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1946- Terry Kath (guitarist w/ Chicago; died in 1978) 1978, Terry Kath, guitarist

Chicago w/ Terry Kath “25 or 6 to 4” live video link here.

1951- Harry Wayne Casey (vocalist w/ KC & The Sunshine Band; “That’s The Way I Like It”)        64 yrs.

1951- Phil Manzanera (guitarist w/ Roxy Music; co-produce David Gilmour’s “On An Island”)     64 yrs.

Phil Manzanera1; tray

Roxy Music w/ Phil Manzanera “Diamond Head” link here.

1954- Adrian Vandenburg (guitaristw/ Whitesnake; “Here I Go Again”)          61 yrs.

1956- John Lydon a.k.a. Johnny Rotten (singer w/ the Sex Pistols; formed Public Image Limited)       59 yrs.

John Lydon nee Rotton

Public Image Limited w/ John Lydon “Rise” video link here.

1961- Lloyd Cole (singer/songwriter w/ Lloyd Cole & The Commotions + solo)     54 yrs.

1, Lloyd Cole has remained an

1964- Jeff Hanneman (guitarist w/ Slayer; died in 2013)

1966- Al Jaworski (bassist w/ Jesus Jones; “Right Here Right Now”)           49 yrs.
No Photo Available.

1967- Chad Channing (drummer for Nirvana; left in 1990, has played in various bands since)      48 yrs.

Chad Channing photos by

Nirvana w/ Chad Channing live link here.

1981- Justin Timberlake (vocalist w/ NSYNC; solo; “Cry Me A River”; actor)      34 yrs.

1987- Marcus Mumford (singer/musician w/ Mumford & Sons)       28 yrs.

Marcus Mumford

Mumford & Sons w/ Marcus Mumford “I Will Wait” live video link here.

These are your birthdays for today, along with links for some of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!



1941- Joe Terranova (member of Danny & The Juniors; “At The Hop”)       74 yrs.
No Photo Available.

1942- Martyn Balin (founder/singer w/ Jefferson Airplane; later Jefferson Starship)
73 yrs.

Marty Balin, the one with the

Jefferson Airplane w/ Marty Balin “Somebody To Love” video link here.

1943- Sandy Deane (member of Jay & The Americans; “This Magic Moment”)
72 yrs.

1947- Steve Marriott (guitarist, singer + songwriter; member of Small Faces; “Itchycoo Park”; formed Humble Pie; died in 1991)

1949- William King (trumpeter w/ The Commodores)      66 yrs.

William "Wak" King blowing on

Commodores w/ William King “Brickhouse” video link here.

1951- Phil Collins (drummer/singer/songwriter/musician w/ Genesis + solo)  64 yrs.


Phil Collins “Drums > Take Me Home” live video link here.

1959- Mark Eitzel (guitarist/singer/songwriter w/ American Music Club + solo)     56 yrs.

Kathryn Calder and Mark Eitzel

American Music Club w/ Mark Eitzel “Ex-Girlfriend” video link here.

1961- Jody Watley (singer w/ Shalamar + solo)        54 yrs.


Jody Watley “Real Love” video link here.

These are the birthdays for today, plus some video links for a few of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!


New Releases 2/03: MURDER BY DEATH, JOHN CARPENTER & More…

For the first week of February, there are so many new releases, that I had to eliminate a few to keep the list under twenty. The new albums coming out on Tuesday, range from hip-hop to alternative and electronic to folk, and more.

  • Big Noble- “First Light”
  • Bob Dylan- “Shadows In The Night” (Frank Sinatra covers)
  • Butch Walker- “Afraid Of Ghosts”
  • Chill X Will- “Almighty”
  • H. Hawkline- “In The Pink Of Condition”
  • J. Tex & The Volunteers- “Old Ways Vs. New Days”
  • John Carpenter- “Lost Themes”
  • John Tejada- “Signs Under Test”
  • Lee Bannon- “Cope”
  • Matana Roberts- “Coin Coin Chapter Three: River Run Thee”
  • Murder By Death- “Big Dark Love”
  • Polly Gibbons- “Many Faces Of Love”
  • Shinies- “Nothing Like Something Happens Anywhere”
  • Shuko- “For The Love Of It”
  • Title Fight- “Hyperview”
  • Two Gallants- “We Are Undone”
  • Various Artists- “Britjam Flesh Riddim”
  • Various Artists- “Kingston 8 Riddim”
  • Victor Villarreal- “Sleep Talk”

