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1933- Cissy Houston (soul singer w/ Sweet Inspirations + The Drinkard Singers; sang back-up w/ Aretha Franklin, Elvis Presley + more; mother of Whitney Houston and cousin of Dionne Warwick)             81 yrs.


1935- Johnny Mathis (singer; “Too Much Too Little Too Late”)            79 yrs.


Johnny Mathis “When A Child Is Born” live video link here.

1942- Dewey Martin (member of The Dillards + Buffalo Springfield; “For What It’s Worth”; died in 2009)


1942- Frankie Lymon (singer w/ Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers; “Why Do Fools Fall In Love”; died in 1968)


Frankie Lymon “Little Bitty Pretty One” live video link here.

1942- Gus Dudgeon (producer; worked with Elton John, David Bowie, The Beach Boys + more…; died in 2002)


1943- Marilyn McCoo (singer w/ The 5th Dimension; solo artist; “You Don’t Have To Be A Star”)                    71 yrs.


The 5th Dimension w/ Marilyn McCoo “Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In” video link here.

1946- Sylvia Peterson (member of The Chiffons; “He’s So Fine”)            68 yrs.
No Photo Available.

1947- Marc Bolan (singer, songwriter + guitarist w/ T Rex; “Bang A Gong”; died in 1977)


T Rex w/ Marc Bolan “Hot Love” live video link here.

1952- John Lombardo (member of 10,000 Maniacs; “Candy Everybody Wants”)            62 yrs.
No Photo Available.

1964- Robby Takac (bassist w/ Goo Goo Dolls; ”


Goo Goo Dolls w/ Robby Takak “There You Are” video link here.

1964- Trey Anastasio (guitarist, singer + songwriter w/ Phish; “Bouncing Around The Room”, “Harry Hood”, “Simple” + more; also fronts the Trey Anastasio Band)            50 yrs.


Phish w/ Trey Anastasio “Harry Hood” live video link here.

1986- Ben Lovett (multi-instrumentalist w/ Mumford & Sons; “The Cave”, “Little Lion Man” + more…)              28 yrs.


These are today’s birthdays, accompanied by video links for some of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!



1907- Gene Autry (country singer; had over 20 top 10 country hits; died in 1998)

Gene Autry “Back In The Saddle Again” audio link here.

1935- Jerry Lee Lewis (singer/pianist; “Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On” + “Great Balls Of Fire”)               79 yrs.

Jerry Lee Lewis “Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On” live video link here.

1937- Joe ‘Guitar’ Hughes (blues guitarist; worked with B.B. King, Big Joe Turner + T-Bone Walker; died in 2003)

Joe ‘Guitar’ Hughes “Going Fishing” live video link here.

1939- Tommy Boyce (singer/songwriter; “Last Train To Clarksville”; also wrote “Scooby Doo Where Are You?” theme song; died in 1994)

1948- Mark Farner (member of Grand Funk Railroad; “The Locomotion”)               66 yrs.

1958- Mick Harvey (member of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds; singer/songwriter/ producer)               56 yrs.

1965- Ian Baker (keyboardist w/ Jesus Jones; “Right Here, Right Now”)               49 yrs.

1966- Tony Foster (guitarist w/ Julian Cope + Olive)             48 yrs.
No Photos Available.

1967- Brett Anderson (vocalist w/ Suede; solo artist)            47 yrs.

Suede w/ Brett Anderson “Beautiful Ones” video link here.

These are your birthdays for today, along with links for a few of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!



1902- Ed Sullivan (host of the Ed Sullivan Show; the show gave American audiences there first look and listen at many musical acts including The Beatles, The Doors + more… ; died in 1974)

1938- Benjamin Earl Nelson a.k.a. Ben E King (singer w/ The Drifters; “Save The Last Dance For Me”; solo artist; “Stand By Me” + “Supernatural”)           76 yrs.

Ben E King “Supernatural Thing” live video link here.

1943- Nick St. Nicholas (member of Steppenwolf; “Born To Be Wild”)                 71 yrs.

Steppenwolf w/ Nick St. Nicholas “Born To Be Wild” video link here.

