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More than likely, many of us have probably witnessed the wonderous saxophone skills of the man, who goes by one name, Skerik. He has lent his talents to many projects, including Colonel Les Claypool’s Fearless Flying Frog Brigade, Garage A Trois, Critters Buggin, Crack Sabbath, The Dead Kenny G’s, Omaha Diner and more.  He has toured with the likes of The Headhunters, Fred Wesley, Roger Waters and Mad Season, as well as sharing the stage with Pearl Jam, Galactic, R.E.M., The Meters, Ween, Bonnie Raitt, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey and many more. Though, many of us may not know his name, there is no doubt that this saxophone pioneer, must be seriously talented to have been enlisted by so many incredible acts. His most recent project, Skerik’s Bandalabra will be bringing its high energy world funk to The 1Up in Denver on Friday and to Hodi’s Half Note in Fort Collins on Saturday night.

I have experienced Skerik’s awe-inspiring skills live with The Dead Kenny G’s, Garage A Trois, Omaha Diner and a guest spot with Hairy Apes BMX. He is the direct antithesis of the smooth jazz that has sponsored many other saxophonists, which is not to say that his playing can’t be melodic, but his brand of jazz is more like Ornette Coleman meeting Bad Brains than Dave Koz or Kenny G. I have sampled many live tracks from Skerik’s Bandalabra and can say with much confidence, that this may be one of Skerik’s most straight-forward projects, with a tight quartet playing a blend of world jazz and funk, as well as a fair amount of punk-rock ethos tossed-in. These are sure to be fantastically energetic shows, so I highly recommend checking-out Skerik’s Bandalabra when they wrap-up their tour in Colorado this weekend. I have added some links to live video below, so you can hear this amazing music for yourself. That’s What I Know, So That’s What You Know!! Enjoy!!

Skerik’s Bandalabra “Beast Crusher” live video link here.

Skerik’s Bandalabra w/ guest Carly Meyers, live video link here.



1933- Cissy Houston (soul singer w/ Sweet Inspirations + The Drinkard Singers; sang back-up w/ Aretha Franklin, Elvis Presley + more; mother of Whitney Houston and cousin of Dionne Warwick)             82 yrs.

1935- Johnny Mathis (singer; “Too Much Too Little Too Late”)            80 yrs.

Johnny Mathis “When A Child Is Born” live video link here.

1942- Dewey Martin (member of The Dillards + Buffalo Springfield; “For What It’s Worth”; died in 2009)

1942- Frankie Lymon (singer w/ Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers; “Why Do Fools Fall In Love”; died in 1968)

Frankie Lymon “Little Bitty Pretty One” live video link here.

1942- Gus Dudgeon (producer; worked with Elton John, David Bowie, The Beach Boys + more…; died in 2002)

1943- Marilyn McCoo (singer w/ The 5th Dimension; solo artist; “You Don’t Have To Be A Star”)                    72 yrs.

The 5th Dimension w/ Marilyn McCoo “Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In” video link here.

1946- Sylvia Peterson (member of The Chiffons; “He’s So Fine”)            69 yrs.
No Photo Available.

1947- Marc Bolan (singer, songwriter + guitarist w/ T Rex; “Bang A Gong”; died in 1977)

T Rex w/ Marc Bolan “Hot Love” live video link here.

1952- John Lombardo (member of 10,000 Maniacs; “Candy Everybody Wants”)            63 yrs.
No Photo Available.

1964- Robby Takac (bassist w/ Goo Goo Dolls; “Iris”)                                     51 yrs.

Goo Goo Dolls w/ Robby Takak “There You Are” video link here.

1964- Trey Anastasio (guitarist, singer + songwriter w/ Phish; “Bouncing Around The Room”, “Harry Hood”, “Simple” + more; was a member of “Fare The Well” concerts; also fronts the Trey Anastasio Band)            51 yrs.

Phish w/ Trey Anastasio “Harry Hood” live video link here.

1986- Ben Lovett (multi-instrumentalist w/ Mumford & Sons; “The Cave”, “Little Lion Man” + more…)              29 yrs.

These are today’s birthdays, along with video links for some of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!



