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1946- Gary Lewis (singer w/ The Playboys; “This Diamond Ring”)          70 yrs.

Gary Lewis & The Playboys “This Diamond Ring” live video link here.

1947- Karl Green (guitar w/ Herman’s Hermits; “Mrs. Brown You’ve Got A Lovely Daughter”)                                          69 yrs.

Herman’s Hermits w/ Karl Green “I’m Into Something Good” live video link here.

1951- Carlo Karges (member of Nena; “99 Red Balloons”; died in 2002)

1953- Hugh McDowell (cellist w/ Electric Light Orchestra; “Don’t Bring Me Down”)       63 yrs.

1957- Daniel Ash (member of Bauhaus + Love & Rockets; “So Alive”; solo artist)       59 yrs.

Love & Rockets w/ Daniel Ash “No New Tale To Tell” video link here.

1958- Bill Berry (drummer w/ R.E.M.; “The One I Love”, “Stand”, “Radio Song” + more; left the band in 1997)          58 yrs.

1959- Saskia Laroo (trumpeter/multi-instrumentalist/vocalist; she has worked w/ Candy Dulfer, Wynton Marsalis + Billy Preston; won the 2007 Montreux Jazz Award)               57 yrs.

Saskia Laroo “Jazz Party”live video here.

1960- Malcolm Ross (member of Aztec Camera)               56 yrs.
No Photo Available.

1963- Norman Cook a.k.a. Fatboy Slim (member of Housemartins, Beats International, Freak Power;DJ; solo artist)        53 yrs.

Fatboy Slim “Are We Having Fun Yet?” live video link here.

1964- Jim Corr (guitar, keyboards + vocals w/ The Corrs)                 52 yrs.

1964- Robert Townsend (member of Pop Will Eat Itself)              52 yrs.
No Photos Available

1971- John Lowery (guitarist w/ Marilyn Manson; “The Dope Show”)       45 yrs.

Marilyn Manson w/ John Lowery “The Dope Show” video link here.

1978- Will Champion (drummer w Coldplay)         38 yrs.

These are your birthdays for today, along with video links for several of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!



Last week I picked an okay album from a somewhat disappointing list of new releases, because there were more than ten albums on the list. This week, there were only nine suitable options, and I really didn’t believe I would truly enjoy any of those, so I picked a different album to review. This album came out a couple of weeks ago, but I didn’t hear about it until last week, so I missed out on the opportunity to give my opinion about the live version of 2003’s “Sweet Oblivious Antidote” from Georgia’s own, Perpetual Groove. On the first day of 2016, the quartet played their amazing studio album in its entirety, at The Terminal West in Atlanta, and released this spectacular show for all of us to get to experience. For those that aren’t familiar with Perpetual Groove, their sound is often described as jamband music, but that really doesn’t do justice to the eclectic blend that these four exceptional musicians have made their distinct sound. Since this is a complete live show, I will write my review more like I would after seeing a band live.

The new year began with an amazing omen for music fans at Terminal West. I am not sure if those in attendance were aware that Perpetual Groove was going to play their first album from beginning to end, but either way, they were in for a treat. The show started with the a dreamy but obvious intro, before going full bore into the beloved, “Three Weeks”. There was definitely something different about this song on that night, with some variations on the usual theme of this arena rocker, but the cathartic sing-a-long vibe was still ever-present. It was followed directly by the astronomically themed “Perihilion”, with moments of interplanetary jazz met by more aggressive prog-rock stylings. Another instrumental with a space concept, “Sundog” was both peaceful and playful, throughout.
“TSM2” got a warm reception before it had barely begun. Brock really shines lyrically and vocally on this infectious bubbly alt-rocker, which ended the first set.