1950- Paul Burgess (drummer w/ 10cc)              64 yrs.

1952- Andy Ward (member of Marillion; “Kayleigh”)             62 yrs.
No Photo Available.

1962- Peter Hooton (member of The Farm; “All Together Now”)            52 yrs.

The Farm w/ Peter Hooton “All Together Now” video link here.

1966- Kenny Wilson a.k.a. Ginger Fish (drummer w/ Marilyn Manson)            48 yrs.

Here are your birthdays for today, along with video links for a couple of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!



1943- Randy Bachman (member of Guess Who; “American Woman”; also a member Bachman Turner Overdrive; “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”)     71 yrs.

Bachman Turner Overdrive w/ Randy Bachman
“You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” live video link here.

1947- Marvin Lee Aday a.k.a. Meat Loaf (singer/songwriter; “Paradise By The Dashboard Light”)                      67 yrs.

Meat Loaf “Bat Out Of Hell” video link here.

1953- Greg Ham (member of Men At Work; “Down Under”)            61 yrs.

1953- Robbie Shakespeare (session bass player as half of Sly & Robbie; has worked w/ Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff, Joe Cocker, Michael Franti & Spearhead + more…)          61 yrs.

Sly & Robbie w/ Robbie Shakespeare live video link here.

1958- Shaun Cassidy (actor + singer; “Da Doo Ron Ron”; David Cassidy’s half brother)
56 yrs.

1966- Stephen Jenkins (singer w/ Third Eye Blind; “Jumper”)             48 yrs.

1970- Mark Calderon (member of Color Me Bad; “I Wanna Sex You Up”)             44 yrs.

1978- Bradley Kirk Arnold (singer w/ 3 Doors Down)              36 yrs.

3 Doors Down w/ Bradley Kirk Arnold “Be Like That” video link here.

1984- Avril Lavigne (singer; “Complicated”)               30 yrs.

These are your birthdays for today, along with video links for a few of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!



1925- Marty Robbins (country singer; “El Paso”; died in 1982)

Marty Robbins “El Paso” live video link here.

1926- Julie London (singer; “Cry Me A River”; died in 2000)

1941- Joe Bauer (drummer w/ The Youngbloods; “Get Together”; died in 1982)

 Joe Bauer; second from left

1945- Bryan Ferry (singer + songwriter w/ Roxy Music: “Avalon”; solo artist)       69 yrs.

Roxy Music w/ Bryan Ferry “More Than This” video link here.

1947- Lynn Anderson (singer; “Rose Garden”)               67 yrs.

Lynn Anderson “Rose Garden” live video link here.

1948- Olivia Newton-John (singer; “Physical”; actress; “Grease”)           66 yrs.

Olivia Newton-John “Make A Move On Me” live video link here.

1954- Cesar Rosas (singer, songwriter + guitarist w/ Los Lobos; “La Bamba”, “One Night One Time” + more…)            60  yrs.

Los Lobos w/ Cesar Rosas “That Train Don’t Stop Here” live video link here.

1954- Craig Chaquico (member of Jefferson Starship; “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us”)
60 yrs.

1965- Cindy Herron (vocals w/ En Vogue; “My Lovin”)             49 yrs.

1972- Shawn Stockman (singer w/ Boyz II Men; “End Of The Road”)         42 yrs.

These are today’s birthday, accompanied by video links for some of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!



New Releases 9/30: PRINCE, MELISSA ETHERIDGE & More…

The list of new releases for 9/30 is extensive and took some thought to narrow down to only twenty. With big names in the mix like Prince, Melissa Etheridge, Lucinda Williams, Alabama, David Byrne and Fatboy Slim and more… dropping new albums next Wednesday, I hardly wanted to leave any out. Other acts with new albums coming out on Tuesday include, Jeff Bridges & The Abiders, Stanley Clarke, Hot Rize, Ricky Skaggs and Sharon White, as well as Trigger Hippy with Joan Osborne and Jackie Greene.