These are the best of the new releases for this Tuesday, February 3. I am a big Bob Dylan fan, so I felt obligated to add his album to the list. Unless you are a big fan of Dylan’s voice, him singing Frank Sinatra, is probably not your bag. Otherwise, I will pick one of these albums to review and will post the review on Wednesday. Check-back on Wednesday, see what I picked and read the review. That’s What I Know, So That’s What You Know!!


1938- James Jamerson (bassist w/ the Funk Brothers on Motown hits by the Temptations, Marvin Gaye, The Four Tops and more; died in 1983)

deity James Jamerson had

Funk Brothers w/ James Jamerson “Reach Out (I’ll Be There) link here.

1944- Andrew Loog Oldham (producer; first manager of the Rolling Stones; also worked with Jimmy Page, Clapton, John Mayall)   71 yrs.

Andrew Loog Oldham

1947- David Byron (singer w/ Uriah Heep; died in 1985)

Uriah Heep w/ David Byron “Easy Livin” live video link here.

1952- Thomas Erdelyi a.k.a. Tommy Ramone (drummer w/ The Ramones; worked as a record producer; assistant engineer for the production of Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Band Of Gypsy’s’ album; died in 2014)

Tommy Ramone photo #6

The Ramones w/ Tommy Ramone “Sheena Is A Punk Rocker” live link here.

1953- Louie Perez (songwriter, percussionist, & guitarist w/ Los Lobos)        62 yrs.

Louie Pérez – Бесплатная

Los Lobos w/ Louie Perez “Turn On Your Lovelight> Not Fade Away > Bertha”
live video link here.

1954- Rob Manzoli (vocalist w/ Right Said Fred; “I’m Too Sexy”)       61 yrs.

  Rob Manzoli; center

1961- Dave Baynton-Power (drummer w/ James; “Sit Down”; worked w/ The Alarm)
54 yrs.

1961- Eddie Jackson (bassist w/ Queensryche)   54 yrs.

Queensryche w/ Eddie Jackson “I Don’t Believe In Love” video link here.

1962- Marcus Verne (member of Living In A Box; “Living In A Box”)           53 yrs.
No Photo Available.

1964- Roddy Frame (guitarist, singer + songwriter w/ Aztec Camera; “Somewhere In My Heart”)           51 yrs.

These are your birthdays for today, along with video links for some of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!



Since, I saw that it was coming out, I was pretty sure that I would be reviewing Gov’t Mule’s latest live release, that features the talents of guitar wizard, John Scofield. Interestingly, these recordings are fifteen years old and are just now being released. The material on this double-disk release was recorded over two nights in September of 1999 and if everything had gone according to plan, this stuff probably would have been released much sooner, but, because of bassist, Allen Woody’s death less than a year later, things changed. The shows were Gov’t Mule shows, which contained second sets, full of amazing guests, most notably John Scofield, who stayed on stage for long glorious stints, both nights. The first disk is a string of songs that Gov’t Mule played the second night with Scofield. The second, is a bonus disk which contains four songs from the first show and part of the encore from the second night, also all with Scofield. For these two shows, the band that was usually the hard rockin’ power trio, added keyboardist, Dan Matrazzo to the mix for the entirity of both shows.

“Hottentot” starts with its jazzy attitude, but always with the blues rock, bubbling underneath, and sometimes, even to the surface. Once the quintet was feeling at ease, the interplay between the guitars and keys weaved around itself for the rest of the song. 

The exotic rhythms of “Tom Thumb” take the listener on a leisurely stroll downtown, in a tropical city, where palm trees are everywhere and the smell of the ocean is on the breeze. Dan Matrazzo does some stellar work on this tune, as it progresses to a danceable tempo.

“Doing It To Death” begins with some spacey playing around before becoming the dark march of “Doing It To Death”, which builds to the hip swinging, blues swagger it is.