The second set opened with the prog-rock machinations of the brooding “Teakwood Betz”. Drummer, Albert Suttle, really got some room to move during this nineteen minute instrumental. The foursome took the attendees for a glide during the dreamlike weightlessness of “Astro Monkey”, that has to be one of the band’s best instrumentals. Bursts of tension dot the landscape on the lighthearted “Robot Waltz”. The slow soulful groove of “Walking In Place” is complimented nicely by Brock’s guitar playing and the appearance by his alter ego, the reverend, who often makes appearances during this song, live, in order to add some levity, but on this night Brock was more serious, and seriously grateful. “Playground” is all the fun of a space hoedown and the edge of symphonic rock in one impressive tune. The last song on the album, is the title track, “Sweet Oblivious Antidote”, where the guys got to show off some harmonizing and concluded with a big beautiful ending. Though this is where the studio album finished, the band decided to give the live crowd a bonus with their fantastically passionate version of Talking Heads’ “Naive Melody”, to round out the night.

I really couldn’t be happier with the live version of Perpetual Groove’s “Sweet Oblivious Antidote”, unless I had been there myself. It shows off the basis for what was a top shelf studio album, but certainly lends the band the room to stretch out in their wheelhouse. It is hard to accurately describe the sound that Perpetual Groove has created, because in just one tune, they can traipse through a few genres, to see where they end up. The journey for  Brock Butler, Matt McDonald, Adam Perry and Albert Suttle has not always been a certain one, but it has always been apparent that the music that these guys make, has had a deep impact on so many. I first saw Perpetual Groove almost ten years ago, and I have seen them in sold out venues, and others where there was hardly anyone there, but they always put on an outstanding performance. If you like Umphrey’s McGee, Moe., Lotus and alternative music of the 80’s and 90’s, then you might want to check-out Perpetual Groove. If you haven’t heard them before, check-out “Sweet Oblivious Antidote” live, and if you haven’t seen them before, they are playing four shows along the Front Range, just before Halloween, this year, so get your tickets now. That’s What I Know, So That’s What You Know!! Enjoy!!



1936- George “Buddy” Guy (Chicago blues guitarist/singer)                 80 yrs.

Buddy Guy “Damn Right, I’ve Got The Blues” live video link here.

1941- Paul Anka (actor/singer/songwriter; “Puppy Love”+ “Put Your Head On My Shoulder”                                    75 yrs.

Paul Anka “Diana” video link here.

1945- David Sanborn (session saxophonist; worked w/ David  Bowie, James Taylor + Stevie Wonder; solo artist)                                        71 yrs.

David Sanborn “Chicago Song” live video link here.

1946- Jeffrey Hammond (bassist w/ Jethro Tull; “Living In The Past”)      70 yrs.

1948- Otis Taylor (blues singer/songwriter/multi-intstrumenalist; “Live Your Life” + “Ten Million Slaves”)                            68 yrs,

1949- Andy Scott (guitarist w/ Sweet)                      67 yrs.

1949- Hugh Nicholson (member of Marmalade)                                    67 yrs.

1955- Chris Miller a.k.a. Rat Scabies (drummer w/ The Damned; “Eloise”)                  61 yrs.

1958- Kate Bush (singer/songwriter; “Love & Anger” + “This Woman’s Work”; recorded w/ David Gilmour + Peter Gabriel)                                                   58 yrs.

Kate Bush “This Woman’s Work” video link here.

1968- Sean Moore (drummer w/ Manic Street Preachers)                        48 yrs.

1971- Brad Hargreaves (member of Third Eye Blind; “Jumper”)        45 yrs.

1980- Seth Avett (singer + guitarist w/ The Avett Brothers; “I and Love and You”)      36 yrs.

Image result for Seth Avett photos

The Avett Brothers w/ Seth “Murder In The City” video link here.

These are today’s birthdays, along with video links for some of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!



1946- Neal Doughty (keyboardist w/ Reo Speedwagon; “Keep On Loving You”)           70 yrs.

1947- Carlo Santanna (guitar w/ Paper Lace; “The Night Chicago Died”)        69 yrs.

1953- Geddy Lee (bassist + vocalist w/ Rush; “Tom Sawyer”, “Time Stand Still”, “Fly By Night” + more)         63 yrs.

Rush w/ Geddy Lee “Limelight” live video link here.

1953- Patti Sciafa (singer; worked w/ The Rolling Stones; toured with and married Bruce Springsteen; solo artist)                     63 yrs.

