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As great a year as 2015 has been, there were also some losses. From producers, singer/songwriters, guitarist, and rappers to drummers, bassists, trumpeters and pianists, death didn’t discriminate this year. To all of these integral pieces of our musical journey, we thank you!! R.I.P.

1/02/15- Little Jimmy Dickens (country singer/guitarist)                      94 yrs.

1/06/15- Al Ferrier (singer + guitarist w/ Al Ferrier & The Boppin’ Billies)               79 yrs,

1/08/15- Andre Crouch (Grammy winning singer/songwriter + pastor)                        72 yrs.

1/09/15- Popsy Dixon (singer + drummer w/ The Holmes Brothers)               72 yrs.

1/10/15- Tim Drummond (bassist)                   74 yrs.

1/12/15- Clifford Adams (R&B + funk trombonist)                          62 yrs.

1/12/15- A.J. Masters (country singer/guitarist)                           64 yrs.
No Photo Available.

1/15/15- Kim Fowley (producer/singer/songwriter)                   75 yrs.

1/15/15- Ervin Drake (songwriter)                                 95 yrs.

1/15/15- Paul Serrano (jazz trumpeter + recording engineer)           82 yrs.

1/16/15- Jesus Quisp (guitarist w/ Green Jelly)                  51 yrs.

1/18/15- Dallas Taylor (rock drummer)                      66 yrs.

1/18/15- ASAP Yams (rapper)                  26 yrs.

1/19/15- John Bilezikjian (multi-instrumentalist/singer)                  66 yrs.

1/20/15- Rose Marie McCoy (R&B singer/songwriter)                              92 yrs.

1/26/15- Neil Levang (multi-instrumentalist)                     83 yrs.

1/29/15- Rod McKuen (poet/singer + songwriter)                  81 yrs.

1/29/15- Danny McCulloch (rock bassist)                        69 yrs.

1/31/15- Don Covay (singer/songwriter; “Chain Of Fools”)                              78 yrs.

2/01/15- Anita Darian (singer)                       87 yrs.

2/02/15- Zane Musa (jazz/R&B saxophonist)                        36 yrs.

2/03/15- William Thomas McKinley (jazz pianist)                         76 yrs.

2/07/15- Joe B. Mauldin (double-bassist + audio engineer)                                 74 yrs.

2/11/15- Pat Taylor (singer/guitarist)                           65 yrs.

2/12/15- Sam Andrew (singer + multi-instrumentalist w/ Big Brother & The Holding Company)                         73 yrs.

2/12/15- Mosie Lister (gospel singer/ multi-instrumentalist)                  93 yrs.

2/12/15- Richie Pratt (jazz/ R&B drummer/pianist)                  71 yrs,

2/12/15- Steve Strange (Visage)                  55 yrs.

2/13/15- David Maxwell (blues pianist)                        72 yrs.

2/16/15- Lesley Gore (singer/songwriter; “It’s My Party”)                                68 yrs.

2/16/15- Melvan Whittington (rock guitarist)
No Photo Available.

2/17/15- Kenneth Kelley (singer w/ The Manhattans; “Shining Star”)                               74 yrs.

2/18/15- Mats Olausson (progressive metal keyboardist)                        54 yrs.

2/18/15- Willie C. Jackson (singer w/ The Spaniels; “Goodnite, Sweetheart, Goodnite”)        79 yrs.

2/21/15- Clark Terry (jazz trumpeter/flugelhorn player + singer)                      94 yrs.

2/21/15- Richard Finnell (drummer w/ Shiva’s Headband)                          69 yrs.

2/23/15- Marlene Barrow-Tate (backing soul singer)                   73 yrs.

2/23-15- Bobby Emmons (songwriter + session keyboardist)                            72 yrs.

2/24/15- Robert ‘Wolfman’ Belfour (blues singer/guitarist)                         74 yrs.

2/25/15- Chris Rainbow (rock singer)                                 68 yrs.

2/25/15- Sam Linde (drummer w/ The Charlatans)                         75 yrs.

 Sam Linde; drumming

2/26/15- Spider Wilson (country guitarist)                 79 yrs.

 Spider Wilson on guitar

2/27/15- Leonard Nimoy (actor/photographer/poet/singer)                         83 yrs.

3/04/15- Ted Reinhardt (jazz drummer)                     ?? yrs.

3/05/15- Jim McCann (Irish singer/guitarist)                       70 yrs.

3/08/15- Lew Soloff (jazz/rock trumpeter and flugelhorn player)                    71 yrs.

3/09/15- Jerry Brightman (country steel guitarist)                             61 yrs.

3/15- John Truth (multi-instrumentalist w/ The Queers)                 56 yrs.

3/11/15- Jimmy Greenspoon (keyboardist w/ Three Dog Night)                              67 yrs.

3/15/15- Mike Porcaro (bassist w/ Toto)                               59 yrs.

3/16/15- Bruce Crump (drummer w/ Molly Hatchet)                     57 yrs.

3/16/15- Andy Fraser (bassist w/ Free)                     62 yrs.

3/20/15- A.J. Pero (drummer w/ Twisted Sister)                           55 yrs.