1907- Gene Autry (country singer; had over 20 top 10 country hits; died in 1998)

Gene Autry “Back In The Saddle Again” audio link here.

1935- Jerry Lee Lewis (singer/pianist; “Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On” + “Great Balls Of Fire”)               80 yrs.

Jerry Lee Lewis “Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On” live video link here.

1937- Joe ‘Guitar’ Hughes (blues guitarist; worked with B.B. King, Big Joe Turner + T-Bone Walker; died in 2003)

Joe ‘Guitar’ Hughes “Going Fishing” live video link here.

1939- Tommy Boyce (singer/songwriter; “Last Train To Clarksville”; also wrote “Scooby Doo Where Are You?” theme song; died in 1994)

1948- Mark Farner (member of Grand Funk Railroad; “The Locomotion”)               67 yrs.

1958- Mick Harvey (member of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds; singer/songwriter/ producer)               57 yrs.

1963- Leslie Edward Claypool (founder/singer/songwriter + bassist w/ Primus; “Tommy The Cat” + “My Name Is Mud”; also in Oysterhead, Duo de Twang, Colonel Les Claypool’s Fearless Flying Brigade, Colonel Claypool’s Bucket Of Bernie Brains + Sausage)
52 yrs.

Les Claypool’s Duo de Twang “Amos Moses” live video link here.

1965- Ian Baker (keyboardist w/ Jesus Jones; “Right Here, Right Now”)               50 yrs.

1966- Tony Foster (guitarist w/ Julian Cope + Olive)             49 yrs.
No Photos Available.

1967- Brett Anderson (vocalist w/ Suede; solo artist)            48 yrs.

Suede w/ Brett Anderson “Beautiful Ones” video link here.

These are your birthdays for today, along with links for a few of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!


Music To Hear 10/05 – 10/11: THE WORD, BUILT TO SPILL, SAVOY & More…


Aggie Theatre- Legendary Shack Shakers w/ Joe Fletcher                   $12

Hodi’s Half Note- ‘Stand-Up Comedy’ @ 7 p.m.; ‘Funk Jam’ @ 10 p.m.          FREE!!!!

DENVER AREA 10/05/15

Quixote’s True Blue- Jalbatross feat. Ryan Jalbert (The Motet)              9 p.m.            $5


Hodi’s Half Note- ‘EDM Tuesday’             FREE!!!!

Pourhouse (Loveland)- ‘Open Jazz Jam’ w/ The Pourhouse Jazz Trio                    7:30 p.m.

DENVER AREA 10/06/15

Bluebird Theatre- Gardens & Villa w/ Sunboy + Flaural                 8 p.m.       early-bird tickets $10

Quixote’s True Blue- ‘Open Stage/ $2 Tuesday Dead’                8 p.m.               FREE!!!!


Owsley’s Golden Road- ‘Open Mic’ w/ Boozegrass                6 p.m.

Pioneer Inn (Nederland)- ‘Open Mic’                        9 p.m.               FREE!!!!

DENVER AREA 10/07/15

Armoury- ‘FU^K: Armoury’s Weekly Funk Jam’                      9:30 p.m.

Cervantes’ Otherside- ‘Fall Freaquinox’ feat. J. Wail (live band) w/ Lula Granji, Wabakinoset, Soul Inscribed, Floatgoat + Droplitz                  8 p.m.             $8-10

Gothic Theatre- Catfish & The Bottlemen  w/ Jamie N Commons             8 p.m.               $18

Marquis Theatre- Titus Andronicus w/ Spider Bags + Baked                   $15

Quixote’s True Blue- Flying Balaika Brothers                        9 p.m.                    $5


Laughing Goat- Purple Squirrel                     8 p.m.

Pioneer Inn (Nederland)- ‘Blues Night’                        10  p.m.                 FREE!!!!

St. Julien- Adam Bodine Trio                     6:30-9:30 p.m.