“Birth Of The Mule” has a nice loungey groove, with a punch, like whiskey in your unsweetened iced tea. Abts really gets to put the cymbals to good use and Woody chases the guitars to the fore-ground. The sound goes somewhere that is almost pretty, before going back on a sonic quest for the rest of this fifteen minute journey.

After Allen Woody passed in 2000, Gov’t Mule recorded the Deep End albums with an amazing cast of bassists and other special guests. John Scofield was one of these guests and they recorded “Sco-Mule” during those sessions. It really seems like this is a truly collaborative tune, suiting all members perfectly, especially the guitarists.

“Kind Of Bird” was originally recorded by the Allman Brothers Band, but was written by Warren. It begins free form and then moves to the barroom portion of the song. Sounds like a dark, dank dive, where the women are dancing, and all have big 80’s hair, and the men are all wearing tight jeans, standing against the wall with their arms folded. Some phenomenal jamming takes place during the seventen minute mastepiece.

The bonus disk begins with the funky sounds of James Brown’s “Pass The Peas”, that had all five parts working in unison to move that ass.

“The Devil Likes It Slow” saw the appearance of Jimmy Herring to make it a sextet. This version is more wonderfully frantic than the version on the first disk, which is no surprise, considering three of the best guitarists, anywhere, were on stage together. There are moments when this song gets heavily experimental and almost sounds like Emerson, Lake & Palmer, but that quickly becomes an instrumenal jam on the theme of “Good Morning Little School Girl”.

“Hottentot”, which is also on the first disk, sounds different than the latter version. It appears that Scofield had more of the spotlight on this night, which added to the perfect pairing of funk and rock.

“Kind Of Bird” also found itself on both disks, but I think I preferred this one. There were more opportunities for each member of the group to shine and truly be heard.

The bonus disk ends with “Afro Blue” from the second night’s encore. Guitarist, Mike Barnes joined the quintet on this number, that has the eclectic personality of the Allman Brother’s “In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed”. It is an epic song, that rivals “Liz Reed” in length, with this cut coming in at over twenty minutes.

What can be said about these two disks, except “get them”. I am not trying to be obstinant, but I actually preferred all of the music from the second disk over the first, not saying they both weren’t phenomenal. Because most of the music on the bonus disk is from the first night, I think that the group being new to each other, did things the jazz way and everyone got solos to let the spotlight shine on them. By the second night, there was tons of great interplay, but not as much soloing and more improvisation. Either way, this music is all phenomenal and should be heard by anyone who digs unearthly guitar playing and the opportunity to hear one of the best bassists around. That’s What I Know, So That’s What You Know!! Enjoy!!



1941- King Tubby (reggae producer; died in 1989)

aka King Tubby was born on

King Tubby “Leaving Babylon Dub” link here.

1943-Dick Taylor (guitarist + singer w/ The Pretty Things; “Don’t Bring Me Down”)
72 yrs.

1946- Rick Allen (bassist w/ The Box Tops; “The Letter”)      69 yrs.
No Photos Available.

1951- William Nelson (member of Funkadelic)     64 yrs.

Billy bass nelson

Funkadelic w/ Billy ‘Bass’ Nelson “One Nation Under A Groove” video link here.

1959- Dave Sharpe (singer/guitarist w/ The Alarm; “68 Guns”)       56 yrs.

This Autumn, Dave Sharp,

The Alarm w/ Dave Sharpe “Rain In The Summertime” here.

1968- Lawrence Muggerud a.k.a. DJ Muggs (member of Cypress Hill) 47 yrs.

Picture of DJ Muggs

Cypress Hill w/ DJ Muggs “Illusions” link here.

1968- Sarah McLachlan (singer/ songwriter/ musician)    47 yrs.

Sarah Mclachlan Performs In

Sarah McLachlan “Good Enough” video link here.

These are the birthdays for today, along with links for a few of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!



1918- Elmore James (blues singer/guitarist; thought to be ‘King Of The Slide Guitar’; died in 1963)

Elmore James

Elmore James “Rollin’ & Tumblin” link here.

1919- David Seville (musician; “The Chipmunk Song”; died in 1972)

1930- Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland (R&B singer; blues hall of fame inductee, rock & roll hall of fame inductee; Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award recepient; died in 2013)


Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland “That’s The Way Love Is” video link here.

1945- Nick Mason (original member/ drummer/ percussionist for Pink Floyd, who played on every album)        70 yrs.