3/29/15- Billy O’Connor Jr. (rock drummer)                            61 yrs.

3/30/15- Preston Ritter (rock drummer)                          64 yrs.

3/30/15- Jeremy Brown (guitarist w/ Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts)                      34 yrs.

4/01/15- Dave Ball (rock guitarist)                              65 yrs.

4/03/15- Bob Burns (drummer w/ Lynyrd Skynyrd)                        64 yrs.

4/05/15- Emilio Nevarez (bassist/singer w/ The Lucky Eejits)                  26 yrs.

4/06/15- Heiko Schrepel (bassist + singer w/ One Man Army)                  39 yrs.

4/09/15- Tut Taylor (bluegrass multi-instrumentalist w/ The Folkswingers)                    91 yrs.

4/14/15- Percy Sledge (soul singer; “When A Man Loves A Woman”)                      74 yrs.

4/16/15- Johnny Kemp (R&B singer; “Just Got Paid”)                          55 yrs.

4/17/15- Eric Doney (jazz pianist, musical director/producer)                      62 yrs.

4/21/15- Wally Lester (singer w/ The Skyliners)                     73 yrs.

4/23/15- Pete Phillips (guitarist + singer w/ Six Finger Satellite)                 50 yrs.
No Photo Available.

4/24/15- Sid Tepper (songwriter; “Once Is Enough”)                  96 yrs.

4/27/15- Guy LeBlanc (keyboardist w/ Camel)                     54 yrs.

4/28/15- Jack Ely (singer w/ The Kingsmen; “Louie Louie”)                              71 yrs.

4/29/15- The Last Mr. Bigg (rapper)                         early 40’s

4/30/15- Ben E. King (singer; “Stand By Me”)                       76 yrs.

5/01/15- John Tout (rock keyboardist/singer)              ?? yrs.

5/05/15- Craig Gruber (bassist w/ Rainbow)                          63 yrs.

5/06/15- Errol Brown (singer w/ Hot Chocolate; “You Sexy Thing”)                 71 yrs.

5/14/15- B.B. King (blues singer/guitarist/songwriter; “The Thrill Is Gone”)                89 yrs.

5/15/15- Ortheia Barnes- Kennerly (R&B/jazz singer)                              70 yrs.

5/17/15- Chinx (rapper)                     31 yrs.

5/21/15- Mac Poole (rock/R&B drummer)                        69 yrs.

5/21/15- Louis Johnson (bassist w/ The Brothers Johnson)                  60 yrs.

5/21/15- Darius Minwalla (rock drummer)              39 yrs.

5/24/15- Marcus Belgrave (jazz trumpeter)                         78 yrs.

5/26/15- Rocky Frisco (blues/rock pianist/singer)                      77 yrs.

5/26/15- Art Thieme (folk singer/multi-instrumentalist)                73 yrs.

5/27/15- Christer Jansson (pop/rock drummer)                 51 yrs.

5/28/15- Johnny Keating (trombonist/songwriter/producer/arranger)             87 yrs.

6/06/15- Ronnie Gilbert (singer w/ The Weavers)                                88yrs.

6/11/15- Ornette Coleman (jazz saxophonist)                    85 yrs.

6/11/15- Randy Howard (country singer)                    65 yrs.

6/11/15- Jim Ed Brown (singer w/ The Browns)                          81 yrs.

6/13/15-MC Supreme  (rapper)                   47 yrs.

6/19/15- Wendell Holmes (member of The Holmes Brothers)                  71 yrs.

6/19/15- Harold Battiste (saxophonist/piano/composer/arranger)                 83 yrs.

6/21/15- Gunther Schuller (jazz flutist/French horn player)                              89 yrs.

6/22/15- James Horner (composer)                61 yrs.

6/28/15- Chris Squire (bassist w/ Yes)                  67 yrs.

7/01/15- Red Lane (country guitarist/songwriter)                      76 yrs.

7/02/15- Roy C. Bennett (songwriter)                            96 yrs.

7/08/15- Ernie Maresca (singer/songwriter; “The Wanderer”)                   76 yrs.

7/14/15- David Somerville (singer w/ The Diamonds; “Little Darlin”)                       81 yrs.

7/18/15- Buddy Buie (songwriter/producer/manager)                              74 yrs.

7/18/15- Dave Black (guitarist + singer w/ Goldie)                  62 yrs.

7/19/15- Van Alexander (composer/bandleader)                    100 yrs.

7/20/15- Dieter Moebius (multi-instrumentlist w/ Kluster)                 71 yrs.

7/20/15- Theodore Bikel (folk singer/guitarist/actor)                           91 yrs.

7/20/15- Wayne Carson (country songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist)             72 yrs.

7/15- Arthur G. Wright (guitarist/singer w/ The Wright Bros. Flying Machine)               78 yrs.

7/21/15- Justin Lowe (guitarist w/ After The Burial)                     32 yrs.

7/22/15- Eddie Hardin (rock pianist/singer)                               66 yrs.

7/23/15- Daron Norwood (country singer)                      49 yrs.

7/29/15- Buddy Emmons (steel guitarist)                               78 yrs.