  • Abba- “Live At Wembley Arena”
  • Alabama- “Angels Among Us: Hymns & Gospel Favorites”
  • Colbie Caillat- “Gypsy Heart”
  • David Byrne + Fatboy Slim- “The Remix Collection: From Here Lies Love”
  • Flying Colors- “Second Nature”
  • Genesis- “R-Kive” (retrospective)
  • Herb Alpert- “In The Mood”
  • Hot Rize- “When I’m Free”
  • Jeff Bridges & The Abiders- “Live”
  • Kat Edmonson- “The Big Picture”
  • Lucinda Williams- “Down Where The Spirit Meets The Bone”
  • Marty Stewart & His Fabulous Superlatives- “Saturday Night/ Sunday Morning”
  • Melissa Etheridge- “This Is M.E.”
  • Nonpoint- “The Return”
  • Prince- “Art Official Age”
  • Ricky Skaggs & Sharon White- “Hearts Like Ours”
  • Stanley Clarke- “Up”
  • Steve Aoki- “Neon Future I”
  • Trigger Hippy- “Trigger Hippy”

This is the shortened list of new releases for 9/30. There are a ton of great options, which will make picking just one to review, a tough job. Check-back on Wednesday to read my review of one of these albums. That’s What I Know, So That’s What You Know!!


1939- Joseph Russell (singer w/ The Persuasions; acappella group; worked w/ Stevie Wonder, Joni Mitchell  + more…)          75 yrs.

Sweet Joe Russell / The

The Persuassions w/ Joseph Russell (oldies medley) live video link here.

1943- Gary Alexander (guitarist + vocalist w/ The Association; “Windy”)              71 yrs.

The two jammed frequently and

 1943- John Locke (member of Spirit; “I Got A Line On You”)
71 yrs.

can see John Locke plays

 1945- Onnie McIntyre (member of Average White Band; “Pick Up The Pieces”)          69 yrs.

Entertainment 2012 Paul Warner DETROIT, MI - JUNE 30: Onnie McIntyre

Average White Band w/ Onnie McIntyre “Pick Up The Pieces” live video link here.

1946- Bryan MacLean (guitarist + vocals w/ Love; died in 1998)

Bryan MacLean.jpg

Love w/ Bryan MacLean “Message To Pretty” live video link here.

1946- Jerry Penrod (bassist w/ Iron Butterfly; “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida”)          68 yrs.
No Photos Available. 

1947- Cecil Womack (R&B singer/songwriter/producer; died in 2013)

created memory in Cecil Womack

1955- Steve Severin (bassist w/ Siouxsie & The Banshees; “Cities In Dust”)          59 yrs.

220px-Siouxsie-steve-severin- ...

Siouxsie & The Banshees w/ Steve Severin “The Passenger” video link here.

1968- Will Smith (actor/hip-hop artist; half of DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince; “Summertime”; solo artist)           46 yrs.

<br>Will Smith, Television

Will Smith “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” video link here.

1974- Richie Edwards (bassist w/ The Darkness since 2005)
40 yrs.

Richie Edwards – Stone Gods

 These are your birthdays for today, along with video links for a few of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!



This week saw some big name artists release some new material. Names like Lenny Kravitz, Kenny Chesney, Leonard Cohen have new albums out as of yesterday. After a little sampling, I narrowed it down to a couple choices for a review and finally found myself with no choice, because I couldn’t ignore the power of Gary Clark Jr.’s new live release simply entitled “Live”. I don’t know much about Clark other than I was woefully mislead by local radio into thinking he was a convenient soul-revivalist from the one track of his, they played for a couple of weeks on the air. “Live” is a double-disk that was recorded live during his 2013 and 2014 tours.

The Muddy Waters’ tune “Catfish Blues” starts Clark and company off at a slow pace with some powerful blues rock guitar. You can tell immediately, that the music has a power that probably isn’t as obvious in the studio, as here live. The vocals are a little bit more melodic like a Ben Harper, but also bluesier than that.

You have to love the heavy-footed outlaw blues stomp on “Next Door Neighbor Blues”, about the tough times that go with hard livin. There is something that is a little bit Hendrix and Marvin Gaye about Gary Clark Jr, because his playing is unfathomable combined with his tremendously melodic and soulful voice, making for a perfect combination.

