1923- Hank Williams (country musician; “Your Cheating Heart” + more… ; died in 1953)

1953, Hank Williams died,

Hank Williams “Cold Cold Heart” live video link here.

1926- Bill Black (bassist w/ Elvis Presley in mid-50’s; also part of Bill Black Combo; died in 1965)

Bill Black died of a brain

1939- Lamonte McLemore (member of The 5th Dimension; “Aquarius”)                      75 yrs.

1939: Lamonte McLemore, founder and vocalist with the Fifth Dimension,

1947- Jim Hodder (drummer w/ Steely Dan; “Reeling In The Years”; died in 1990)

Any Jim Hodder Fans out there?

1950- Fee Waybill (vocals w/ The Tubes; “She’s A Beauty” + “White Punks On Dope”)           64 yrs.

Fee Waybill

The Tubes w/ Fee Waybill “White Punks On Dope” live video link here.

1968- John Penney (vocals w/ Ned’s Atomics; “Happy”)              46 yrs.

by Ned's Atomic Dustbin

Ned’s Atomic Dustbin w/ John Penney “Intact” video link here.

1969- Keith Flint (vocals w/ Prodigy; “Firestarter)             45 yrs.

Keith Flint1996.jpg

Prodigy w/ Keith Flint “Breathe” live link here.

1985- Jonathan Jacob Walker (bassist w/ Panic! At The Disco; “Nine In The Afternoon”)        29 yrs.

Jon Walker at the Beat Kitchen

These are today’s birthdays, accompanied by video links for a few of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!


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