7/31/15- Lynn Anderson (country singer; “(I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden”)
67 yrs.

8/01/15- Cilla Black (British singer)                      72 yrs.

8/04/15- Billy Sherrill (country producer/songwriter/arranger)                  78 yrs.

8/07/15- Sean Price (rapper)               43 yrs.

8/15/15- Danny Sembello (producer/multi-instrumentalist/songwriter; “Neutron Dance”)
52 yrs.

8/19/15- Doudou N’Diaye Rose (jazz/rock drummer)                             85 yrs.

9/05/15- Dennis Greene (singer w/ The Columbia Kingsmen)                    66 yrs.

9/12/15- Bryn Merrick (punk bassist)                            56 yrs.

9/13/15- Gary Richrath (guitarist + songwriter w/ REO Speedwagon)                       65 yrs.

9/16/15- Peggy Jones (singer/multi-instrumentalist)                     75 yrs.

9/21/15- Ray Warleigh (jazz saxophonist/flutist/clarinet player)                     76 yrs.

9/21/15- Ben Cauley (trumpeter/singer w/ The Bar-Kays)                       67 yrs.

9/28/15- Frankie Ford (singer; “Sea Cruise”)                      76 yrs.

10/06/15- Billy Joe Royal (country singer; “Down In The Boondocks”)               73 yrs.

10/11/15- Carey Lander (keyboardist w/ Camera Obscura)                 33 yrs.

10/11/15- Steve Mackay (saxophonist w/ Iggy & The Stooges)               66 yrs.

10/20/15- Cory Wells (singer + guitarist w/ Three Dog Night)                 74 yrs.

11/07/15- Eddie Hoh (pop/rock drummer)                          71 yrs.

11/02/15- Tommy Overstreet (country singer)               78 yrs.

11/10/15- Allen Toussaint (singer/pianist/songwriter; “Get Out Of My Life Woman”)
77 yrs.

11/11/15- Phil Taylor (drummer w/ Motorhead)                61 yrs.

11/15/15- P.F. Sloan (singer/guitarist/songwriter)                        70 yrs.

11/17/15- Dave Trupp (drummer w/ The Liberation Blues Band)               72 yrs.

11/23/15- Cynthia Robinson (trumpeter + singer w/ Sly & The Family Stone)                  71 yrs.

11/29/15- Wayne Bickerton (rock guitarist/songwriter)                   74 yrs.

12/03/15- Scott Weiland (singer/songwriter w/ Stone Temple Pilots)                 48 yrs.

12/08/15- Gary Marker (bassist w/ The Rising Sons)                           72 yrs.
No Photos Available.

12/08/15- Bonnie Lou (rockabilly singer/guitarist)               91 yrs.

12/16/15- Adam Roth (guitarist w/ The Del Fuegos)                             57 yrs.

12/17/15- Gareth Mortimer (singer w/ The Racing Cars)                              66 yrs.

12/19/15- Peter Broggs (reggae musician)                         64 yrs.

12/24/15- William Guest (singer w/ Gladys Knight & The Pips)                  74 yrs.

12/28/15- Lemmy Kilmister (frontman w/ Motorhead)                       70 yrs.

12/28/15- John Bradbury (percussionist, keyboardist + singer w/ The Specials)
62 yrs.


We lost a bunch of great ones, this year!! Hopefully, we will lose less in 2016!!


1942- Andy Summers (guitarist w/ The Police; “King Of Pain”, “Every Breath You Take”, “Bring On The Night” + more…)              73 yrs.

The Police w/ Andy Summers “So Lonely” live video link here.

1943- Henry John Deutschendorf a.k.a. John Denver (singer/songwriter; “Sunshine On My Shoulder”, “Country Roads”, “Follow Me” + more…; died in 1997)

John Denver “Country Roads” live video link here.

1947- Burton Cummings (member of The Guess Who; “American Woman”; solo artist)
68 yrs.

1948- Donna Summer (singer; “Hot Stuff”; died in 2012)

1951- Tom Hamilton (bassist w/ Aerosmith; “Love In An Elevator”, “Living On The Edge” + more…)            64 yrs.

Aerosmith w/ Tom Hamilton “Back In The Saddle” live video link here.

1951- Fermin Goytisolo (member of KC & The Sunshine Band; “That’s The Way, I Like It”)             64 yrs.

1960- Paul Westerberg (guitarist + vocalist w/ The Replacements; “Bastards Of Young”, “I’ll Be You” + more…; solo artist; “Waiting For Somebody”)         55 yrs.

The Replacements w/ Paul Westerberg “Alex Chilton” live video link here.

1961- Scott Taylor (guitarist w/ Then Jericho; “Big Area”)          54 yrs.
No Photo Available.

1963- Scott Ian (bassist w/ Anthrax; “Got The Time”)            52 yrs.

Anthrax w/ Scott Ian “Among The Living” live video link here.

1972- Joey McIntyre (singer w/ New Kids On The Block; “You Got It, The Right Stuff”)
43 yrs.

1977- Psy (singer/songwriter/dancer/record producer/television personality; “Gangnam Style”)              38 yrs.