“Travis County” is like a vintage rock tune from Chuck Berry or Little Richard, with a swing that makes your feet move and hips shake.

The soulful blues of “When My Train Pulls In” is a little like Ben Harper at a party with the North Mississippi Allstars. This one definitely feels like Hendrix could have written it.

“Don’t Owe You A Thing” has a travellin blues vibe, with some impeccable lyrics sung spectacularly over an infectious hillcountry blues rock stomp that makes your head bob and the corners turn upwards.

B.B. King’s “Three O’Clock Blues” is some smooth blues that almost feels like Bobby Bland singing with Kenny Wayne Shepherd playing those crisp notes.

I am taken by the classic mellow soul on “Things Are Changin” that touches on a discreet relationship, before drifting off into the ether for a groovy sonic ending.

“Numb” is the closing track on the first disk and it starts with a little slide noodling, before getting all Hendrix and dropping the boom at the low end. This track digs down deep in the muddy bottom, where blues and rock are one.

Disk two opens with “Ain’t Messin ‘Round” with something that has a Sam & Dave-esque lyric and vocal with Cream backing them.

“If Trouble Was Money” is a slower blues number, written by Albert Collins, that is the epitome of blues music with its talk of worries and hard times. The solos are phenomenal and because of that fact, this track is mostly a downright blues jam.

“Third Stone From The Sun/If You Say You Love Me” eases into the Hendrix cover before moving into the funky soul of the latter tune. The bass and drums are highlighted here, after which they go back to their bouncy tractor ride on “Third Stone…” to finish the song.

Gary Clark Jr. shows off his vocal range and control on the classic soul of “Please Come Home”.

“Blak & Blu” is a more stripped down tune that he co-wrote with three other men, among them Gil Scott-Heron, need I say more.

“Bright Lights” segues nicely from the former tune into its own blues build that again sounds a little like Ben Harper, which is hardly a bad thing.

This double-disk “Live” album ends with the back porch blues of “When The Sun Goes Down”, that finds Gary playing harmonica to end a terrific live album.

The only thing I didn’t like about Gary Clark Jr. is that I wasn’t exposed to him sooner. “Live” is a pretty fantastic look at Clark’s lyrical, vocal and guitar ability, which happens to be off the charts. I have reviewed over 50 albums this last year, as well as hearing several other new releases over the past 12 months and this is probably one of three or four albums that is great from beginning to end. Clark is superb at his perfect blend of blues, rock and classic soul. The three members that back Clark are definitely on par to ride with this super-artist up the ladder of musical success. I would suggest this offering to anyone who is a fan of the blues or just likes phenomenal guitar playing!! That’s What I Know, So That’s What You Know!! Enjoy!!




1933- Mel Taylor (drummer w/ The Ventures; “Walk Don’t Run”; died in 1996)

Drummerworld: Mel Taylor - The

The Ventures w/ Mel Taylor “Pipeline” live video link here.

1940- Barbara ‘Bibs’ Allbut (member of The Angels; “My Boyfriend’s Back”; first all-female group to have a #1 hit in the U.S.)         74 yrs.
No Photos Available.

1942- Linda McCartney (Paul McCartney’s wife; keyboards w/ Wings + Paul solo; photographer, animal rights activist + purveyor of vegetarian foods; died in 1998)


Wings w/ Linda McCartney “Band On The Run” live video link here.

1946- Carson Osten (member of Nazz)        68 yrs.
No Photo Available.

These are your birthdays for today, along with links for a couple of the artists. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!


Music To Hear 9/29 – 10/05: BRETT DENNEN, GEORGE THOROGOOD & More…


Aggie Theatre*- Agent Orange w/ Endless Monster + Neighbor Noise        $15

Hodi’s Half Note- Free Comedy @ 7 p.m. ; ‘Funk Jam’ presents Michael Jackson         

Monroe’s Lounge (Loveland)- ‘Mingo! : Music Trivia Bingo’          7:30-9:30 p.m.