Aggie Theatre*- Iron Horse plays ‘Best Of Pickin’ On’ w/ Lineage Music Project           $13

Hodi’s Half Note- 12 Cents For Marvin w/ Choice City Seven + Swashbuckling Doctors

DENVER AREA 10/08/15

Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom- Savoy w/ Decadon + Avenue Prod                      9 p.m.
$29.50- 35

Cervantes’ Otherside*- Mountain Jam (Allman Brothers tribute) w/ Lil’ Skoops + Dewey Paul Band                        8 p.m.                     Free-$10

Gothic Theatre- Infected Mushroom (live) w/ Dynohunter                 9 p.m.                 $25-30

Marquis Theatre*- Helmet ‘Betty’ 20th Anniversary Show                  $18-20

Oriental Theatre- The Mavericks                         8 p.m.                   $43-45

Paramount Theatre*Joe Jackson                   8 p.m.              tickets starting @ $34.50


Fox Theatre- Ott. w/ Plantrae + Templo                          $18-22

Owsley’s Golden Road- Flying Balaika Brothers                          7 p.m.                      $12


Aggie Theatre*- Analog Son + Atomga w/ Home Fried Boogaloo                    Free-$10

Avogadro’s Number- The Honey Gitters                      9 p.m.                         $7

Mishawaka Amphitheatre (Bellvue)- Cosmic Mesa w/ Porcelain + Derek Blake
8 p.m.                $10-12.50

Swing Station (LaPorte)- Lineage Music Project                     9  p.m.                     $5

DENVER AREA 10/09/15

Bluebird Theatre- Built To Spill w/ Helvetia + Clarke & The Himselfs                9 p.m.

Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom- Ott. w/ Plantrae, Soulacybin + Toybox            $20-25

Cervantes’ Otherside*- Iron Horse plays ‘Best Of Pickin’ On’ + Bonfire (dub) feat. Bridget Law (Elephant Revival) (late set) w/ Silver Plume                   $13-15

Gothic Theatre- Infected Mushroom (live) w/  Skydyed                        $28.50-32

Hi Dive*- The Dustbowl Revival w/ The Burroughs + Scott Schuman               9 p.m.          $10

Ogden Theatre- Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls w/ Skinny Lister + Beans On Toast
9 p.m.                          $27

Quixote’s True Blue*- Melvin Seals & JGB w/ Ultimate Painting               9 p.m.              $20

Walnut Room- Chain Station w/ Free The Honey (CD Release)               8 p.m.               $10


Boulder Theatre*- The Word feat. Robert Randolph, John Medeski & North Mississippi All Stars w/ The Workshy                    $32.50-35

Fox Theatre- Savoy w/ Decadon                      $29.50-37

Nissi’s (Lafayette)- The Long Run (Eagles tribute)              7:30 p.m.                     $15-17


Aggie Theatre- Savoy w/ Decadon + Avenue Prod                        $29.50

Avogadro’s Number- Bill Hearne                     5-7 p.m.                      $10

Swing Station* (LaPorte)- Finnders & Youngberg                     8 p.m.                    $10

DENVER AREA 10/10/15

Bluebird Theatre*- Magic Beans w/ Modern Measure                          9  p.m.                 $17

Cervantes’ Otherside- MTHDS ‘Farewell Show’ performing originals + Beastie Boys w/ P-Nuckle + Small Giants                                $5-10

Dazzle Jazz- ‘Thelonious Monk’s Birthday Bash’ feat. Shannie Royston, Gonzalo Teppa & Shane Endsley                       7 p.m.                        $15

Dazzle Jazz- ‘Blues Night’ w/ Delta Sonics                          10:30 p.m.                      $5

Ogden Theatre*- The Word feat. Robert Randolph, John Medeski & North Mississippi All Stars  w/ The Workshy                    9 p.m.                     $32.50

Quixote’s True Blue*- Melvin Seals & JGB                        9 p.m.               $20

Red Rocks Amphitheatre (Morrison)- Panic! At The Disco w/ American Authors + X Ambassadors                       7 p.m.                      SOLD OUT!!!!