1978- Tommy Hamilton (singer, songwriter + guitarist w/ Brothers Past + American Babies; “Invite All Your Friends”; singer + guitarist w/ Joe Russo’s Almost Dead)          37 yrs.

Joe Russo’s Almost Dead w/ Tommy Hamilton “Help’s On The Way > Slipknot > Franklin’s Tower” live video link here.

These are your birthdays for the last day of the year, along with live video links for a few of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!



During 2015, I reviewed around four dozen new releases and listened to several other new albums. Since the new year is pretty much here, I figured that this would be a good time to make some picks for the best albums of the year.

  • Alison Brown- “The Song Of The Banjo”
  • ALO- “Tangle Of Time”
  • Anderson East- “Delilah”
  • Andrew Combs- “All These Dreams”
  • Ben Rector- “Brand New”
  • Brooklyn Funk Essentials- “Funk Ain’t Ova”
  • Butch Walker- “Afraid Of Ghosts”
  • Catfish & The Bottlemen- “The Balcony”
  • Chris Robinson Brotherhood- “Betty’s Blend Vol. 2: The Best From The West”
  • Dan Bern- “Hoody”
  • Doug MacLeod- “Exactly Like This”
  • Dr. Dog- “Live At The Flamingo Hotel”
  • El Ten Eleven- “Fast Forward”
  • Galactic- “Into The Deep”
  • Gov’t Mule feat. John Scofield- “Sco-Mule”
  • Great Lake Swimmers- “A Forest of Arms”
  • Heartless Bastards- “Restless Ones”
  • Jeff Austin- “Simple Truth”
  • Jeff Crosby- “Waking Days”
  • Jerry Garcia- “On Broadway: Act One 10/28/1987”
  • JJ Grey & Mofro- “Ol’ Glory”
  • Langhorne Slim & The Law- “The Spirit Moves”
  • Leftover Salmon- “25”
  • Los Lobos- “Gates Of Gold”
  • Lyrics Born- “Real People”
  • Modest Mouse- “Strangers To Ourselves”
  • NeedToBreathe- “Live From The Woods”
  • Orgone- “Beyond The Sun”
  • Ozric Tentacles- “Technicians Of The Sacred”
  • Rock Candy Funk Party- “Groove Is King”
  • Roger Waters- “Roger Waters The Wall”
  • Shawn Mullins- “My Stupid Heart”
  • Shemekia Copeland- “Outskirts Of Love”
  • Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds- “The Weather Below”
  • Sonny Landreth- “Bound By The Blues”
  • Steve Martin & Edie Brickell- “So Familiar”
  • Steve N Seagulls- “Farm Machine”
  • The Brian Setzer Orchestra- “Rockin’ Rudolph”
  • The Dustbowl Revival- “With A Lampshade On”
  • The Pine Hill Project feat. Lucy Kaplansky & Richard Shindel- “Tomorrow You’re Going”
  • The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band- “So Delicious”
  • The Staves- “If I Was”
  • Twin Bandit- “For You”
  • Umphrey’s McGee- “London Sessions”
  • Van Morrison- “Duets: Reworking The Catalogue”
  • Various Artists- “Daptone Gold II”
  • Vince Colbert- “Stranger In My House” (ep)
  • Vintage Trouble- “1 Hopeful Road”

This is the list of 2015 releases that I didn’t review, but listened to.

  • Bob Marley & The Wailers- “Easy Skanking In Boston ’78 (live)”
  • Chris Stapleton- “Traveller”
  • Faith No More- “Sol Invictus”
  • Guster- “Evermotion”
  • Joe Bonamassa- “Muddy Wolf @ Red Rocks”
  • Justin Townes Earle- “Absent Fathers”
  • Leonard Cohen- “Can’t Forget: A Souvenir Of The Grand Tour”
  • Lord Huron- “Strange Trails”
  • Rhiannon Giddens- “Tomorrow Is My Turn”
  • Ryan Bingham- “Fear & Saturday Night”
  • Steve Earle & The Dukes- “Terraplane”
  • The Lowest Pair- “The Sacred Heart Sessions”
  • Van Halen- “Tokyo Dome In Concert”

This is a complete list of albums that I heard during this year. Before I name my top five releases of the year, I need to tip my hat to a few other 2015 releases that were just on the edge of the top five. Another outstanding live release from the Jerry Garcia archives “On Broadway: Act One 10/28/97” features two incredible sets from the Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band and a smoking night set from Jerry Garcia Band. “The Weather Below” is a tremendous soul-rock effort from Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds. Leftover Salmon celebrated 25 years together on “25”, which is almost three hours of live gems from a couple of years ago. The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band released the superbly-balanced “So Delicious!” in the early part of the year. The clever folk stylings of Langhorne Slim & The Law are perfectly cultivated on the excellence of “The Spirit Moves”. Even though I did not review Chris Stapleton’s “Traveller” or Lord Huron’s “Strange Trails”, both were highly impressive listens. Of course, these are hardly the only good albums of the year, but rather a good starting point, to know what the year had to hold musically.