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason

Pink Floyd w/ Nick Mason live link here.

1946- Nedra Talley (singer w/ The Ronettes)       69 yrs.

Nedra Talley

The Ronettes w/ Nedra Talley “Be My Baby” video link here.

1951- Brian Downey (drummer for and founding member of Thin Lizzy)    64 yrs.

Brian-Downey-of-Thin-Lizzy-on- ...

Thin Lizzy w/ Brian Downey “Whiskey In The Jar” video link here.

1951- Seth Justman (keyboards/vocals w/ The J. Geils Band)  64 yrs.

Seth Justman performs with

J. Geils Band w/ Seth Justman “Centerfold” video link here.

1957- Janick Robert Gers (guitarist; worked w/ Iron Maiden, White Spirit + Gillan)
58 yrs.

1961- Gillian Gilbert (keyboardist w/ The Inadequates + New Order; “Blue Monday”; member of The Other Two)          54 yrs.

1961- Martin DeGaulle (singer w/ Sigue Sigue Sputnik)    54 yrs.
No Photo Available.

1961- Margo Timmins (vocals w/ Cowboy Junkies)   54 yrs.

Margo Timmins and The Cowboy

The Cowboy Junkies w/ Margo Timmins “Sweet Jane” video link here.

1968- Mike Patton (singer/multi-instrumentalist w/ Faith No More) 47 yrs.

Mike Patton Tribute 2

Faith No More w/ Mike Patton “A Small Victory” video link here.

These are your birthdays for today, along with links for some of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!


Music To Hear 2/02 – 2/08: MOE., JEFF AUSTIN BAND & More…


Hodi’s Half Note- ‘Stand-Up Comedy’ @ 7 p.m.; ‘Funk Jam’ @ 10 p.m.   FREE!!!!


Quixote’s True Blue*- Joey Porter’s Vital Organ          $5

Soiled Dove*- Marcia Ball          8 p.m.              $25-30


Homemade Liquids & Solids (Longmont)- ‘Electric Blues Jam’         7-10 p.m.

Tasty Weasel (Longmont)- ‘Open Stage’ w/ The Prairie Scholars           6-8 p.m.


Pourhouse (Loveland)- ‘Open Jazz Jam’ w/ Pourhouse Jazz Trio           7:30 – 10 p.m.


Quixote’s True Blue- ‘Open Stage’                  8 p.m.


Fox Theatre*- The Green w/ Through The Roots              8:30 p.m.             $18-22

Oskar Blues Grill & Brew (Lyons)- ‘Bluegrass Pick’            8-11 p.m.


Aggie Theatre*- The Green w/ Through The Roots         $18

Hodi’s Half Note- Sophistafunk            $10-15


Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom- LTJ Bukem feat. MC Armanni w/ Dr. Fameus (Disco Biscuits) + ARtime                 $15-20

Cervantes’ Otherside- The Coop w/ Digital Beat Down + Greener Grounds             $7-10


Fox Theatre*- The New Mastersounds w/ The Heard           8 p.m.              $22.50-27

Laughiing Goat- Purple Squirrel             8 p.m.

Nissi’s (Lafayette)- ‘Wednesday Night Blues’ feat. Delta Sonics                     7:30 p.m.   

St. Julien Hotel- Adam Bodine Trio         6:30-9:30 p.m.


Aggie Theatre- The Expendables w/ Ballyhoo! + Katastro          $18

Avogadro’s Number*- ‘Dead Jam’         9 p.m.         FREE!!!!

Hodi’s Half Note*- The Coop w/ Punch Drunk Munky Funk + Galaxy Free           $7-12


Cervantes’ Otherside*- The Travelin McCoury’s w/ Denver Bluegrass Generals feat. Chris Pandolfi (Infamous Stringdusters), Andy Hall (Infamous Stringdusters), Tyler Grant (Grant Farm) & Leslie Ziegler (The Railsplitters) + Whitewater Ramble plays ‘Bob Marley’               $10-20

Ogden Theatre- Bush w/ Theory Of A Deadman + Stars In Stereo           7:30 p.m.

Soiled Dove- Roger Clyne           8 p.m.        $22-25


Dickens Opera House (Longmont)- ‘ Thursday Open Mic’        7 p.m.           FREE!!!!

