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1946- Terry Kath (guitarist w/ Chicago; died in 1978) 1978, Terry Kath, guitarist

Chicago w/ Terry Kath “25 or 6 to 4” live video link here.

1951- Harry Wayne Casey (vocalist w/ KC & The Sunshine Band; “That’s The Way I Like It”)        65 yrs.

1951- Phil Manzanera (guitarist w/ Roxy Music; co-produce David Gilmour’s “On An Island”)                   65 yrs.

Phil Manzanera1; tray

Roxy Music w/ Phil Manzanera “Diamond Head” link here.

1954- Adrian Vandenburg (guitaristw/ Whitesnake; “Here I Go Again”)          62 yrs.

1956- John Lydon a.k.a. Johnny Rotten (singer w/ the Sex Pistols; formed Public Image Limited)                            60 yrs.

John Lydon nee Rotton

Public Image Limited w/ John Lydon “Rise” video link here.

1959- Jeff Sipe (drummer + co-founder w/ Aquarium Rescue Unit; member of Leftover Salmon)                     58 yrs.

1961- Lloyd Cole (singer/songwriter w/ Lloyd Cole & The Commotions + solo)     55 yrs.

1, Lloyd Cole has remained an

1964- Jeff Hanneman (guitarist w/ Slayer; died in 2013)

1966- Al Jaworski (bassist w/ Jesus Jones; “Right Here Right Now”)           50 yrs.
No Photo Available.

1967- Chad Channing (drummer for Nirvana; left in 1990, has played in various bands since)      49 yrs.

Chad Channing photos by

Nirvana w/ Chad Channing live link here.

1981- Justin Timberlake (vocalist w/ NSYNC; solo; “Cry Me A River”; actor)      35 yrs.

1987- Marcus Mumford (singer/musician w/ Mumford & Sons)       29 yrs.

Marcus Mumford

Mumford & Sons w/ Marcus Mumford “I Will Wait” live video link here.

These are your birthdays for today, along with links for some of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!



This week’s list of new releases wasn’t an exceptionally long one, but there were still some good possibilities for a review. Buddy Miller, Karsh Kale and Sierra Hull, all have some quality albums out now, but my decision went to the Tedeschi Trucks Band. This band has increased its numbers to twelve members, counting Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks, so their sound has gotten even fuller.

The album starts with Susan getting soulful on “Anyhow”, about a love that is, no matter what happens. The backing vocals are harmonious and Derek puts in some subtle, but important touches.

“Laugh About It” starts with a Grateful Deadish vibe, but the vocal timing is more reminiscent of The Band’s “Life Is A Carnival”. Some soulful blues on this cut about perseverance with a healthy helping of sass.

The funk shows its face on “Don’t Know What It Means” that contains some killer lyrics and a lot attitude. When most of the instrumentation drops-out and all that’s left is horns, clapping and the chorus, the song goes to the Big Easy before hitting up the funk to finish-out the tune.

“Right On Time” features Mike Mattison on lead vocals for this tune that sounds like it came from mixing a beaker of The Beach Boys with a flask of Gogol Bordello. It is quite entertaining and hard to classify, which makes it that much more intriguing.

The title track has the vibe of the Allman Brothers Band going epic, with some terrific organ work and a stellar groove. The sentiment is a testament to anyone, who has felt like the stagnant impede the movement of the motivated.

“Just As Strange” strikes right away with a more acoustic southern rock vibe. For the first time on this album, I heard the distinct similarities between Susan Tedeschi’s vocal style and Bonnie Raitt’s.

The strings and the soul of “Crying Over You/ Swamp Raga For Hozapfel, Lefebvre, Flute & Harmonium) are instantly captivating. Mike Mattison’s voice is exceptional and Derek fills in all the spaces like a veteran of twice his years.

“Hear Me” has a little more of a singer/songwriter style with a stripped down energy. The song speaks of a love that is just meant to be with lyrics like “Baby, you must remember, we’re one in a million here”.