Bruce Springsteen feat. Patti Sciafa “If I Should Fall Behind” live video link here.

1959- John Sykes (member of Whitesnake + Thin Lizzy)                     57 yrs.

1966- Miles Hunt (vocals w/ The Wonder Stuff; “Don’t Let Me Down, Gently”)        50 yrs.

The Wonder Stuff w/ Miles Hunt “Never Loved Elvis” live video link here.

1973- Wanya Morris (vocals w/ Boyz II Men; “End Of The Road”)        43 yrs.

These are your birthdays for today, along with video links for some of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!



1938- George Cummings (steel guitar w/ Dr. Hook; “Sylvia’s Mother”)         78 yrs.

George Cummings - Picture from

Dr. Hook w/ George Cummings “When You’re In Love With A Beautiful Woman”
live video link here.

1943- Mike Bloomfield (guitarist w/ Paul Butterfield Blues Band and Electric Flag; received early support from B.B. King, Bob Dylan, Muddy Waters + Buddy Guy; solo artist; died in 1981)

hero Mike Bloomfield

Al Kooper + Mike Bloomfield “Stop” video link here.

1943- Rick Wright (keyboards + vocals w/ Pink Floyd; Wright appeared on most Pink Floyd albums from ‘Piper At The Gates Of Dawn’, ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’, + ‘The Wall’ to ‘Momentary Lapse Of Reason’ + ‘ The Division Bell’; died in 2008)

Rick Wright Photos

Pink Floyd w/ Rick Wright “Comfortably Numb” live video link here.

1949- Peter Doyle (singer w/ The New Seekers; “I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing”; died in 2001)

Peter Doyle rehearsing with

1949- Simon Kirke (drummer w/ Free; “All Right Now”; a member of Bad Company)
67 yrs.

flashes he remained

1949- Steve Took (member of T. Rex; died in 1980)

Steve Took (T. Rex)


1972- Dan Worton (drummer w/ Ned’s Atomic Dustbin; “Grey Cell Green” + “Happy”)           44 yrs.

Dan Warton on drums.

Ned’s Atomic Dustbin w/ Dan Warton “Happy” video link here.

These are your birthdays for today, along with video links for a few of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!



1933- Nick Reynolds (member of The Kingston Trio; “Tom Dooley”; died in 2008)

Nick Reynolds

The Kingston Trio w/ Nick Reynolds “Shady Grove/ Lonesome Traveller”
live video link here.

1943- Al Ramsey (member of Gary Lewis & The Playboys; “This Diamond Ring”; died in 1985)

Allan Ramsay is top Right.  Al Ramsey, top right

1944- Bobbie Gentry (singer/ songwriter; “Ode to Billy Joe”)       72 yrs.


Bobby Gentry “Ode To Billie Joe” live video link here.

1949- Maureen McGovern (singer; “The Morning After”)                    67 yrs.

Maureen McGovern

1950- Michael Vaughn (guitarist w/ Paper Lace; “The Night Chicago Died”)       66 yrs.

Paper Lace Michael Vaughn, standing

Paper Lace w/ Michael Vaughn “The Night Chicago Died” live video link here.

1953- Suzi Carr (singer w/  Will To Power; “Baby I Love Your Way/Freebird”)       63 yrs.


1960- Conway Savage (keyboards  w/ Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)          56 yrs.

Bad Seed Conway Savage

1963- Karl Mueller (bassist w/ Soul Asylum; “Runaway Train”; died in 2005)

Karl Mueller: 1963–2005

Soul Asylum w/ Karl Mueller “Misery” video link here.

1964- Rex Brown (bassist w/ Pantera)      52 yrs.

Rex Brown

1967- Juliana Hatfield (singer,songwriter, guitarist w/  Juliana Hatfield Three)          49 yrs.

Juliana Hatfield Juliana

Juliana Hatfield Three “Spin The Bottle” live video link here.