So here are my Top 5 Albums of 2015:

#5 Dr. Dog “Live At Flamingo Hotel” is a great capture of the Philadelphia-based alternative jam act in fine form. This is a wonderful collection of crisp, clear renditions of amazing tunes, spanning the band’s career.

#4 Heartless Bastards “Restless Ones” is a ton of what has made their music stick up, heads above, but more of what will keep them on the fore of peoples minds. Erika Wennerstrom’s vocals and musical ability have never been in question, but on this album there is an answer for the unasked and it sounds marvelous.

#3 Gov’t Mule feat. John Scofield “Sco-Mule” is a live collection of songs that Gov’t Mule recorded with John Scofield, back when the band was still a trio. Though the playing is hot and tight throughout the first disk, the material on the second disk is truly what earned the album this spot. “Pass The Peas” is a fun romp, but the guest appearance by Jimmy Herring on “Devil Likes It Slow” and Dan Barnes on “Afro Blue” make these the true stand-outs from these recordings.

#2 Modest Mouse “Strangers To Ourselves” is the balancing act of edginess and melody come to a perfect point. Isaac Brock and company have managed to get to the space that has been long-occupied by acts like Frank Zappa, Ween, Faith No More and The Pixies, without compromising brilliant lyrics and a lot of reality.

#1 Roger Waters “Roger Waters The Wall” is the Album Of The Year 2015!! I knew after the first listen to this live interpretation of “The Wall”, that it was the best album I had heard this year, and it came out last month. Though, the music has been around for decades, and has been done and re-done by everyone, this version was different. It doesn’t hurt that Roger Waters was a member of Pink Floyd and sang many of the original versions of these songs, but over three performances from a few years ago, the live interpretations are crisp and innovative, with Roger Waters sounding almost as good as he did 35 years ago.

That’s my list of the best of 2015’s new albums. I have done reviews on  of these new releases and they are easily available with a quick search at the bottom of the page. Hope Everyone Had A Terrific 2015 & Here’s To An Equally Spectacular 2016!! Thanks For Reading!! Tune In For More Music News, Next Year!!


1928- Elias McDaniel a.k.a. Bo Diddley (singer/guitarist; “Who Do You Love?” + “Bo Diddley”; died in 2008)

Bo Diddley “Bo Diddley” live video link here.

1934- Del Shannon (singer; “Runaway”; died in 1990)

Del Shannon “Runaway” live video link here.

1937- Paul Stookey (vocalist w/ Peter Paul & Mary; “Puff The Magic Dragon”, “Leaving On A Jet Plane” + more…)              78 yrs.

Peter, Paul & Mary w/ Paul Stookey “Early Morning Rain” live video link here.

1940- Perry Ford (member of Ivy League; “Tossing & Turning”)          75 yrs.

1940- Kenny Pentifallo (member of Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes; “Hearts Of Stone”)             75 yrs.                         No Photo Available.

1942- Mike Nesmith (vocalist + guitarist w/ The Monkees; “I’m A Believer”)          73 yrs.

1942- Robert Quine (guitarist w/ Richard Hell & The Voidoids; worked w/ Lou Reed, They Might Be Giants, Lloyd Cole + Brian Eno; died in 2004)

1945- Davy Jones (vocalist + guitarist w/ The Monkees; “I’m A Believer”; died in 2012)

1946- Clive Bunker (drummer w/ Jethro Tull; “Living In The Past”)                  69 yrs.

1946- Patti Smith (singer/songwriter/poet + visual artist; co-wrote “Because The Night” w/ Bruce Springsteen)           69 yrs.

Patti Smith “Because The Night” live video link here.

1947- Jeff Lynne (guitar + vocals w/ Idle Race, The Move + Electric Light Orchestra;”Don’t Bring Me Down”; member of Traveling Wilburys; “Handle With Care”; producer)
68 yrs.

Electric Light Orchestra w/ Jeff Lynne “Evil Woman” live video link here.

1959- Tracy Ullman (comedian/actress/singer; “They Don’t Know”)              56 yrs.

Tracy Ullman “They Don’t Know” video link here.

1969- Jason Kay (vocalist w/ Jamiroquai; “Virtual Insanity”)            46 yrs.

Jamiroquai w/ Jason Kay “Virtual Insanity” video link here.

1973- Jon Theodore (drummer w/ The Mars Volta + Queens Of The Stone Age)
42 yrs.

These are your birthdays for today, along with links for several of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!



1942- Ray Thomas (member of The Moody Blues; “Nights In White Satin”)
73 yrs.

1943- Rick Danko (guitarist + vocalist w/ The Band; “Rag Mama Rag”; died in 1999)

The Band w/ Rick Danko “The Weight” video link here.

1946- Marianne Faithful (singer; “Come & Stay With Me”)                 69 yrs.

Marianne Faithful “As Tears Go By” video link here.

1947- Cozy Powell (drummer w/ Whitesnake + Emerson Lake & Palmer; solo artist; died in 1998)

1948- Charlie Spinosa (member of John Fred & His Playboy Band; “Judy In Disguise”)
67 yrs.                   No Photo Available.

1951- Yvonne Elliman (singer; “If I Can’t Have You”; worked w/ Eric Clapton)         64 yrs.

