisman Quintet. In 1983, Wasserman released his first solo album, titled “Solo” and it was well received. In 1988, the release of his second album “Duets”, saw Rob work with Aaron Neville, Rickie Lee Jones, Lou Reed, Bobby McFerrin and more. This album garnered him three Grammy nominations and earned Bobby McFerrin a Grammy for best male jazz vocalist. The third album in the trilogy, “Trios” featured Wasserman performing with incredible musical pairings, such as Neil Young & Bob Weir, Edie Brickell & Jerry Garcia, Elvis Costello & Marc Ribot and several more outstanding duos.  Also around 1994, Bob Weir and Rob began playing together, often as a duo, but soon formed Ratdog, which became Weir’s primary focus after Jerry Garcia died and the Grateful Dead disbanded, in 1995. Over the years, Rob worked with everyone from Ani DiFranco and Bruce Cockburn to Jackson Browne and Laurie Anderson, as well as serving a long stint touring with Lou Reed. Rob Wasserman has also filled-in with the super-group Banyan, which includes core members Stephen Perkins (Jane’s Addiction), Willie Waldman (Snoop Dogg), Mike Watt (Minutemen) and Nels Cline (Wilco). A little over six years ago, Rob joined Bob Weir and Jay Lane for several tour dates under the name Scaring The Children. On Wednesday, Rob Wasserman died in California, after what seems like a short, mostly unreported battle with cancer.

R.I.P. Rob Wasserman (1952-2016)


1915- Willie Dixon (blues singer/songwriter/guitarist; wrote over 500 songs including “Little Red Rooster”, “Hoochie Coochie Man” + “You Shook Me”; heavily influenced the music of Led Zeppelin + The Rolling Stones; died in 1992)

Willie Dixon

Willie Dixon “I Got My Mojo Working” live video link here.

1928- Bobby Day (singer; “Rockin Robin”; half of Bob & Earl; “Harlem Shuffle”; died in 1990)

Bobby Day – Free listening,

1939- Delaney Bramlett (half of Delaney & Bonnie; worked w/ Eric Clapton in the 70’s; died in 2008)

Delaney Bramlett onstage in

1945- Deborah Harry (singer w/ Blondie; “The Tide Is High”; solo artist; “French Kissing In The U.S.A.”; actress)                  71 yrs.

Debbie Harry made it to number

Blondie w/ Deborah Harry “One Way Or Another” live video link here.

1949- John Farnham (singer/songwriter; “You’re The Voice”)                         67 yrs.

A young John FArnham Wax

John Farnham “You’re The Voice” live video link here.

1951- Fred Schneider (vocals w/ The B-52’s; “Rock Lobster”, “Love Shack” + “Dead Beat Club”; solo artist; “Monster”)        65 yrs.

RIP in Peace, Fred Schneider.

The B-52’s w/ Fred Schneider “Private Idaho” video link here.

1952- Dan Akyroyd (actor; half of The Blues Brothers)        64 yrs.


The Blues Brothers w/ Dan Akyroyd “Soul Man” video link here.

1952- Leon Chancler (drummer/percussionist; worked w/ Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Carlos Santana, John Lee Hooker, Thelonious Monk + more)        64 yrs.

Leon Ndugu Chancler

1956- Phil Solem (singer/songwriter; member of Great Buildings + The Rembrandts; “I’ll Be There For You”)                              60 yrs.

Phil Solem

1960- Evelyn Champagne King (soul singer; “Love Come Down”)                      56 yrs.

Evelyn "Champagne" King

1960- Ted Key (member of Housemartins)                         56 yrs.

Purple Worm Records

1963- Roddy Bottom (keyboards w/ Faith No More)                       53 yrs.

keyboardist Roddy Bottom

1964- Pol Burton (drums w/ Transvision Vamp)                           52 yrs.

batería Pol Burton,

1971- Missy Elliot (MC + singer)                        45 yrs.

Missy Elliot MTV TRL Presents

Missy Elliot “Get UR Freak On” video link here.


These are today’s birthdays, along with video links for some of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!