Tuft Theatre- Kristen Hersh                8 p.m.                    $21-23

Walnut Room- Brendan James w/ Reed Foehl                  7 p.m.                  $15-20

The 1Up*- Jennifer Hartswick, Bernie Worrell, Roosevelt Collier, Russ Lawton, Reed Mathis, Gabe Mervine & Matt Pitts w/ Padmanabha                          $3.75-20


Boulder Theatre- Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls w/ Skinny Lister + Beans On Toast
8 p.m.                  $25

Dickens Opera House* (Longmont)- Jimmy Hall w/ My Blue Sky w/ Paradox + Michaela Rae & Emma Marie                7:15 p.m.             $15-25

Fox Theatre- Built To Spill w/ Helvetia + Clarke & The Himselfs                  8:30 p.m.


Mishawaka Amphitheatre* (Bellvue)- Glen Phillips               7 p.m.                 $25

DENVER AREA 10/11/15

Daniels Hall- Rory Block                 $20-22

Ogden Theatre- FFS (Franz Ferdinand & Sparks) W/ The Intelligence                    8 p.m.


Owsley’s Golden Road- ‘Sunday Funday’ w/ Porch Song                   4:20 p.m.

Owsley’s Golden Road*- Melvin Seals & JGB             7 p.m.                $23.50

This is the list of shows coming to the area, next week. It is not a long or deep list, however some of the bands are sure to amaze, like The Word, Dustbowl Revival and Melvin Seals & JGB. With the outdoor shows over for the year, the pickins are going to be slimmer. As usual, I have marked the shows I recommend with an * after the venue name. For a more extensive list of shows coming to the Front Range over the next few months, check-out the Coming Attractions page. That’s What I Know, So That’s What You Know!! Enjoy!!



1902- Ed Sullivan (host of the Ed Sullivan Show; the show gave American audiences there first look and listen at many musical acts including The Beatles, The Doors + more… ; died in 1974)

1938- Benjamin Earl Nelson a.k.a. Ben E King (singer w/ The Drifters; “Save The Last Dance For Me”; solo artist; “Stand By Me” + “Supernatural”)           77 yrs.

Ben E King “Supernatural Thing” live video link here.

1943- Nick St. Nicholas (member of Steppenwolf; “Born To Be Wild”)                 72 yrs.

Steppenwolf w/ Nick St. Nicholas “Born To Be Wild” video link here.

1950- Paul Burgess (drummer w/ 10cc)              65 yrs.

1952- Andy Ward (member of Marillion; “Kayleigh”)             63 yrs.
No Photo Available.

1962- Peter Hooton (member of The Farm; “All Together Now”)            53 yrs.

The Farm w/ Peter Hooton “All Together Now” video link here.

1966- Kenny Wilson a.k.a. Ginger Fish (drummer w/ Marilyn Manson)            49 yrs.

Here are your birthdays for today, along with video links for a couple of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!


New Releases 10/02: JOE JACKSON, ALO, NEW MASTERSOUNDS & More…

The first Friday in October is another new release day that is going to be full of amazing music. There will be new releases from the likes of Joe Jackson, ALO, New Mastersounds, Blitzen Trapper, The Wood Brothers, Matisyahu, Joe Bonamasa and more. One of the most fascinating new releases is from Holly Bowling with “Distillation Of A Dream: The Music Of Phish Reimagined For Solo Piano”, which is, maybe, a little different than what you might be expecting.

  • ALO- “Tangle Of Time”
  • Bart Crow- “The Parade”
  • Blitzen Trapper- “All Across The Land”
  • Dirty Ghosts- “Let It Pretend”
  • Emily Kinney- “This is War”
  • Holly Bowling- “Distillation Of A Dream: The Music Of Phish Reimagined For Solo Piano”
  • Ironing Board Sam- “Super Spirit”
  • Jesse Malin- “Outsiders”
  • Joe Bonamasa- “Live @ Radio City Music Hall”
  • Joe Jackson- “Fast Forward”
  • Larry Gus- “I Need New Eyes”
  • Mal Blum- “You Look A Lot Like Me”
  • Matisyahu- “Live @ Stubb’s, Vol. III”
  • Moon Taxi- “Daybreaker”
  • New Mastersounds- “Made For Pleasure”
  • Promised Land Sound- “For Use & Delight”
  • Spencer Radcliffe- “Looking In”
  • The Selecter- “Subculture”
  • The Wood Brothers- “Paradise”

These are the new releases for October 2, with a very impressive array of artists and genres, represented by this list. I will choose one of these albums to review, and will post the review on Saturday. Check-back then to see which one I pick and to read the review. That’s What I Know, So That’s What You Know!!