1975- Brad Barr (singer, songwriter + guitarist w/ The Slip; “Get Me With Fuji”, “Honey Melon”, “Eube” + more…; member of The Barr Brothers and Surprise Me Mr. Davis)                    41 yrs.

These are today’s birthdays, along with video links for a few of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!



1940- Dobie Gray (singer; “Drift Away”; died in 2011)

Dobie Gray

Dobie Gray “Drift Away” video link here.

1941- Darlene Love (singer w/ The Crystals; “Then He Kissed Me”)             75 yrs.

Darlene Love has professed no


1943- Mick Jagger (singer, songwriter w/ The Rolling Stones; “Start Me Up”, “Ruby Tuesday”, “Brown Sugar” + more; solo artist)                73 yrs.

Mick Jagger

The Rolling Stones w/ Mick Jagger “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” live video link here.

1949- Roger Taylor (drums + vocals w/ Queen; “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Bicycle Race” + more)        67 yrs.

Drummerworld: Roger Taylor

Queen w/ Roger Taylor “Fat Bottomed Girls” video link here.

1961- Gary Cherone (vocals w/ Extreme; “More Than Words”; replaced Sammy Hagar in Van Halen for a short stint)     55 yrs.


Van Halen w/ Gary Cherone “Panama” live video link here.

1961- Andy Connell (member of Swing Out Sister; “Breakout”)              55 yrs.

Andy Connell

1963- Scott Francis Crago (session drummer; worked w/ The Eagles, Bonnie Raitt, Sheryl Crow, Paul Simon, Jackson Browne, Stevie Wonder + more)        53 yrs.

Scott F Crago Drummer for The

1967- Tim Barnwell a.k.a. DJ Headliner (member of Arrested Development; “Tennessee” + “Mr. Wendel”)                                49 yrs.

Timothy Barnwell

1980- Dave Baksh (guitarist w/ Sum 41 until 2006; member of Brown Brigade & The Organ Thieves)                     36 yrs.

Dave Baksh

These are your birthdays for today, along with video links for a few of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!


Music To Hear 8/01 – 8/07: TEDESCHI TRUCKS BAND, JEFF BECK, DICK DALE & More…


Avogadro’s Number- The Haymarket Squares                  6 p.m.                       $5

Hodi’s Half Note- ‘Stand-Up Comedy’ @ 7 p.m.; ‘Funk Jam’ @ 10 p.m.


Denver Botanic Gardens- Martin Sexton w/ Eilen Jewell                   6:30 p.m.                $54-59

Quixote’s True Blue*- ‘Jerry’s Birthday Show’ w/ Imagine feat. Melvin Seals (JGB), Ray White (Frank Zappa) & Damon Wood (James Brown) w/ Fleeb (Octopus Nebula) + Darren Hahn (Ani DiFranco)                             9 p.m.                      $10

Red Rocks Amphitheatre* (Morrison)- ‘Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebration’ feat. Warren Haynes & Colorado Symphony w/ special guest Melvin Seals                    7:30 p.m.


Chautauqua Auditorium*- Ryan Bingham w/ The Americans                  7:30 p.m.

Fox Theatre- Museum Of Love Live feat. Pat Mahoney (DFA/ LCD Soundsystem), Dennis McNany (DFA/Jee-Day) & Nancy Whang (DJ set)(DFA/ LCD Soundsystem, The Juan Maclean) w/ Falcon Punch                      8:30 p.m.                     $26

Owsley’s Golden Road*- Owsley’s Acid Jazz Trio feat. Paul Murin (DeadPhish Orchestra) & Edwin Hurwitz (Shakedown Street)                          7 p.m.                      $1


Avogadro’s Number- ‘Open Mic’ feat. Tom Gregory                           7 p.m.

Hodi’s Half Note- ‘EDM Tuesdays’                     Free-$5

Oak Street Plaza- ‘Noontime Notes’ feat. The Seers               11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.

Pourhouse (Loveland)- ‘Open Jazz Jam’ feat. The Pourhouse Jazz Trio                 7:30 p.m.


