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The second day of FoCoMX 7 gets started around 1 p.m. at a couple venues and builds from there. It is a big day of local music at over twenty venues that plays until 1:30 a.m. at many of them. I have used the FoCoMX website to sample the music of a lot of this years artists, not to mention the ones I have heard through other avenues. From those, I have come up with a list of acts I recommend, to help navigate the huge field of artists playing this year.


  • Jami Lunde @ The Boot Grill        2:30 p.m.         All Ages     
  • The Prairie Scholars @ Avogadro’s Number         2:45 p.m.           All Ages
    (singer/songwriter duo)
  • Zaro @ Pateros Creek Brewing Co.           3 p.m.          All Ages           (jazz)
  • Write Minded @ Odell Brewing Co.        3:30 p.m.        All Ages        
  • Nice Hat Mister @ Avogadro’s Number         4 p.m.        All Ages      (bluegrass)
  • Tim Hanauer @ Blue Skies Winery        4 p.m.         All Ages         (singer/songwriter)
  • Dee Tyler @ Pateros Creek Brewing Co.        4:15 p.m.        All Ages
    (singer/songwriter w/ percussion)
  • John Magnie @ Equinox Brewing Co.           4:30 p.m.         All Ages
    (cajun folk)
  • County 11 @ Blue Skies Winery           5 p.m.          All Ages
    (singer/songwriter duo)          
  • Thomas Brothers & Michaela Rae @ The Boot Grill             5:45 p.m.     All Ages(acoustic guitar picking)
  • Lineage Music Project @ Compass Cider          5:45 p.m.          All Ages
  • Andrew DeCarlo @ Blue Skies Winery         6 p.m        All Ages      (singer/songwriter)
  • Arthur Lee Land @ Cache Old Town Bar & Grill          6:45 p.m.           21+
    (singer/songwriter electronica)
  • Pandas & People @ Aggie Theatre       7 p.m.       All Ages       (folk rock)
  • Strange Americans @ The Boot Grill           7 p.m.      All Ages
  • Yettie @ Fort Collins Museum Of Discovery         7 p.m.        All Ages
  • Caleb Crain @ Blue Skies Winery          7 p.m.         All Ages   
  • The Railsplitters @ Equinox Brewing Co.        7:30 p.m.        All Ages
    (progressive bluegrass)
  • Gasoline Lollipops @ Aggie Theatre         8 p.m.       All Ages   
    (acoustic country-blues)
  • Robert Cline Jr. @ Avogadro’s Number       8 p.m.       All Ages
  • Ambassador Wolf @ Everyday Joe’s         8 p.m.      All Ages
  • The Feral West @ Moe’s Original Bar B Que           8 p.m.          All Ages
    (country folk)
  • The Key Of Joy @ Tap N Handle          8 p.m.      21+      (acoustic rock duo)
  • Atomga @ The Whisk(e)y           8 p.m.         21+       (world funk)
  • Danielle Ate The Sandwich @ Everyday Joe’s        9 p.m.        All Ages
    (quirky, catchy folk)
  • Liz Barnez @ Avogadro’s Number        9:15 p.m.        All Ages      (singer/songwriter)
  • The King Stan Band @ Mainline        9:15 p.m.         21+        (blues rock)
  • Travellers Music @ The Whisk(e)y        9:15 p.m.      21+        (hip-hop)
  • More Than Physics @ Compass Cider       9:30 p.m.      All Ages
    (melodic percussion)
  • The Widow’s Bane @ Aggie Theatre       10 p.m.        All Ages  
    (vaudevillian gipsy)
  • The 3 Twins @ Avogadro’s Number        10:30 p.m.      All Ages    (bayou folk)
  • Johnny Hickman & Nathaniel Cook @ Moe’s Original Bar B Que        
    10:30 p.m.      All Ages           (alcohol-fueled Americana)
  • Earth Like Twins @ Tap N Handle            10:30 p.m.        21+    (electro-funk)
  • Tyler T. @ Cache Old Town Bar & Grille       10:30 p.m.        21+
    (one-man groove jam)
  • The Holler! @ Aggie Theatre           11 p.m..        All Ages       (jamgrass)
  • Cary Morin @ Cache Old Town Bar & Grille         11:45 p.m..     21+
  • Musketeer Gripweed @ Aggie Theatre        12 a.m.      All Ages
    (roots rock)
  • Wooleye @ Washington’s (upstairs)       12 a.m.       All Ages

This is not a list of every artist playing at FoCoMX 7, but more a narrowed down field to assist in catching the music you are going to dig the most. Even with the list I have provided, you will have to make some decisions to fit your individual tastes. Check back tomorrow for a review of Day 1 and then Sunday for a review of Saturday. That’s What I Know, So That’s What You Know!! Enjoy!!



1942- Barbra Streisand (singer/actress; “The Way We Were”)  73 yrs.

Home · Fashion · Culture

1945- Doug Clifford (drummer w/ Creedence Clearwater Revival)     70 yrs.

including a picture with

1947- Glenn Cornick (bassist w/ Jethro Tull)      68 yrs.

Glenn Cornick interview about

Jethro Tull w/ Glenn Cornick “Locomotive Breath” live video link here.

1947- Hubert Ann Kelley (member of The Hues Corporation; “Rock The Boat”)      68 yrs.

Happy Birthday to Hubert Ann Ann Kelley (center)

1948- Steve York (member of Manfred Mann)       67 yrs.

Steve York

1951- Nigel Harrison (bassist w/ Blondie from 1977-1982; member of Silverhead)          64 yrs.

Image of Nigel Harrison

Blondie w/ Nigel Harrison “One Way Or Another” video link here.

1954- Jack Blades (bassist w/ Night Ranger + Damn Yankees)       61 yrs.

Jack Blades Photo

1957- David Jay (vocals + guitar w/ Bauhaus + Love & Rockets)  58 yrs.

up for “David Jay” (Love

Love & Rockets w/ David Jay “No New Tale To Tell” video link here.

1958- Boris Williams (drummer w/ The Cure)          57 yrs.

Boris WILLIAMS; Né le 24.04.

The Cure w/ Boris Williams “A Night Like This” video link here.

1963- Billy Gould (bassist w/ Faith No More)        52 yrs.

1964- Paul Ryder (bassist w/ Happy Mondays)      51 yrs.

Paul Ryder, Happy Mondays

1967- Patty Shemel (drummer w/ Hole)           48 yrs.

obvious voices of the

Hole w/ Patty Shemel “Doll Parts” video link here.

1967- Shannon Larkin (drummer w/ Ugly Kid Joe + Godsmack)
48 yrs.

1968- Aaron Comess (drummer w/ The Spin Doctors)      47 yrs.

Aaron Comess | (le) poisson

The Spin Doctors w/ Aaron Comess “If The River Was Whiskey” live video link here.

These are your birthdays for today, along with video links for some of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!