1943- Randy Bachman (member of Guess Who; “American Woman”; also a member Bachman Turner Overdrive; “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”)     72 yrs.

Bachman Turner Overdrive w/ Randy Bachman
“You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” live video link here.

1947- Marvin Lee Aday a.k.a. Meat Loaf (singer/songwriter; “Paradise By The Dashboard Light”)                      68 yrs.

Meat Loaf “Bat Out Of Hell” video link here.

1953- Greg Ham (member of Men At Work; “Down Under”)            62 yrs.

1953- Robbie Shakespeare (session bass player as half of Sly & Robbie; has worked w/ Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff, Joe Cocker, Michael Franti & Spearhead + more…)          62 yrs.

Sly & Robbie w/ Robbie Shakespeare live video link here.

1958- Shaun Cassidy (actor + singer; “Da Doo Ron Ron”; David Cassidy’s half brother)
57 yrs.

1966- Stephen Jenkins (singer w/ Third Eye Blind; “Jumper”)             49 yrs.

1970- Mark Calderon (member of Color Me Bad; “I Wanna Sex You Up”)             45 yrs.

1978- Bradley Kirk Arnold (singer w/ 3 Doors Down)              37 yrs.

3 Doors Down w/ Bradley Kirk Arnold “Be Like That” video link here.

1984- Avril Lavigne (singer; “Complicated”)               31 yrs.

These are your birthdays for today, along with video links for a few of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!



This weeks list of new releases was pretty extensive, with a fairly well-known bunch of artists, behind them. Don Henley, Duke Robillard, John Scofield, JR. JR., Kurt Vile, Patty Griffin and Shawn Colvin, all had new albums out on Friday. Though these are fine releases, I narrowed down the possibilities for a review, to the new ones from Los Lobos, Widespread Panic and, the virtually unknown, The Soul Surfers. It was not a simple decision, but due to the songs I sampled and since yesterday was the 61st birthday for Cesar Rosas, singer/songwriter + guitarist for Los Lobos, I decided on “Gates Of Gold”. East L.A.’s, Los Lobos, bolster a line-up, that has remained virtually unchanged over forty-plus years, and has even won a couple of Grammy Awards.

When I recalled that Los Lobos had toured with Neil Young & Crazy Horse in 2013, it was easy to see how that time had influenced a song like “Made To Break Your Heart”, especially the grungy guitar work near the end of the track.

“When We Were Free” has a groovy Southern California beach vibe, with the feel of a warm breeze at around dusk, as the last bit of light slips into the ocean.

Things take a rockin’ turn in a southerly direction on the Texas boogie of “Mis-Treater Boogie Blues”, with a vibe that permeates homage to ZZ Top’s brand of masterful blues rock.

“There I Go” has a soulful angle and even heads up the steps of the church, without ever actually going inside.

From the opening notes, it is apparent that “Too Small Heart” is a heavy nod to Jimi Hendrix’s style of ‘blow-up in your face’ rock and roll, with an extremely excellent delivery.

If the album wasn’t already eclectic enough already, the band goes back to its roots with a cumbia titled “Poquito Para Aqui”. The playing is exceptional and the accordion takes this upbeat number, south of the border.

The title track is a slower number that opens with some impressive acoustic playing. It has an somewhat Americana sound, and seems as fitting for the mountains, as it does for the west coast.

The boys take another spin at their heritage with the nortena-bolero hybrid, “La Tumba Sera el Final”, a somewhat romantic number, with some moments of energized passion and tremendous harmonies.

“Songs Of The Sun” has a folk-rock taste that is slightly reminiscent of The Doobie Brothers and Little Feat. I love their consistency and proficiency on more acoustic cuts, because these six guys are truly that talented.

We get more of the stripped-down Los Lobos sound on the deep blues number, “I Believed You So”, with its big city meets the south, aura. The slide work is loose and captivating at the same instance.

“Magdalena” goes more soulful, with some fuzzy rock vocals and guitars, while keeping an oldies rock tempo underneath.