1955- Neil Giraldo (musician + songwriter w/ Pat Benatar; “Love Is A Battlefield”)
60 yrs.

Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo “Heartbreaker” live video link here.

1961- Jim Reid (member of The Jesus & Mary Chain)            54 yrs.

The Jesus & Mary Chain w/ Jim Reid “Head On” video link here.

1961- Mark Day (guitarist w/ Happy Mondays)            54 yrs.

1966- Bryan Holland (vocalist + guitarist w/ The Offspring)             49 yrs.

The Offspring w/ Bryan Holland “Self Esteem” video link here.

These are your birthdays for today, along with some video links for a few of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!


Music To Hear 1/04 – 1/10: BLACKALICIOUS, THE WAILERS & More…


Hodi’s Half Note- ‘Stand-Up Comedy’ @ 7 p.m. ; ‘Funk Jam’ @ 10 p.m.             FREE!!!!


Quixote’s True Blue- Jalbatross feat. Ryan Jalbert (The Motet)                9 p.m.              $5


Owsley’s Golden Road- ‘EMondays’ w/ Aug                    9 p.m.                    FREE!!!!


Avogadro’s Number- ‘Open Mic’                  7 p.m.

Hodi’s Half Note- ‘EDM Tuesdays’                    FREE!!!!

Pourhouse (Loveland)- ‘Open Jazz Jam’ w/ The Pourhouse Jazz Trio                      7:30 p.m.


Quixote’s True Blue- ‘Open Stage/ $2 Tuesday Dead’                        8 p.m.                    FREE!!!!


Avogadro’s Number- Mason Street Bluegrass                       7 p.m.                 FREE!!!!

Avogadro’s Number- ‘Open Bluegrass Jam’                         8:30 p.m.

Hodi’s Half Note- Mike Love w/ Lineage Music Project                       Free-$15


Armoury- ‘FU^K : Armoury’s Weekly Wednesday Funk Jam’                   9:30 p.m.


Laughing Goat Coffee House*- Purple Squirrel                          8 p.m.


Aggie Theatre*- Horseshoes & Hand Grenades + Hog MaGundy w/ Blue Grama

Hodi’s Half Note*- Joe Marcinek Band feat. Joey Porter (The Motet) & Garrett Sayers (The Motet) w/ Mustard Licks                              $8-13


Cervantes’ Other Side*- WhiteWater Ramble performs ‘Pickin On The 90’s, Pt. Deux’ w/ Daniella Katzir Band + Somebody’s Darling                            7:30 p.m.                   $5-10

Ophelia’s Electric Soap Box*- Blackalicious w/ Beat Nasty + Stay Tuned                     $20-40


Fox Theatre*- The Wailers w/ Mike Love                           $25-29.50


Avogadro’s Number- T Band                5:30 p.m.                  FREE!!!!

Avogadro’s Number- Choice City Seven                   9 p.m.                  $7

Hodi’s Half Note- Archie Funker                  $8-13

Moxi Theatre*- ‘Greeley Blues F.A.C.’ w/ Delta Sonics + Johnny Burroughs (acoustic blues set)                                6:30 p.m.                        $15


Bluebird Theatre*- Skydyed + Lucid Vision w/ Spectacle, R-Doo x True School               $10

Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom*- Head For The Hills w/ Grant Farm Bluegrass Reunion feat. Andy Thorn (Leftover Salmon) & Tyler Grant w/ ‘Pickin On Phish’ feat. Andy Thorn w/ Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, Kitchen Dwellers + Caribou Mountain Collective
(Dual Venue)                           $15-20

Dazzle Jazz*- ‘Still Dreaming’ feat. Joshua Redman, Ron Miles, Scott Colley & Brian Blade
7 + 9 p.m.                              SOLD OUT!!!!

Gothic Theatre*- The Wailers w/ Mike Love                 $25

Herman’s Hideaway- ‘Best Of The West 7 Night #8’ feat. Reno Divorce, The Hollow, Wasteland Radio, Thief River + Natural Geometry                    7:30 p.m.             $6-12

Oriental Theatre- Danielle Nicole (Trampled Under Foot) w/ Rex Peoples + X Factor
8:30 p.m.                 $18

Quixote’s True Blue*- Joe Marcinek  Band feat. Joey Porter (The Motet) & Garrett Sayers (The Motet) w/ Spoonfed Tribe                          9 p.m.                       $10

Soiled Dove– Quantum Jazz                            8 p.m.                                   $15


Lazy Dog*- The  Malah                     10 p.m.                  FREE!!!!

Nissi’s* (Lafayette)- Rebecca Folsom Band                       7:30 p.m.                           $12-14

St. Julien*- Selasee & The FaFa Family                                 6:30-9:30 p.m.