The upbeat soul of “I Want More”, sounds a little like The Vandellas or Shirelles, with some rock and roll guitar to balance the whole thing out.

The band returns to the New Orleans flavor to start “In Every Heart”, but it is more of a soul ballad with Susan seeming somewhat subdued to finish out the album.


I purchased the Deluxe version of “Let Me Get By” which came with 8 bonus cuts, totaling over 40 minutes.

This opened with an alternate mix of “Hear Me”, which in my opinion is the better of the two versions. The strings felt like they brought the song together and the playing seemed more free, than the album cut.

The alternate mix of “In Every Heart” sounds pretty similar to the original, except for the wonderfully, lengthy guitar solo.

I am not sure if the original Deluxe Edition would have contained “Oh, You Pretty Things!” if it hadn’t been for David Bowie’s passing a couple of weeks ago, but it is here, so I must enjoy it. It is really well done, with Susan and the piano to begin, but adding the whole band throughout.

“Just As Strange” is represented with a short alternative instrumental mix, which is extremely good.

“Satie Groove” is a slide guitar heavy example of that place where world music and the blues meet. It is impressive and sounds like something that Playing For Change would have recorded.

A live version of “Laugh About It” from the Beacon Theatre lets the song shine more than the one on the album, with some fierce guitar playing.

The live cover of “I Pity The Fool” by Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland is an excellent choice and has some incredible moments, which include every second Trucks was soloing.

The Tedeschi Trucks Band also recorded themselves covering Derek & The Dominos “Keep On Growing” live at The Beacon. This was a terrific way to cap-off over an hour and a half of amazing roots music.

This is a great offering from the Tedeschi Trucks Band, even if some of the best cuts were the bonus tracks. There are definitely times when it is pleasantly obvious, that this album was a collaborative, mostly live effort, at the studio behind Susan and Derek’s house.  Susan has some explosive moments when she goes rogue vocally, especially on “Don’t Know What It Means”, and that environment lends itself to that kind of free-form approach to the music. While “Let Me Get By” is a tight album, I would only go with the Deluxe Edition, because a couple of the alternate mixes are better than the album version and the live tracks are fantastic. I would recommend this album to fans of Bonnier Raitt, Dustbowl Revival and Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds. That’s What I Know, So That’s What You Know!! Enjoy!!




Last night, was the first of a two night stand for Leftover Salmon at the Aggie, with guest musician, Bobby Lee Rodgers. Leftover Salmon has deep roots in Colorado, so their ‘poly-ethnic Cajun slamgrass’ is deeply loved in the Rocky Mountain State. Bobby Lee Rodgers is an incredible musician, whose talents are too numerous to list, but he was one of the youngest professors that has ever taught at the Berklee College Of Music in Boston. Along with Col. Bruce Hampton, they co-founded The Codetalkers in the late 90’s, and the band continued, often without Hampton for health reasons, for ten years. Bobby Lee can play multiple instruments and though I love Leftover Salmon, the addition of Rodgers is why I had to see this show.

I arrived around ten and the Aggie was getting crowded, but with some room to move. Gipsy Moon, which feature Silas Herman, the son of Leftover Salmon’s Vince Herman, had already played their opening set, so the air was thick with anticipation. The guys came out and started with the motivational love song, “Liza”, which included the first of many Bobby Lee Rodgers’ stellar guitar solos. Drew took the lead on “Western Skies”, followed by Vince borrowing from his days with Great American Taxi for the backwoods fun of “Lumpy Bean Poles & Dirt”. Drew picked up his electric for a couple of Americana tunes and he tore it up, in usual form. Banjoist extraordinaire, Andy Thorn grabbed hold of the vocals on his own “Light Behind The Rain”, which featured some incredible jamming. One of the stand-outs of the night, “Aquatic Hitchhiker” was tremendous with some huge improvisations, including a monster drum solo, before returning to the layers of melody. The band went way back in time for a rocking “Head Bag” to end the first set.