Larimer Lounge- Honne w/ Jones                     $15

Red Rocks Amphitheatre (Morrison)- LCD Soundsystem w/ Savage + Museum Of Love
7 p.m.                      SOLD OUT!!!!


Chautauqua Auditorium*- ‘Mash Up’ w/ Paper Bird                      7:30 p.m.              $12-45

Fox Theatre- Wavves w/ Steep Leans + Partybaby                  8 p.m.                    $26.50

Owsley’s Golden Road- Jalbatross feat. Ryan Jalbert (The Motet)             7 p.m.

Pioneer Inn (Nederland)- ‘Open Mic’                        9 p.m.


Avogadro’s Number- ‘Patio Music Series’ feat. Ginger Whale                 5-7 p.m.

Avogadro’s Number- Mason Street Bluegrass                   7 p.m.

Avogadro’s  Number- ‘Open Bluegrass Jam’                     8:30 p.m.

CSU Lagoon*- Danielle Ate The Sandwich                    6-8:30 p.m.               FREE!!!!

Hodi’s Half Note- ‘Grass For That Ass’ feat. Sneaky Pete & The Secret Weapons w/ FunkMa$ter + Cloud Kickers International                           Free-$15


Bluebird Theatre- Hayes Carll w/ Luke Bell                     8 p.m.                            $25-27

Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom*- ‘Herbie Hancock Tribute’ feat. Dave Watts (The Motet), Dominic Lalli (Big Gigantic), Joey Porter (The Motet), Garrett Sayers (The Motet) & Dan Schwindt (Kyle Hollingsworth Band) w/ Space Orpan                                    $15-20

Dazzle Jazz*- ‘Artist In Residence’ w/ Adam Bodine Trio                       9 p.m.                   FREE!!!!

Hi Dive- Deerhoof w/ Blankspell + deCollage                 8:30 p.m.                            $15-17

Oriental Theatre- Danielle Nicole (Trampled Under Foot) + Too Slim  & The Taildraggers
(*two headlining sets)                                          8 p.m.                                   $22

Red Rocks Amphitheatre (Morrison)- LCD Soundsystem w/ Savages + Museum Of Love
7 p.m.                  SOLD OUT!!!!


Fox Theatre*- King Sunny Ade                         8:30 p.m.                         $32

Owsley’s Golden Road- Flash Mountain Flood                           7 p.m.                     $??

Pioneer Inn (Nederland)- ‘Blues Night’                            10 p.m.                    FREE!!!!


Avogadro’s Number- Cosmic Mesa + Canyon Collected                        8 p.m.               $5

Boardwalk Park (Windsor)- Rusty 44              6:30-8:30 p.m.             FREE!!!!

Foote Lagoon- ‘Tribute To The Beatles’ feat. The Fab 4 Mop Top + The Fab 4 Sgt. Pepper
7-9 p.m.            FREE!!!!

Old Town Square*- Pandas & People                   7-9 p.m.                  FREE!!!!


Cervantes’ Other Side- Mike Love w/ FunkMa$ter                  /// Policulture     on patio

Denver Botanic Gardens- Chris Isaak w/ Brent Cowles                    6:30 p.m.             $51-64

Quixote’s True Blue*- Play Dead + Great Blue                         $10

Red Rocks Amphitheatre (Morrison)- ‘Hard Red Rocks’ feat. RL Grime w/ Savoy, Keys N Krates, Graves + Drezo                          6 p.m.                     $49.50-90

Walnut Room*- Yarn w/ Another Afternoon                       8 p.m.                   $15-20


Dickens Opera House (Longmont)- ‘Open Mic Night’ w/ Brian Rezac                7 p.m.

Pioneer Inn (Nederland)- ‘Open Jam: Boogie Nights’                     10 p.m.            FREE!!!!

St. Julien- Mountain Meadow String Band                      6:30-9:30 p.m.


Aggie Theatre- The Covz w/ Prestor John (CD Release)               Free-$10

Avogadro’s Number- Pouder River Irregulars                     4 p.m.               $10

Centerra @ Chapungu Sculpture Park (Loveland)- The Commoners                  7-9 p.m.

