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This weekend is the seventh year for the FoCoMX (Fort Collins Music Experiment) in the downtown area of Fort Collins. It is a two day festival that has well over two hundred Colorado music acts at over twenty venues. This festival represents almost every genre and sub-genre imaginable, from world-jazz to outlaw-grass and reggae-jam to modern folk and so much more. After some sampling from the FoCoMX website and some other personal experience with several of this years artists, I have come up with my own suggestions for this years festival. From the short clips I saw and heard, these are the acts that seemed to be the best musicians with the most original sounds.

  • Michael Kirkpatrick @ Equinox Brewing           3:30 p.m.        All Ages     (singer/songwriter w/ mandolin)
  • Young Ancients @ Odell Brewing Co.             5 p.m.             All Ages   (bayou-soul)
  • The 14ers @ Illegal Pete’s       5:45 p.m.           All Ages          (soul-folk)
  • The Twirling Zucchini Trio @ Compass Cider         5:45 p.m.     All Ages           (world-jazz)
  • Manabi Salsa Band @ Aggie Theatre           6 p.m.     All Ages      (salsa)
  • Britton Deuel @ Lyric Cinema Cafe (lobby)         6 p.m.           All Ages
  • Dechen Hawk’s Jus Sayin @ Equinox Brewing Co.           6:30 p.m.
    All Ages          
  • Professor Fox’s One Man Band @ Fort Collins Museum Of Discovery (dome)
    6:30 p.m.            (blues-folk)
  • Biff Gore @ Cache Old Town Bar & Grille          6:45 p.m.            21+  (soul)
  • Contraband @ The Boot Grill            7 p.m.          All Ages       (Ska/afrobeat)
  • Finnders & Youngberg @ Illegal Pete’s           7 p.m.           All Ages
  • Ian Cooke @ Everyday Joe’s            7 p.m.           All Ages        (quirky folk w/ cello)
  • The Echo Chamber @ Hodi’s Half Note          7 p.m.          All Ages    
  • Jeremy C. Grant @ Lyric Cinema Cafe (lobby)           7 p.m.          All Ages  
  • The Honey Gitters @ Avogadro’s Number             7:30 p.m.                All Ages
  • The Burroughs @ Aggie Theatre            8 p.m.           All Ages         (surf-soul)
  • Justin Roth @ Cache Old Town Bar & Grill          8 p.m.          21 + (modern folk)
  • Bill Smith @ Illegal Petes          8:15 p.m.         All Ages         (jamtronica)
  • Rich With Friends @ Avogadro’s Number        8:30 p.m.          All Ages
  • The Dead Jam House Band @ Equinox Brewing Co.           8:30 p.m.
    All Ages          (Grateful Dead tribute)
  • Maxwell Hughes @ Everyday Joe’s           9 p.m.            All Ages
    (finger style guitarist/folk singer)
  • The Longest Day Of The Year @ Washington’s (upstairs)          9 p.m.
    All Ages                (swing-grass)
  • Kind Dub Music @ Pateros Creek Brewing Co.        9:15 p.m.        All Ages
  • Choice City Seven @ Mainline                 9:15 p.m.         21+
  • The Deadwood Saints @ The Whisk(e)y       9:15 p.m.            21+
  • Tallgrass @ Avogadro’s Number             9:30 p.m.           All Ages
  • Two Scoops @ Old Town Distilling Co.         9:30 p.m.        21+
  • Mama Lenny & The Remedy @ Aggie Theatre               10 p.m.
    All Ages             (funky-blues)
  • Marq Fraker @ Lyric Cinema Cafe (lobby)            10 p.m.       
    All Ages               (moody folk)
  • Blue Grama @ Avogadro’s Number           10:30 p.m.        All Ages
  • Lee Holiday & The Time Off @ Mainline           10:30 p.m.         21+
  • Trichome @ Aggie Theatre            11 p.m.        All Ages      (funk/reggae/jam)
  • Good Gravy @ Illegal Pete’s              11 p.m.            All Ages
  • The Yawpers @ Hodi’s Half Note             11 p.m.            All Ages       
    (raw Americana)
  • SolPride @ The Boot Grill               11 p.m.             All Ages
  • Von Stomper @ Avogadro’s Number             11:45 p.m.         All Ages
  • Thin Air Crew @ Pateros Creek Brewing Co.            11:45 p.m.       
    All Ages          (hip-hop)
  • Punch Drunk Munky Funk @ Mainline           11:45 p.m.          21+
  • Halden Wofford & The Hi Beams @ The Whisk(e)y           21+
    (Honky-tonk/country western)          
  • The Patti Fiasco @ Aggie Theatre          12 a.m.        All Ages
  • Hog MaGundy @ Washington’s (upstairs)         12 a.m.           All Ages
  • DJ Jimeni @ Old Town Distilling Co.           12:30 a.m.           21+

This is by no means, the entire list of music in Fort Collins as a part of FoCoMX 7, but rather some of the acts that I recommend from all genres. Unfortunately, we can’t possibly see every band at the festval, but I hope this list will assist you in deciding which shows to see and the ones that can be sacrificed for them. I will have a list of bands to see on Saturday, posted tomorrow. That Is What I Know, So That’s What You Know!! Enjoy!!

Happy Listening!!!! 😉


1936- Roy Orbison (singer/songwriter; “Pretty Woman”; a member of Traveling Wilburys; died in 1988)

Roy Orbison

Roy Orbison “Crying” video link here.

1949- John Miles (singer/songwriter/guitarist; worked w/ Alan Parson, Jimmy Page + Tina Turner)                    66 yrs.

1955- Ray Burns a.k.a. Captain Sensible (singer, guitarist w/ The Damned; solo)                  60 yrs.

The Damned w/ Captain Sensible “Jet Boy Jet Girl” live video link here.

1960- Steve Clark (guitarist w/ Def Leppard; died in 1991)

Because Steve Clark was a boss

Def Leppard w/ Steve Clark “Animal” video link here.

1964- Simon Matthews (musician, drummer w/ Jesus Jones)   51 yrs.

Simon Matthews at The Lab

1968- Paul Clifford (bassist w/ The Wonder Stuff)     47 yrs.

Check out Paul Clifford's

1968- Stan Frazier (member of Sugar Ray)          47 yrs.

Stan Frazier, A Restaurant

These are today’s birthdays, along with video links for a few of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!