The second set began with Vince on vocals for a funky version of the classic tune, “Reuben’s Train”, before Drew took the reigns over, as the song moved through its bluegrass roots, into a drum solo and an electric guitar duel. Bobby Lee stepped to the microphone for one of his tunes about the loss of the radio, as it used to be. One of the high points of the night, was when Bobby Lee was taking an extended solo and Vince was playing while laughing at just how good this guy really is. Vince lead the group through the conservation minded “Ask The Fish”, which became a vehicle for ultimate improvisation, with Drew on fiddle and Vince rephrasing “Gin & Juice”, while sampling from the Talking Heads “Once In A Lifetime”. Bobby Lee stepped up again for his tune “Outer Space”, which is a little more of a jazz number, but Vince kept things grounded with some washboard and eventually borrowed from Sun Ra with “Space Is The Place”. Things got pretty ‘out there’, for a bit, but were eventually reeled in. To end the show, the last two numbers included a guest spot from Vince’s son, Silas, who had played as part of the opener. Silas is a skilled and speedy mandolin player and this showed, as the band finished-out the night with “All Night Ride”.

What an amazing show!! I had three drinks spilled on me over the course of about three hours and I still had a grin plastered on my face for most of the show, especially when Bobby Lee got cookin’. Bobby Lee implores a guitar tone that is tucked neatly between blues rock monster Warren Haynes and the jazzy funk of John Scofield.  It certainly didn’t hurt from an enjoyment point of view, that there was a meeting of the mutual admiration society on stage, with everyone seeming to be thoroughly impressed by everyone else’s efforts. I have seen Leftover Salmon many times and find that they are often at their best when they have to move out of the box, which shows the vastness of their skills. It is also saying something, that the band was halfway through the first set before I realized that they didn’t have anyone on keys. That isn’t saying anything about Bill Payne’s playing, because I love his additions, but more to say that I was just so caught up in what this group of musicians was bringing, that I couldn’t miss what wasn’t there. I would highly recommend checking out tonight’s show at the Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins, if you like your bluegrass with lots of extras. This is the only other show scheduled with Bobby Lee Rodgers, so get your tix now. That’s What I Know, So That’s What You Know!! Enjoy!!



1941- Joe Terranova (member of Danny & The Juniors; “At The Hop”)       75 yrs.
No Photo Available.

1942- Martyn Balin (founder/singer w/ Jefferson Airplane; later Jefferson Starship)
74 yrs.

Marty Balin, the one with the

Jefferson Airplane w/ Marty Balin “Somebody To Love” video link here.

1943- Sandy Deane (member of Jay & The Americans; “This Magic Moment”)
73 yrs.

1947- Steve Marriott (guitarist, singer + songwriter; member of Small Faces; “Itchycoo Park”; formed Humble Pie; died in 1991)

1949- William King (trumpeter w/ The Commodores)      67 yrs.

William "Wak" King blowing on

Commodores w/ William King “Brickhouse” video link here.

1951- Phil Collins (drummer/singer/songwriter/musician w/ Genesis + solo)  65 yrs.


Phil Collins “Drums > Take Me Home” live video link here.

1959- Mark Eitzel (guitarist/singer/songwriter w/ American Music Club + solo)     57 yrs.

Kathryn Calder and Mark Eitzel

American Music Club w/ Mark Eitzel “Ex-Girlfriend” video link here.

1961- Jody Watley (singer w/ Shalamar + solo)        55 yrs.


Jody Watley “Real Love” video link here.

These are the birthdays for today, plus some video links for a few of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!



1938- James Jamerson (bassist w/ the Funk Brothers on Motown hits by the Temptations, Marvin Gaye, The Four Tops and more; died in 1983)

deity James Jamerson had

Funk Brothers w/ James Jamerson “Reach Out (I’ll Be There) link here.

1944- Andrew Loog Oldham (producer; first manager of the Rolling Stones; also worked with Jimmy Page, Clapton, John Mayall)                       72 yrs.

Andrew Loog Oldham

1947- David Byron (singer w/ Uriah Heep; died in 1985)

Uriah Heep w/ David Byron “Easy Livin” live video link here.