Monroe’s (Loveland)- Ryan Fourt Combo                   7 p.m.

Swing Station (LaPorte)- The Hooten Hallers w/ Burt Reynolds Mustache Ride            9 p.m.


Gothic Theatre*- Rebirth Brass Band                           $19.99-40

Marquis Theatre- American Aquarium w/ Ol Hickory + Smokestack Relics
8 p.m.                 $5-15

Oriental Theatre- Jen Korte & The Loss w/ Clarence Tilton                   9 p.m.

Quixote’s True Blue*- Play Dead + Ethan J. Perry                       $10

Red Rocks Amphitheatre* (Morrison)- Tedeschi Trucks Band w/ Los Lobos + North Mississippi All Stars                      7 p.m.               SOLD OUT!!!!

Soiled Dove- Marcus Miller                       7 p.m.                 $35-40

Soiled Dove- Marcus Miller                     10 p.m.                $35-45

Walnut Room- Jus’ Sayin’  w/ Von Disco                  8:30 p.m.                      $8-10


Dickens Opera House (Longmont)- Nina Storey w/ Matthew Moon              8:15 p.m.

Louisville*- Junior Brown                  6:30-9 p.m.                     FREE!!!!

Nissi’s (Lafayette)- Liz Barnez                    7:30 p.m.                 $12-14

St. Julien- Quemando                         6:30-9:30 p.m.


Aggie Theatre- Sevendust w/ Crobot, Against Himself + Red Tide Rising                   7 p.m.

Hodi’s Half Note- American Aquarium                $15-23

Moxi Theatre (Greeley)- The Epilogues ‘The Farewell Show’ w/ Slow Caves, Quentin, They Call Me Hero + Implicit Whispers                        $10


Arvada Center*- Reverend Horton Heat w/ Doug Kershaw                     7:30 p.m.            $20-35

Cervantes’ Other Side*- The Lonely Heart String Band w/ Mile High Express               $5-12

Dazzle Jazz- ‘Blues Night’ w/ Delta Sonics                      10:30 p.m.                       $5

Hudson Gardens* (Littleton)- Weird Al Yankovic                   7 p.m.                              $46

Larimer Lounge- Mitis w/ Toy Box + Mosis                         $12-15

Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox- ‘Brunch’ feat. Lost Dog Trio (Tom Waits tribute)
10:30 a.m.                 No Cover!!!!

Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox*- Dick Dale w/ Kerry Pastine & The Crime Scene                 9 p.m.

Oriental Theatre- Michael Hornbuckle Band /w Emilio Emilio + Michael Lee Clemmer Band                     8 p.m.                      $12

Quixote’s True Blue*- New Speedway Boogie w/ Intrepid Travellers + Home Fried Boogaloo                   9 p.m.                         $??

Red Rocks Amphitheatre (Morrison)- Slightly Stoopid w/ SOJA, Zion I, The Grouch & Eligh
7 p.m.                     $44.99


Boulder Theatre*- Loudon Wainwright III + Iris Dement                          8 p.m.            $25-32.50

Fox Theatre- Melvins w/ Helms Alee                     9 p.m.                      $26.50

Owsley’s Golden Road*- Play Dead                          7 p.m.                       $1


Aggie Theatre*- Reverend Horton Heat + The Melvins w/ Helms Alee                     8 p.m.

Mishawaka Amphitheatre (Bellvue)- The Railbenders w/ Goatz + Liz Barnez                 5 p.m.

Swing Station (LaPorte)- Jay Stott              4 p.m.                  FREE!!!!


Arvada Center- Asleep At The Wheel w/ Hot Club Of Cowtown               7:30 p.m.

City Park- Chris Daniels & The Kings w Freddi Gowdy                  6-8 p.m.                  FREE!!!!

Fiddlers Green*- Jeff Beck w/ Buddy Guy                      7:30 p.m.                 $39.50-79.50

Larimer Lounge- ‘Sunday BBQ Series’ w/ Reno Divorce, Straight Outta Luck, Wake The Bat, Granny Tweed + Landgrabbers                     2 p.m.                     $9

Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox- ‘Brunch’ feat. Lost Dog Trio (Tom Waits tribute)
10:30 a.m.                 No Cover!!!!