Aggie Theatre*- WhiteWater Ramble performs ‘Pickin On The 90’s, Part Deux’ w/ Kitchen Dwellers                                8 p.m.                     Free-$10

Avogadro’s Number*- Jeff Finlin & Franklin Taggart                      8 p.m.                   $10

Hodi’s Half Note*- Blackalicious w/ Qbala, Indigenous Peoples + Jerney                  $17-22

Swing Station (LaPorte)- Trucker’s Daughter                        $5


Bluebird Theatre- Rob Drabkin w/ Chimney Choir + Keaton Simons                    $14

Cervantes’ Otherside*- Dead Floyd w/ The Workshy                             $10-12

Dazzle Jazz*- ‘Still Dreaming’ feat. Joshua Redman, Ron Miles, Scott Colley & Brian Blade
7 + 9 p.m.                     SOLD OUT!!!!

Dazzle Jazz- ‘Blues Night’ feat. Delta Sonics                      10:30 p.m.                      $5

Gothic Theatre*- Pandas & People w/ Modern Suspects, Foxfield Four +888                    8 p.m.

Hi Dive- ‘Bowie Fest’ feat. Plum w/ I Am Love, Shady Elders, Ancient Elk, Bark Wilson + Scary Drugs                              8 p.m.                     $12

Quixote’s True Blue*- Joe Marcinek Band feat. Joey Porter (The Motet) & Garrett Sayers (The Motet) w/ Spoonfed Tribe                              9 p.m.                        $10

Walnut Room- RAH + Pete Pidgeon & Arcoda                       9 p.m.                   $8-10


Dickens Opera House (Longmont)- ‘Beatles tribute’ w/ Doctor Robert                    8 p.m.

Fox Theatre*- Shakedown Street performing Grateful Dead from 5/2/70                         $12.50-17

Lazy Dog- The Pamlico Sound                   10 p.m.                FREE!!!!

Nissi’s (Lafayette)- Van Wholen (tribute to Van Halen & The Who) w/ The Seers                   7:30 p.m.                     $10-12


Dazzle Jazz*- ‘Urban Brunch’ feat. The Adam Bodine Trio                      10:30 a.m.

Dazzle Jazz*- ‘Still Dreaming’ feat. Joshua Redman, Ron Miles, Scott Colley & Brian Blade
6 + 8 p.m.                       SOLD OUT!!!!

Ophelia’s Electric Soap Box*- ‘Brunch’ feat. Danielle Ate The Sandwich                  10:30 a.m.
No Cover

Soiled Dove*- The Black Lillies w/ Mike & The Moonpies                        8 p.m.

These are the shows for the first full week of 2016. It may not be a saturated field, but there is plenty of superb live music to hear along the Front Range, next week. As usual, I have marked the shows I recommend with an * after the venue name. Besides next week’s shows, the Coming Attractions page gives a long-range listing of shows coming to the area, in the next several months. That’s What I Know, So That’s What You Know!! Enjoy!!



1915- Roebuck ‘Pops’ Staples (vocalist + guitarist w/ The Staple Singers; died 2000)

The Staples Singers w/ Pops Staples
“Touch A Hand, Make A Friend” live video link here.

1921- Johnny Otis (singer,composer + arranger; “Willie & The Hand Jive”; was also a disc jockey, record producer, television host, artist, author, journalist + minister)           94 yrs.

1938- Charles Neville (saxophonist w/ The Neville Brothers)           77 yrs.

1946- Edgar Winter (multi-instrumentalist + vocalist w/ Edgar Winter Group; “Frankenstein”)                          69 yrs.

Edgar Winter Group “Frankenstein” live video link here.

1948- Zigaboo Modeliste (drummer w/ The Meters; “Soul Island”, “People Say”, “Fire On The Bayou” + more…)         67 yrs.

Zigaboo Modeliste “Cordova” live video link here.

1950- Alex Chilton (guitarist + vocalist w/ The Box Tops; “The Letter”; founding member of Big Star; died in 2010)

Big Star w/ Alex Chilton “The Ballad Of El Goodo” live video link here.

1962- Mark Vann (banjoist, singer + songwriter w/ Leftover Salmon; “Ask The Fish”, “Pasta On The Mountain” + “Euphoria”; died in 2002)

Leftover Salmon w/ Mark Vann “White Freightliner Blues” live video link here.

1964- Paul Wagstaff (member of Black Grape; “In The Name Of The Father”)       51 yrs.
No Photo Available.

1978- John Stephens a.k.a. John Legend (singer/songwriter; “All Of Me”)              37 yrs.

1979- Aliaune Thiam a.k.a. Akon (recording artist, songwriter + producer; “Lonely”)
36 yrs.

These are your birthdays for today, along with video links for some of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!


New Releases 1/01/16: NOTHING NEW TO SPEAK OF…!!!!

The first Friday of the new year is also the first day of 2016, so it is not surprising that there really aren’t any new albums coming out. Other than generic pop from Rachel Platten and a remix album from Opeth, there really aren’t any new releases to start the year. Because there are no albums, there will be no review. However, I will be posting a list of the best releases for 2015, by the end of the year. Check back on Thursday to see what albums I pick for my list for this year. That’s What I Know, So That’s What You Know!!


1931- Scotty Moore (guitarist w/ Doug Poindexter & The Starlite Wranglers; he played on Elvis Presley’s first session at Sun Studios; he played on many hits, including “Hound Dog”, “Jailhouse Rock”, “Heartbreak Hotel” + more…)            84 yrs.