The instrumental demo, “Nachas” is a country western-style rock tune with some odd effects.

“Prenda del Alma” a live rendition of one of the bands more traditional numbers. Packed with the remarkable sounds of both brass and the accordion, this one seems like a good song to have a dance partner for.

“Gates Of Gold” may not be touted as Los Lobos greatest work over the band’s forty year career, but it certainly shows-off why these guys have continued to do this for so long. With more than a few genres and several sub-genres dug into, the sheer eclecticism of this album alone, is mind-blowing. When you know how talented each member is, it is easy to see that they may have been able to stick together as long as they have, because each member realizes how valuable the others are to the continuation of the band. If you are a fan of Los Lobos, then I won’t need to sell you on “Gates Of Gold”, but if you want solid piece of musical composition and like the eclectic edge of music, then this might be the chance worth taking. That’s What I Know, So That’s What You Know!! Enjoy!!




1925- Marty Robbins (country singer; “El Paso”; died in 1982)

Marty Robbins “El Paso” live video link here.

1926- Julie London (singer; “Cry Me A River”; died in 2000)

1941- Joe Bauer (drummer w/ The Youngbloods; “Get Together”; died in 1982)

 Joe Bauer; second from left

1945- Bryan Ferry (singer + songwriter w/ Roxy Music: “Avalon”; solo artist)       70 yrs.

Roxy Music w/ Bryan Ferry “More Than This” video link here.

1947- Lynn Anderson (singer; “Rose Garden”)               68 yrs.

Lynn Anderson “Rose Garden” live video link here.

1948- Olivia Newton-John (singer; “Physical”; actress; “Grease”)           67 yrs.

Olivia Newton-John “Make A Move On Me” live video link here.

1954- Cesar Rosas (singer, songwriter + guitarist w/ Los Lobos; “La Bamba”, “One Night One Time” + more…)            61  yrs.

Los Lobos w/ Cesar Rosas “That Train Don’t Stop Here” live video link here.

1954- Craig Chaquico (member of Jefferson Starship; “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us”)
61 yrs.

1965- Cindy Herron (vocals w/ En Vogue; “My Lovin”)             50 yrs.

1972- Shawn Stockman (singer w/ Boyz II Men; “End Of The Road”)         43 yrs.

These are today’s birthday, along with video links for some of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!



1939- Joseph Russell (singer w/ The Persuasions; acappella group; worked w/ Stevie Wonder, Joni Mitchell  + more…)          76 yrs.

Sweet Joe Russell / The

The Persuassions w/ Joseph Russell (oldies medley) live video link here.

1943- Gary Alexander (guitarist + vocalist w/ The Association; “Windy”)              72 yrs.

The two jammed frequently and

1943- John Locke (member of Spirit; “I Got A Line On You”)
72 yrs.

can see John Locke plays

1945- Onnie McIntyre (member of Average White Band; “Pick Up The Pieces”)          70 yrs.

Entertainment 2012 Paul Warner DETROIT, MI - JUNE 30: Onnie McIntyre

Average White Band w/ Onnie McIntyre “Pick Up The Pieces” live video link here.

1946- Bryan MacLean (guitarist + vocals w/ Love; died in 1998)

Bryan MacLean.jpg

Love w/ Bryan MacLean “Message To Pretty” live video link here.

1946- Jerry Penrod (bassist w/ Iron Butterfly; “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida”)          69yrs.
No Photos Available.

1947- Cecil Womack (R&B singer/songwriter/producer; died in 2013)

created memory in Cecil Womack

1955- Steve Severin (bassist w/ Siouxsie & The Banshees; “Cities In Dust”)          60 yrs.

220px-Siouxsie-steve-severin- ...

Siouxsie & The Banshees w/ Steve Severin “The Passenger” video link here.

1968- Will Smith (actor/hip-hop artist; half of DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince; “Summertime”; solo artist)           47 yrs.

<br>Will Smith, Television

Will Smith “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” video link here.

1974- Richie Edwards (bassist w/ The Darkness since 2005)
41 yrs.

Richie Edwards – Stone Gods

These are your birthdays for today, along with video links for a few of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!