Homemade Liquids & Solids (Longmont)- ‘Electric Blues Jam’         7- 10 p.m.

Tasty Weasel* (Longmont)- ‘Open Stage’ w/ Danny Shafer       6-8 p.m.


Monroe’s Lounge (Loveland)- ‘Singer/ Songwriter Open Mic Night’      7 p.m.

Pourhouse (Loveland)- ‘Open Jazz Jam’  w/ Pourhouse Jazz Trio’        7:30 p.m.


Bluebird Theatre- The Dandy Warhols w/ Bonfire Beach        8 p.m.        $25

Larimer Lounge- Kopecky Family Band w/ Avid Damen        9p.m.                 $12

Red Rocks Amphitheatre* (Morrison)- Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers w/ Steve Winwood
7:30 p.m.            $66.50- 149


Dickens Opera House (Longmont)- The Prairie Scholars               6 p.m.                FREE!!!!

Oskar Blues Grill & Brew (Longmont)- ‘Bluegrass Pick’         8-11 p.m.

Pioneer Inn (Nederland)- ‘Open Mic’        8 p.m.          FREE!!!!


Aggie Theatre*- ‘ Local Alliance’ feat. Genetics w/ Malai Llama + Kyle Van Buskirk (Good Gravy)                   FREE!!!!              21+

DENVER AREA 10/01/14

Armoury- ‘Hump Day Funk Jam’        10:30 p.m.- 1 a.m.

Herman’s Hideaway- Big Sky w/ Wichita Run + The Widowhood Effect         7:30 p.m.      $5

Hi Dive- ‘Spokes Buzz Band Swap’ feat. The Yawpers, Kids, Eldren + Jordan Igoe
7:30 p.m.             $15

Ogden Theatre- Capital Cities w/ Little Daylight              8 p.m.         $29.95

Red Rocks Amphitheatre* (Morrison)- Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers w/ Steve Winwood
7:30 p.m.           $66.50- 149


Oskar Blues Grill & Brew (Lyons)- ‘1st Wednesday Music Club’       7:30 – 10 p.m.

St. Julien Hotel- Ash Ganley            6:30- 9:30 p.m.


 Aggie Theatre- Fortunate Youth w/ New Kingston + Ease Up        $12

Hodi’s Half Note*-  The New Mastersounds w/ The Earful         $12-20

DENVER AREA 10/02/14

 Bluebird Theatre- Carbon Leaf w/ Jeff Brinkman       8 p.m.                $16

Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom*- Brazilian Girls w/ Tiger Party, Werk Out Palace + Ginger Perry       $20- 25

Cervantes’ Otherside*– Whitewater Rambel does Jerry (A Jamgrass tribute to Jerry Garcia) w/ Reina Del Cid + Caribou Mountain Collective          Free- $10

Ogden Theatre- The Kooks w/ Halsey + Priory             8 p.m.        $23

Quixote’s True Blue- Yellowman       9 p.m.           $??

Walnut Room*- ‘Alice 105.9 Presents Menage A Trois’ w/ Andy Grammer, Brett Dennen + Andrew Ripp (w/ music, wine + food)     6 p.m.         music @ 7:15 p.m.

The 1Up*- GS3 (Garrett Sayers Trio) w/Jalbatross + Damon Woods Harmonious Junk
9 p.m.           $5-7


Boulder Theatre*- George Thorogood & The Destroyers w/ Trampled Under Foot
8 p.m.              $39.50-45

Dickens Opera House (Longmont)- ‘Thursday Open Mic’      7 p.m.           FREE!!!!

Homemade Liquids & Solids (Longmont)- Ash & Andria Ganley           5:30-8:30 p.m.

St. Julien- McKay Brothers Trio        6:30-9:30 p.m.


Avogadro’s Number- Jalan Crossland             8:30 p.m.      $15

Mishawaka Amphitheatre* (Bellvue)- ‘A Special Acoustic Evening’ feat. Brett Dennen w/ Odessa   (in the Spokesbuzz Lounge)       8 p.m.              SOLD OUT!!!!