Eric Clapton & Scotty Moore “Mystery Train” live video link here.

1941- Mike Pinder (member of The Moody Blues; “Nights In White Satin”      74 yrs.

1943- Pete Quaife (bassist w/  The Kinks; “You Really Got Me”)            72 yrs.

The Kinks w/ Pete Quiafe “You Really Got Me” live video link here.

1944- Michael Leslie ‘Mick’ Jones (guitarist w/ Foreigner; “I Want To Know What Love Is”)         71 yrs.

Foreigner w/ Mick Jones “Hot Blooded” live video link here.

1948- Larry Byrom (guitarist w/ Steppenwolf; “Born To Be Wild”)                    67 yrs.

1952- David Knopfler (singer, songwriter + multi- instrumentalist w/ Dire Straits until 1980; “Sultans Of Swing”       63 yrs.

1956- Karl Denson (saxophonist, flutist + vocalist w/ Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe + Greyboy Allstars; “Get A Job”, “Hot Dog” + more…; toured w/ The Rolling Stones)
59 yrs.

Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe “Shake It Out” live video link here.

1961- Martin Glover a.k.a. Youth (member of Killing Joke; producer; worked w/ U2)
54 yrs.

1972- Matt Slocum (songwriter, guitarist + keyboardist w/ Sixpence None The Richer; “Kiss Me”)              43 yrs.

These are your birthdays for today, along with video links for a few of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!



As I have been writing for a few weeks, I have been going through the new releases of 2015. I  have been looking for an album that I didn’t review this year, that I now, I wish I had. Some of the artists in the running were Chris Stapleton, Lettuce, The Word, Kurt Vile, Glen Hansard and The Lowest Pair. The album that most grabbed my attention, since it came out in March, is the latest from Modest Mouse, titled “Strangers To Ourselves”. Along with Chris Stapleton and The Lowest Pair, I had actually heard Modest Mouse’s new album when I checked it out from one of our local libraries. I have a few albums by Modest Mouse and have liked some better than others. The initial listen broke many preconceived notions I had about the act from previous releases and was more inclined to listen again and again to this album.

The opening cut is also the title track, “Strangers To Ourselves”. The album begins a little subdued, but intriguingly so, with the use of strings and some ambient instrumentation.

“Lampshades On Fire” is reminiscent of the material on “Good News For People Who Love Bad News” with a radio friendly quality, even if it isn’t as catchy as “Float On”. The lyrics really are clever and the overall sound is has a Frank Black feel.

Isaac Brock and company go back to the darker reaches of the Modest Mouse sound on “Shit In Your Cut”. This number has a taste like Ween and Faith No More walking directly toward each other in a dark alley.

“PIstol” sure does have an early 90’s Ween feel, like it could have come off of “Pure Guava”, if it were being made today.

There is a groovy island-ish vibe about “Ansel”, even though the content is a little less sunny days, than missing brother in the woods. One of the best tunes on the album, especially with the dichotomy between the music and the story.

“The Ground Walks With Time In A Box” is like Geggy Tah locked in a recording studio with David Bowie and Weird Al. It is catchy and has a familiar beat, but I can’t place it yet.

A mellower tune, “Coyotes” takes things more the direction of thought provoking lyrics with fairly stripped down instrumentation.

“Pups To Dust” has a slight country lean, while also kicking sand on the beach. One of my favorite lyrics on the album is is “I don’t lie very often, but I lie very well”.

The carnival of terrors vibe that the start of the tune gives off, moves further the route of vaudeville, by way of fuzzy instrumentation, including some horns.

The percussive build of “Wicked Campaign” is only overshadowed by the brilliant lyrics that drag the cynicism out and coax the softness out of Isaac Brock’s voice.

“Be Brave” is like a song for a graveyard formal, where the ghosts and ghouls all get decked out in their best attire.

There is a little country Ween influence on “God Is An Indian & You’re An Asshole” , but the metaphor is all Modest Mouse.

“The Tortoise & The Tourist” has a sonic start, and becomes something that most closely resembles The Pixies, circa 1991. The story in the lyrics is another finger pointing at the odd leanings of humanity.

I really dig the ocean feel and the wonderful melodies on “The Best Room”. Brock writes tremendous lyrics and provides the dance floor for the main attraction.

“Of Course We Know” finds Brock a little more monotone and like a narrator to start, with a slower ambient sound. Eventually the wave begins to gain steam and then to a puddle after breaking.

“Strangers To Ourselves” is a magnificent effort by Modest Mouse, that may or may not be one of the best albums of 2015. Isaac Brock has found the formula for some of the most incredible music that Modest Mouse has ever put out, which is not to say that previous efforts weren’t great on their own, but this may be the perfect balance of alternative, jam and dark edginess that will still keep fans on the fringes of radio hits, but may connect them better with other outsiders. There are bound to be some long-time fans of Modest Mouse that are less than happy about “Strangers To Ourselves”, but overall it will probably impress most of those with an open mind. I highly recommend the album to fans of Modest Mouse, as well as those fans of Dr. Dog, Ween and The Pixies. That’s What I Know, So That’s What You Know!! Enjoy!!