Fox Theatre*- Moe.       9 p.m.    (2 night Ogden tickets required to see this show)

St. Julien Hotel- Kort McCumber           6:30- 9:30 p.m.


Aggie Theatre*- Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad w/ Tatanka + Tomahawk Fox       $12

Avogadro’s Number- The Symbols, Elyse Miller + Candy Lee         8:30 p.m.             $10

Moxi Theatre (Greeley)- Eldren performing ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ w/ Petals Of Spain doing The Beatles’ ‘Abbey Road tribute’            $8-10


Bluebird Theatre*- Jeff Austin Band w/ Sarah Siskind + Caribou Mountain Collective    

Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom- Dead Phish Orchestra           $10-12

Cervantes’ Otherside- ‘3rd Annual Bob Marley B-Day Celebration’ feat. Wake Up & members of Tnertle w/ Rastasaurus + Red Sage              $7-10

Gothic Theatre- The Expendables w/ Ballyhoo! + Katastro          8 p.m.       $22

Larimer Lounge*- The Mother Hips w/ Strange Americans          $20.75

Ogden Theatre*- Moe.                9 p.m.           $30

Quixote’s True Blue- Polyrhythmics w/ Sophistafunk + Live & Direct            $10

The 1Up*- Springdale Quartet w/ AfroZep          $1.25-10


CHUBurger (Longmont)- Mike Finnders          6-8 p.m.

CyclHOPS (Longmont)- David Booker           7:30- 10 p.m.

Nissi’s (Lafayette)- The Long Run ‘Tribute To The Eagles’                  7:30 p.m.      


Hodi’s Half Note*- Eufoquestra feat. Kevin Kinsella w/ Policulture           $12-20

Monroe’s Lounge (Loveland)- ‘Piano Bar Saturdays’           8 p.m.

Moxi Theatre- Rush Archives (Rush tribute) w/ The Fold            $8-10


Bluebird Theatre- Wild Child w/ Desert Noises           9 p.m.             $13

Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom- Phutureprimitive w/ Kaminanda + Plantrae

Cervantes’ Otherside*- Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad w/ Tatanka, Heatbox + Mind State           $16-20

Dazzle Jazz- ‘Blues Night’ w/ Delta Sonics           10:30 p.m.         $5

Gothic Theatre*- The Wailers playing ‘Legend’          $25

Herman’s Hideaway- ‘Herman’s Annual Bob Marley Birthday Bash w/ Apex Vibe, The Hashtones, Spellbinder & The Mile High Music Maykas + Alpha Schoolmarm Orchestra          7 p.m.         $10

OgdenTheatre*- Moe.              9 p.m.         $30

Oriental Theatre- ‘Abbey Road by Petals Of Spain + ‘Darkside Of The Moon’ by Eldren        $15-20

Quixote’s True Blue- Polyrhythmics w/ Sophistafunk, Live & Direct + Reviva       $10

Soiled Dove*- Angie Stevens & Bridget Law feat. Zach Daniels, Stu Miller & The Beautiful Wreck             8 p.m.         $10- 15


Boulder Theatre*- G. Love & Special Sauce w/ Matt Costa             8:30 p.m.           $27.50

CyclHOPS (Longmont)- Steve Manshel         7-10 p.m.

Fox Theatre*- Jeff Austin Band w/ Sarah Siskind + Caribou Mountain Collective    

Homemade Liquids & Solids* (Longmont)- Dan Treanor’s Afrosissippi Band w/ Erica Brown           8-11:30 p.m.

Oskar Blues Grill & Brew* (Lyons)- Danny Shafer & 21st Century        8:30-11:30 p.m.


Avogadro’s Number- Maxwell Hughes                     7 p.m.

Hodi’s Half Note- Wild Child + Desert Noises             $8-15

Moxi Theatre (Greeley)-Powerman 5000 w/ Knee High Fox, Glass Delirium, Random Hero + The Darkest Grey                 $15-20


Swallow Hill* (@ Daniels Hall)- Lloyd Cole            $23-25


Fox Theatre*- Brett Dennen (solo/acoustic) w/ Willy Tea Taylor           8 p.m.