1952- Thomas Erdelyi a.k.a. Tommy Ramone (drummer w/ The Ramones; worked as a record producer; assistant engineer for the production of Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Band Of Gypsy’s’ album; died in 2014)

Tommy Ramone photo #6

The Ramones w/ Tommy Ramone “Sheena Is A Punk Rocker” live link here.

1953- Louie Perez (songwriter, percussionist, & guitarist w/ Los Lobos)        63 yrs.

Louie Pérez – Бесплатная

Los Lobos w/ Louie Perez “Turn On Your Lovelight> Not Fade Away > Bertha”
live video link here.

1954- Rob Manzoli (vocalist w/ Right Said Fred; “I’m Too Sexy”)       62 yrs.

  Rob Manzoli; center

1961- Dave Baynton-Power (drummer w/ James; “Sit Down”; worked w/ The Alarm)
55 yrs.

1961- Eddie Jackson (bassist w/ Queensryche)                    55 yrs.

Queensryche w/ Eddie Jackson “I Don’t Believe In Love” video link here.

1962- Marcus Verne (member of Living In A Box; “Living In A Box”)           54 yrs.
No Photo Available.

1964- Roddy Frame (guitarist, singer + songwriter w/ Aztec Camera; “Somewhere In My Heart”)           52 yrs.

These are your birthdays for today, along with video links for some of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!



Sadly, the music world lost guitarist, singer and songwriter Paul Kantner, yesterday. As if 2016 hadn’t already taken enough musically from us, we lost a huge piece of San Francisco’s psychedelic history with the passing of the Jefferson Airplane co-founder.

Kantner was born in San Francisco and stayed in California throughout his youth, which is where he became interested in science fiction and music. As a teenager, he became anti-establishment and wanted to follow in the footsteps of his folk hero, Pete Seeger, and eventually would drop out of college after three years. In 1965, Marty Balin met Kantner and invited him to join his new band, Jefferson Airplane. After adding the rest of the members, including Jorma Kaukonen and Grace Slick. Paul did a lot of the early songwriting on cuts like “The Ballad Of You, Me & Pooneil”, “Crown Of Creation” and “Watch Her Ride”. Kantner and Balin co-wrote “Volunteers” and “Today”. The band was managed by Bay Area promoter, Bill Graham and played some big events, like the Monterey Pop Festival, Woodstock and the tragic Altamont concert, where the Hells Angels got deadly and even confronted Kantner on stage. By 1972, Jefferson Airplane was experiencing lots of inner-turmoil, so the band officially broke-up. Kantner continued with Jefferson Starship, which started as a conglomeration of some of the best musicians of the time. The original line-up consisted of David Crosby, Graham Nash, Grateful Dead members, Jerry Garcia, Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart, as well as Airplane members Grace Slick, Joey Covington and Jack Casady. This line-up recorded the science fiction concept album “Blows Against The Empire” and changed its name to The Planet Earth Rock & Roll Orchestra for the sequel album “The Empire Blows Back”. Kantner and Slick continued to perform under the name Jefferson Starship, until Grace left in 1978. By 1984, Kantner was unhappy about the commercial nature of the band, so he left and started KBC, with Marty Balin and Jack Casady. Around this time, Kantner also sued to keep the name Jefferson, so Starship was left to find its own success. In the late 80’s, many of the members of Jefferson Airplane, reunited for a short but successful tour. In 1991, Jefferson Airplane was reformed by Balin and Kantner and continued to tour and record until 2015, even when Kantner was the only original member. Jefferson Airplane was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in 1996. In March of last year, Kantner had a heart attack, but managed to return to the stage to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Jefferson Airplane. Paul Kantner died yesterday, after major complications from a recent heart attack. I have added some video links to help remember this psychedelic pioneer.

Jefferson Airplane w/ Paul Kantner “Somebody To Love” live video link here.

Jefferson Airplane w/ Paul Kantner “Volunteers” live video link here.

Jefferson Airplane w/ Paul Kantner “White Rabbit” live video link here.