DENVER AREA 10/03/14

Bluebird Theatre*- Rubblebucket w/ Body Language             9 p.m.               $17

Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom*- The New Mastersounds w/ The Earful & Liebermonster                $20-25

Herman’s Hideaway- MTHDS w/ White Fudge, High Five, Chris Ezell + Don Verse           
8 p.m.            $5

Ogden Theatre*- Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe feat. Roosevelt Collier          $10 for a limited time

Red Rocks Amphitheatre* (Morrison)- Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers      7:30 p.m.
$66.50- 149

Walnut Room- Gasoline Lollipops w/ Lewi Longmire & The Left Coast Roasters, The Deadwood Saints + Bonsoir, Catin            7 p.m.         $7-10          21+

The 1Up*- Cosby Sweater feat. Joel Cummins of Umphrey’s McGee w/ Muzzy     $15-20


 Dickens Opera House (Longmont)- Dead Phish Orchestra            8 p.m.          $9

E town Hall- Random Rab + Lux Moderna            7 p.m.         $24.20

Fox Theatre- ‘Great Avery Boulder Fest’ feat. The Magic Beans w/ Analog Son
9 p.m.            $20

Homemade Liquids & Solids (Longmont)- Quemando         8- 11:30 p.m.

Nissi’s* (Lafayette)- Hazel Miller          7:30 p.m.         $12-14

Oskar Blues Grill & Brew (Lyons)- Arthur Lee Land        8:30- 11:30 p.m.

St. Julien- Sambadende            6-9:30 p.m.

Tasty Weasel (Longmont)- Steve Manshel             4:30- 6:30 p.m.


Avogadro’s Number- ‘Friends Of Happy Heart Farm Fundraiser’ feat. The Honey Gitters, The Seers + Clark Street Music Club         1-6 p.m.     $10-15      (beer, food + music)

Avogadro’s Number– Archie Funker                 8 p.m.            $10

Everyday Joe’s- fortUKE           9:30-11:30 a.m.

DENVER AREA 10/04/14

Cervantes’ Otherside*- The New Mastersounds w/ Euforquestra + Tori Pater’s Birthday Band            $20-25

Cervantes’ Otherside- KRS-ONE w/ Soul Pros, Stay Tuned + Eddie Knolls           $25

Herman’s Hideaway*- Otis Taylor w/ Hazel Miller Band + Bluzinators           7:30 p.m.      $15

Ogden Theatre*- Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe feat. Roosevelt Collier       9 p.m.   
$10 for a limited time

Quixote’s True Blue- Third World w/ Blue Moon Soup               $20

Swallow Hill* (@ Daniels Hall)- Tallgrass + Daniel Rodriguez of Elephant Revival       
8 p.m.              $15-17

The 1Up*- Cosby Sweater feat. Joel Cummins of Umphrey’s McGee w/ Chrome Drones


Dickens Opera House* (Longmont)- The Delta Sonics        8 p.m.        $5

E Town Hall- ‘Bold Voices: A Benefit For Women & Girls Of Colorado’ feat. Sally Barris, Chris Daniels + Rebecca Folsom            7- 9:30 p.m.          $43.19

Fox Theatre*- DJ Logic + The Earful            9 p.m.            $8-14


Avogadro’s Number- ‘Spokesbuzz Band Swap’ feat. Open Jam, Deadwood Saints, Bonsoir Caitin, Lewi Longmire & The Left Coast Roasters + Pandas & People      2-6 p.m.      FREE!!!!


CHUBurger (Longmont)- Steve Manshel            5-7 p.m.

Homemade Liquids & Solids (Longmont)- ‘ Bluegrass Pick’      12-3 p.m.

Tasty Weasel (Longmont)- Tyler Grant      3-5 p.m.

These are the shows coming to the Front Range next week. There is quite a bit of great live music to hear from both local and national acts. As usual, I have marked the shows I recommend w/ an * after the name of the venue. For a longer list of recommended shows and concerts for the next few months, check-out the Coming Attractions page. Get out and hear some live music to end September and begin October. That’s What I Know, So That’s What You Know!! Enjoy!!

Happy Listening!!!! 😉