Homemade Liquids & Solids (Longmont)- ‘Bluegrass Pick’       12-3 p.m.

Homemade Liquids & Solids (Longmont)- Bonnie & Taylor Sims        6-9 p.m.

Oskar Blues Grill & Brew* (Lyons)- Blue Canyon Boys          4:30-7:30 p.m.

These are the shows to see for the first week of February. There is a ton of phenomenal music to hear next week, along the Front Range. Between Moe., Jeff Austin Band, Bush, G. Love & Special Sauce and a bunch of amazing reggae acts, there is bound to be something for almost everyone to hear. As usual, I have marked the shows I recommend, with an * after the venue name. That’s What I Know, So That’s What You Know!! Enjoy!!



1934- Huey ‘Piano’ Smith (R&B pianist)     81 yrs.

Huey “Piano” Smith

Huey ‘Piano’ Smith “Rockin’ Pneumonia” video link here.

1948- Corky Laing (drummer w/ Mountain; worked w/ Jack Bruce)            67 yrs.

Corky Laing

Leslie West w/ Corky Laing “Mississippi Queen” live video link here.

1949- Derek Holt (bassist w/Climax Blues Band)     66 yrs.

DEREK HOLT Biog 2009

Climax Blues Band w/ Derek Holt “Couldn’t Get It Right” live video link here.

1951- David Briggs (guitar w/ Little River Band)     64 yrs.

Little River Band and

Little River Band w/ David Briggs “Lady” video link here.

1953- Lucinda Williams (singer/songwriter; “Can’t Let Go”)
62 yrs.

Lucinda WIlliams at the ACL

1957- Eddie Van Halen (guitarist w/ Van Halen)       58 yrs.

Eddie Van Halen's most famous

Van Halen w/ Eddie Van Halen “Feels So Good” video link here.

1957- Norman Hassan (percussion w/ UB40)    58 yrs.

UB40 connects | The Honolulu

UB40 w/ Norman Hassan “Higher Ground” video link here.

1958- Anita Baker (soul singer; “Giving You The Best That I Got” + “Sweet Love”)                 57 yrs.

anita baker

1963- Andrew Ridgeley (singer; half of Wham; “Careless Whisper”; activist)         52 yrs.


1963- Jazzie B (DJ/producer + founding member of Soul II Soul; “Back To Life”)           52 yrs.

Jazzy B

1964- Susannah Melvoin (singer/songwriter; has worked w/ Eric Clapton, Prince + more…)             51 yrs.

Susannah Melvoin

These are your birthdays today, along with video links for several of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!



1915- Ewan MacColl (singer/songwriter/socialist/actor/poet/playwright/record producer; composer of “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”, which earned him a Grammy; father of Kirsty MacColl; died in 1989)

1931- Stig Anderson (songwriter + producer; Abba’s manager; co-wrote “Dancing Queen”, “Mamma Mia”, “Fernando” and more…; died in 1997)

1938- Etta James (singer; died in 2012)

Etta James

Etta James “I’d Rather Go Blind” live video link here.

1950- Michael Cotten (synthesizer w/ The Tubes)      65 yrs.

For Tubes fans, MC is

The Tubes w/ Michael Cotten “She’s A Beauty” video link here.

1953- Malcolm Green (drummer w/ Split Enz)        62 yrs.

Malcolm Green

Split Enz w/ Malcom Green “I Got You” video link here.

1954- Robert Finch (singer w/ KC & The Sunshine Band)      61 yrs.

KC & the Sunshine Band -

KC & The Sunshine Band w/ Robert Finch “Boogie Shoes” video link here.

1956- Andy Cox (guitarist w/ The Beat; member of Fine Young Cannibals; “She Drives Me Crazy”)            59 yrs.

1958- Gary Tibbs (bassist w/ Roxy Music + Adam & The Ants)
57 yrs.

Gary Tibbs - the-80s Photo

Roxy Music w/ Gary Tibbs “Angel Eyes” live video link here.

1981- Alicia Keys (R&B + soul singer/songwriter/musician/Grammy Winner)   34 yrs.

'Diary of Alicia Keys',

Jay-Z & Alicia Keys “Empire State Of Mind” live video link here.

These are your birthdays for today, along with video links for some of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE WHO WAS BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!