R.I.P. Paul Lorin Kantner  (1941-2016)


1941- King Tubby (reggae producer; died in 1989)

aka King Tubby was born on

King Tubby “Leaving Babylon Dub” link here.

1943-Dick Taylor (guitarist + singer w/ The Pretty Things; “Don’t Bring Me Down”)
73 yrs.

1946- Rick Allen (bassist w/ The Box Tops; “The Letter”)                            70 yrs.
No Photos Available.

1951- William ‘Billy Bass’ Nelson (member of Funkadelic)     65 yrs.

Billy bass nelson

Funkadelic w/ ‘Billy Bass’ Nelson “One Nation Under A Groove” video link here.

1959- Dave Sharpe (singer/guitarist w/ The Alarm; “68 Guns”)                   57 yrs.

This Autumn, Dave Sharp,

The Alarm w/ Dave Sharpe “Rain In The Summertime” here.

1968- Lawrence Muggerud a.k.a. DJ Muggs (member of Cypress Hill)          48 yrs.

Picture of DJ Muggs

Cypress Hill w/ DJ Muggs “Illusions” link here.

1968- Sarah McLachlan (singer/ songwriter/ musician)    48 yrs.

Sarah Mclachlan Performs In

Sarah McLachlan “Good Enough” video link here.

These are the birthdays for today, along with links for a few of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!



1918- Elmore James (blues singer/guitarist; thought to be ‘King Of The Slide Guitar’; died in 1963)

Elmore James

Elmore James “Rollin’ & Tumblin” link here.

1919- David Seville (musician; “The Chipmunk Song”; died in 1972)

1930- Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland (R&B singer; blues hall of fame inductee, rock & roll hall of fame inductee; Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award recepient; died in 2013)


Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland “That’s The Way Love Is” video link here.

1945- Nick Mason (original member/ drummer/ percussionist for Pink Floyd, who played on every album)        71 yrs.

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason

Pink Floyd w/ Nick Mason live link here.

1946- Nedra Talley (singer w/ The Ronettes)                     70 yrs.

Nedra Talley

The Ronettes w/ Nedra Talley “Be My Baby” video link here.

1951- Brian Downey (drummer for and founding member of Thin Lizzy)    65 yrs.

Brian-Downey-of-Thin-Lizzy-on- ...

Thin Lizzy w/ Brian Downey “Whiskey In The Jar” video link here.

1951- Seth Justman (keyboards/vocals w/ The J. Geils Band)         65 yrs.

Seth Justman performs with

J. Geils Band w/ Seth Justman “Centerfold” video link here.

1957- Janick Robert Gers (guitarist; worked w/ Iron Maiden, White Spirit + Gillan)
59 yrs.

1961- Gillian Gilbert (keyboardist w/ The Inadequates + New Order; “Blue Monday”; member of The Other Two)                      55 yrs.

1961- Martin DeGaulle (singer w/ Sigue Sigue Sputnik)    55 yrs.
No Photo Available.

1961- Margo Timmins (vocals w/ Cowboy Junkies)                         55 yrs.

Margo Timmins and The Cowboy

The Cowboy Junkies w/ Margo Timmins “Sweet Jane” video link here.

1968- Mike Patton (singer/multi-instrumentalist w/ Faith No More)         48 yrs.

Mike Patton Tribute 2

Faith No More w/ Mike Patton “A Small Victory” video link here.

These are your birthdays for today, along with links for some of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!



1934- Huey ‘Piano’ Smith (R&B pianist)     82 yrs.

Huey “Piano” Smith

Huey ‘Piano’ Smith “Rockin’ Pneumonia” video link here.

1948- Corky Laing (drummer w/ Mountain; worked w/ Jack Bruce)            68 yrs.

Corky Laing

Leslie West w/ Corky Laing “Mississippi Queen” live video link here.

1949- Derek Holt (bassist w/Climax Blues Band)                67 yrs.

DEREK HOLT Biog 2009

Climax Blues Band w/ Derek Holt “Couldn’t Get It Right” live video link here.

1951- David Briggs (guitar w/ Little River Band)                  65 yrs.