Paramount Theatre- Culture Club                   8 p.m.             Tickets Starting @ $49.50

Pepsi Center- Slipknot w/ Marilyn Manson + Of Mice & Men                6:30 p.m.
Tickets Starting @ $29.50

Red Rocks Amphitheatre* (Bellvue)- Michael Franti & Spearhead w/ Zella Day            6 p.m.


Boulder Theatre- Ms. Lisa Fischer & The Grand Baton w/ Dan Treanor’s Afrosippi Band feat. Erica Brown & MJ                       8 p.m.                   $25-35

Homemade Liquids & Solids (Longmont)- ‘Bluegrass Pick’                   12-3 p.m.



8/05-06 HINTERLAND MUSIC FESTIVAL @ Avenue Of The Saints Amphitheatre in St. Charles, IA.                                       2 Day Passes $95

  • 8/05 feat. Ray Lamontagne, Cold War Kids, Houndmouth + San Fermin
  • 8/06 feat. Willie Nelson, Grace Potter, Lake Street Dive, Shovels & Rope, Turnpike Troubadours, Hayes Carll, Pokey Lafarge, William Elliott Whitmore + Field Division

8/05-07 TELLURIDE JAZZ FEST @ Telluride Town Park
3-Day Pass $145       (camping and parking permits also available)

  • 8/05 feat. Jon Cleary & The Absolute Monster Gentlmen, Marcus Miller, Galactic, Lisa Fischer & Grand Baton, John Scofield & Jon Cleary Duo, Jeff Coffin & The Mu’tet, Kermit Ruffins & The BBQ Swingers, Rebirth Brass Band, Caleb Chapman’s Crescent Super Band w/ Jeff Coffin, Nigel Hall Band, Veronica Swift & The Eric Gunnison Trio, Sobredosis Del Sabor, Kevin McCarthy Trio, USAF Academy Band Falconaires, Telluride Student All-Stars Jazz Ensemble + Stillwater Allstars

8/05-07 VERTEX FESTIVAL @ Cottonwood Meadows in Buena Vista, CO.
Base Camp tickets $249.75

  • 8/05-07 feat. Odesza, Alabama Shakes, Trey Anastasio Band (2 Sets), Gramatik, Lettuce, Anderson.Paak & The Free Nationals, BadBadNotGood, Big Wild, Classixx, Dawes, Dopapod, Duke Dumont, Emancipator Ensemble, Fruition, Graham Nash, Hiatus Kaiyote, Houndmouth, Jai Wolf, Robert Delong, Rufus Du Sol, Ryan Hemsworth, Seven Lions, The Claypool Lennon Delirium, The Revivalists, Gold Room, Imagined Herbal Flows, Buckwheat Zydeco, Head For The Hills, Zach Heckendorf, The Drunken Hearts, Trout Steak Revival, Dreamers Delight, Eminence Ensemble, Jaden Carlson Band, Evanoff, Mama Magnolia, The Runnikine, Tortuga, Pizkil + Other Worlds

8/05-07 ARISE MUSIC FESTIVAL @ Sunrise Ranch in Loveland
$181.50      (Camping passes available)

  • 8/05-07 feat. Jurassic 5, Ziggy Marley, Hardworking Americans, Wildlight, The New Mastersounds, Del The Funky Homosapien, Phutureprimitive, The Travelin’ McCourys, Bluegrass Generals (feat. Chris Pandolfi & Andy Hall), Jeff Austin Band,  Fortunate Youth, Everyone Orchestra, Mike Love, Dirtwire feat. members of Beats Antique & Hamsa Lila, Govinda, Dimond Saints, The Expanders, Bridget & Bonnie (Elephant Revival), Euforquestra, Jennifer Hartswick, Natalie Cressman, Bass Physics, Ayla Nereo, SHEL, CloZee, Yamn, Gipsy Moon, Dynohunter, Dead Floyd, Musketeer Gripweed, Samuel J, T Sisters, Skydyed, Living Light, Earth Guardians, Supaman, Xerephine, Transition Theater, Chimney Choir, MIRAJA, We Dream Dawn, The Sweet Lillies, Blue Grama, DJ Taz Rashid, Lineage Music Project, Buddha Bomb, The Heartifact, Tierro, Totem, Fractal Tribe, Lunar Fire, Bibi McGill,  (3 more Headliners) + more…