Little River Band and

Little River Band w/ David Briggs “Lady” video link here.

1953- Lucinda Williams (singer/songwriter; “Can’t Let Go”)
63 yrs.

Lucinda WIlliams at the ACL

1957- Eddie Van Halen (guitarist w/ Van Halen)                    59 yrs.

Eddie Van Halen's most famous

Van Halen w/ Eddie Van Halen “Feels So Good” video link here.

1957- Norman Hassan (percussion w/ UB40)                              59 yrs.

UB40 connects | The Honolulu

UB40 w/ Norman Hassan “Higher Ground” video link here.

1958- Anita Baker (soul singer; “Giving You The Best That I Got” + “Sweet Love”)
58 yrs.

anita baker

1963- Andrew Ridgeley (singer; half of Wham; “Careless Whisper”; activist)         53 yrs.


1963- Jazzie B (DJ/producer + founding member of Soul II Soul; “Back To Life”)           53 yrs.

Jazzy B

1964- Susannah Melvoin (singer/songwriter; has worked w/ Eric Clapton, Prince + more…)             52 yrs.

Susannah Melvoin

These are your birthdays today, along with video links for several of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!


Music To Hear 2/01 – 2/07: STS9, GRIZ, GUSTER, EMANCIPATOR ENSEMBLE & More…


Downtown Artery- Young Valley w/ Underhill Family Orchestra               8 p.m.


Quixote’s True Blue- Jalbatross feat. Ryan Jalbert (The Motet) + Sleazy Grease


Avogadro’s Number- ‘Open Mic’                  8 p.m.                 FREE!!!!

Pourhouse (Loveland)- ‘Open Jazz Jam’ feat. The Pourhouse Jazz Trio             7:30 p.m.


Larimer Lounge*- Brothers Comatose w/ Ragged Union                       $17


Owsley’s Golden Road- Jalbatross feat. Ryan Jalbert (The Motet) w/ Godlazer            8 p.m.


Aggie Theatre*- Pink Talking Fish (tribute to Pink Floyd, Talking Heads + Phish) w/ Red Hot Llama Peppers (Malai Llama) performing Red Hot Chili Peppers                  $8-12

Avogadro’s Number- Mason Street Bluegrass                      7-8:30 p.m.                  FREE!!!!

Avogadro’s Number- ‘Open Bluegrass Jam’                8:30 p.m.

Hodi’s Half Note*- ‘Grass For That Ass’ feat. Tyler Grant & Friends w/ Caribou Mountain Collective + Free The Honey                  Free-$15

Lincoln Center*- Bela Fleck                7:30 p.m.                 SOLD OUT!!!!


Cervantes Other Side- Andy Frasco & The U.N. w/ Sleazy Grease + Small Giants

Marquis Theatre- The Toasters w/ The Plates + The Alcapones                    $13-15

Summit Music Hall- Queensryche w/ Meytal Cohen, Halcyon Way + Cellador


Laughing Goat Coffee House- Purple Squirrel                         8 p.m.


Aggie Theatre*- ‘Bob Marley Birthday Celebration’ feat. Wake Up & Live w/ Tatanka, MindState + SunDried Vibes                   Free-$10


Bluebird Theatre*- HoneyHoney w/ Tallgrass                     8 p.m.                       $16

Cervantes’ Other Side*- WhiteWater Ramble performs ‘Pickin’ On Police’ w/ Thunder & Rain + Highland Ramblers                   7:30 p.m.                Free-$10

Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox*- David Grisman Bluegrass Experience                   8:30 p.m.


Boulder Theatre- Grace Potter w/ Eliza Hardy Jones                       8 p.m.                         $35

Fox Theatre*- Pink Talking Fish (tribute to Pink Floyd, Talking Heads + Phish) performing ‘Gamehendge’ w/ Malai Llama                     8:30 p.m.                   $12.50-17.50

St. Julien*- Bill McKay                         6:30-9:30 p.m.


Aggie Theatre- Griz                     $25

Avogadro’s Number- Poudre River Irregulars                 4-7 p.m.                $10

Avogadro’s Number*- Bluegrass Patriots w/ Mason Street Pickers                 8 p.m.

Swing Station (LaPorte)- ‘Mardi Gras Party’ w/ Homefried Boogaloo + Guerilla Fanfare
8:30 p.m.                       $5

Cervantes’ Other Side*- Tatanka + SunDried Vibes w/ Red Sage + Unidentified Flying Reggae                       8 p.m.                       $5-12

Daniels Hall- Zach Heckendorf w/ Tom Ostdiek                  8 p.m.                          $17-19

Fillmore Auditorium*- STS9                   8 p.m.               $34.75

Herman’s Hideaway- ‘Bob Marley Birthday Bash, Night #1’ feat. Lion SoulJahs, Iriestill, Rawtune, Judge Roughneck + Justus League                   7:30 p.m.                   $8

Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox*- ‘Bob Marley Birthday Celebration’ feat. The Congos, The Meditations, King Hopeton + Yellow Wall Dub Squad w/ Mono Verde                 $25

Oriental Theatre*- Pink Talking Fish (tribute to Pink Floyd, Talking Heads + Phish) performing ‘Gamehendge’                  9 p.m.                 $15


Boulder Theatre- Emancipator Ensemble w/ Chrome Sparks                  $25

Dickens Opera House* (Longmont)- Selasee & The Fafa Family                 9:15 p.m.

Fox Theatre*- March Fourth! w/ Diego’s Umbrella                        $20-27


Avogadro’s Number- Elise Wunder                     8 p.m.                           $8

Downtown Artery- Haunted Windchimes feat. William S. Knudson

Everyday Joe’s- ‘fortUKE’                     9:30 a.m.

Hodi’s Half Note*- Punch Drunk Munky Funk w/ Andy Frasco & U.N.             $5-13

Moxi Theatre* (Greeley)- Moves At Midnight (formerly Trichome) w/ Hypnotic Vibes + Bassix                    $10


Bluebird Theatre- P-Nuckle                         8 p.m.                     $10

Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom- Griz                   $25

Cervantes’ Other Side- ‘4th Annual Bob Marley Birthday Celebration’ feat. Wake Up & Live, Collierad, I Conscious + Selecta Razja                          $7-12

Dazzle Jazz- ‘Blues Night’ feat. Delta Sonics                         10:30 p.m.                    $5

Fillmore Auditorium*- STS9                     8 p.m.                          $34.75

Gothic Theatre*- Mike Gordon                        SOLD OUT!!!!

Herman’s Hideaway- ‘Bob Marley’s Birthday Bash’ feat. Lion SoulJahs, Highline, The Hashtones, Small Giants + Sol Authority                  7:30 p.m.                           $8

Marquis Theatre- Killing Joke w/ The Soft Moon               CANCELLED!!!!

Ogden Theatre- Emancipator Ensemble w/ Chrome Sparks + Cloudchord
early-bird tickets $26.50

Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox- ‘Mardi Gras Celebration’ w/ Gumbo le Funque                $15

Oriental Theatre- ‘4th Annual Abbey Road & Dark Side Of The Moon’ performed by Eldren + Petals Of Spain                $15-20

Paramount Theatre*- Guster w/ Vetiver             8 p.m.              tickets starting @ $33.50

Quixote’s True Blue- Ignatious Reilly ‘WSP 30th Anniversary’ w/ Gleewood + Shahs Of Awe
9 p.m.                    $10


Fox Theatre- Na’an Stop w/ Policulture + Real Talk                            $12-16

Nissi’s (Lafayette)- Forever In Blue Jeans ‘A Tribute To Neil Diamond’                     7:30 p.m.


Fox Theatre- Griz                        $25-27

These are the shows coming to the Front Range, next week. As usual, I have marked the shows I recommend with an *, after the venue name. For a more complete list of the shows that I recommend in the area, for several months in the future, check-out the Coming Attractions page. That’s What I Know, So That’s What You Know!! Enjoy!!