8/06 CARBON VALLEY MUSIC & SPIRITS FESTIVAL @ Centennial Field in Dacono

  • 8/06 feat. Cracker, The Railbenders, Kerry Pastine & The Crime Scene, Goatz!, William’s Reserve, Mojo Academy Kids + more…                  2-10 p.m.


The first week of August will provide us with an eclectic mix of live music to hear along the Front Range. From free concerts to mountain festivals, there is something for everyone on this week’s list. As usual, I have marked the shows I recommend with an * after the venue’s name. Besides this list, check-out the Coming Attractions and Festival Time pages for a more extensive look at what’s happening over the next few months. That’s What I Know, So That’s What You Know!! Enjoy!!



1925- Bennie Benjamin (session drummer w/ The Funk Brothers; played on hits by The Supremes, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder + more; died in 1969)


1941- Manuel Charlton (member of Nazareth; “Love Hurts”)       75 yrs.

1942- Bruce Woodley (vocals w/ The Seekers)                74 yrs.

The Seekers w/ Bruce Wooley “Georgy Girl” live video link here.

1943- Jim McCarty (drummer w/ The Yardbirds; “For Your Love”)            73 yrs.

1946- Jose Chepito Areas (percussionist w/ Santana; “Black Magic Woman”)       70 yrs.

1950- Mark Clarke (member of Uriah Heep)                        66 yrs.

1951- Verdine White (bass + vocals w/ Earth, Wind & Fire; “Shining Star”)
65 yrs.

Earth, Wind & Fire w/ Verdine White “September” video link here.

1958- Thurston Moore (guitar + vocals w/ Sonic Youth; “Silver Rocket”, “Dirty Boots” + more; solo artist)       58 yrs.

Thurston Moore “Circulation” video link here.

These are your birthdays for today, along with video links for a couple of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!



The list of new music releases for the last Friday of July, isn’t the worst I have seen, but it certainly is nowhere near the best. Since I could only muster enough new albums for a list of nine, I am one short of what I require to do a review. Though there are some familiar names on the list, there aren’t any albums that I think would get a good review from me. I have been a fan of Chris Robinson for more than two decades and have attempted to do a review on Chris Robinson Brotherhood’s studio material in the past, but since I didn’t want to give a bad review, I picked a different album and I don’t want to make that mistake again. Marc Ribot & The Young have a live album that unfortunately seems a little too loose for my tastes. I must admit, the Latin tribute to Creedence Clearwater Revival is quite interesting, but not quite up my alley for an entire album. Here is the list of new releases that I could get together.

  • Chris Robinson Brotherhood- “Anyway You Love, We Know How You Feel”
  • D Generation- “Nothing Is Anywhere”
  • Descendents- “Hypercaffium Spazzinate”
  • Lori McKenna- “The Bird & The Rifle”
  • Marc Ribot & The Young- “Live In Tokyo”
  • Owen- “The King Of Whys”
  • Thank You Scientist- “Stranger Heads Prevail”
  • The Bouncing Souls- “Simplicity”
  • Various Artists- “Quiero Creedence”

Even though I won’t be writing a review on any of these albums, that doesn’t mean there won’t be any review at all, for July 29. It means that I won’t be reviewing any of the new releases for this week, but I will pick an album that has been released already this year to review. It is possible that it will be an album that I was unaware of when it came out of or that I wish I had chosen instead of another. There was an album that came out a couple of weeks ago, which I didn’t find out about until a week later, so that is what I will be reviewing this week. As usual, I will put out the review on Saturday, so check-back then to see which album I chose and to read the review. That’s What I Know, so That’s What You Know!!