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1946- Terry Kath (guitarist w/ Chicago; died in 1978) 1978, Terry Kath, guitarist

Chicago w/ Terry Kath “25 or 6 to 4” live 7/21/70

1951- Phil Manzanera (guitarist w/ Roxy Music; co-produce David Gilmour’s “On An Island”)     63 yrs.

Phil Manzanera1; tray

Roxy Music w/ Phil Manzanera “Diamond Head”

1956- John Lydon a.k.a. Johnny Rotten (singer w/ the Sex Pistols; formed Public Image Limited)       58 yrs.

John Lydon nee Rotton

Public Image Limited w/ John Lydon “Rise”

1961- Lloyd Cole (singer/songwriter w/ Lloyd Cole & The Commotions + solo)     53 yrs.

1, Lloyd Cole has remained an

Lloyd Cole ‘A Long Way Down’ 1991

1967- Chad Channing (drummer for Nirvana; left in 1990, has played in various bands since)      47 yrs.

Chad Channing photos by

Nirvana w/ Chad Channing (live Aberdeen rehearsal)

1987- Marcus Mumford (singer/musician w/ Mumford & Sons)       27 yrs.

Marcus Mumford

Mumford & Sons w/ Marcus “I Will Wait” live @ Red Rocks

Those are your birthdays for today, and as usual I added links to video for each artist. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!


Last Minute Show @ Hodi’s w/ KUNG FU & DOPAPOD 1/30/14

Yes, I know that January 30th is tonight!! Believe me, I checked Hodi’s Halfnote website yesterday and it was not listed at that time. Both bands are playing shows together in Denver Friday and Saturday nights, but I’m not sure how this show was thrown together. Kung Fu is a jazz/jam conglomerate of members of The Breakfast, RAQ and others. Dopapod is more of a jamtronic leaning act. I have not seen either one, but have listened to music from both and hope to make the show tonight. It is $8 to get in if you are over 21 and $13 if under 21. GO SEE THE SHOW!! Enjoy!!



1942- Martyn Balin (founder/singer w/ Jefferson Airplane; later Jefferson Starship)        72 yrs.

Marty Balin, the one with the

Jefferson Airplane w/ Marty Balin “Somebody To Love/ White Rabbit”

1949- William King (trumpeter w/ The Commodores)      65 yrs.

William "Wak" King blowing on

Commodores w/ William King “Brickhouse”

1951- Phil Collins (drummer/singer/songwriter/musician w/ Genesis + solo)  63 yrs.


Phil Collins “Drums> Take Me Home” farewell tour

1959- Mark Eitzel (guitarist/singer/songwriter w/ American Music Club + solo)     55 yrs.

Kathryn Calder and Mark Eitzel

American Music Club w/ Mark Eitzel “Ex-Girlfriend”

1961- Jody Watley (singer w/ Shalamar + solo)        53 yrs.


Jody Watley ‘Real Love’

These are the birthdays for today, plus some links to video for each artist. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN TODAY!! Enjoy!!


Album Review: AMY RAY ‘GOODNIGHT TENDER’ 1/29/14

This week it was tough to pick a new album to review. There was nothing that jumped out at me, so I checked out a few of the artists and decided on Amy Ray’s “Goodnight Tender”. I have been listening to the Indigo Girls since the late 80’s and figured that one half of a great duo, must also be great.

The album opens with the country heartache of ‘Hunter’s Prayer’. Sounds like the wee hours of the night at a honky-tonk, just before last call. It isn’t overly catchy from a lyrical or musical standpoint. The music is tight and the pedal steel is always a welcome sound.

‘Oyster & Pearl’ starts a little more interestingly and seems a little more reminiscent of the folk that Amy excels in. The music is well performed and the lyrics are compelling. Amy isn’t trying so hard for a country-sound and that is why the banjo fits so well.

Amy throws a curve-ball with ‘The Gig That Matters’. This tune has more of an old school country gospel feel. It is upbeat and contains some sweet pickin’. I like this one quite a bit.

‘Time Zone’ finds Amy singing w/ Kelly Hogan and the blend of their voices is really nice. This one feels like a late night of travelin’ down a dark deserted stretch of highway with nothing but the tiny lights above to keep you company. Man, I love steel guitar in country music, it ages it just a bit.

One of my favorites on the album is ‘Time Zone’ with what sounds like a dobro taking the lead. The lyrics are good and the stompiness brings out the hope in a song that is lined with a little darkness.

‘Duane Allman’ catches the interest of the listener just by the title. Amy Ray is not making a bold a statement when she claims “no one can play like Duane’. It is a little bit of a country stomper with some great mandolin and guitar, but it’s not Duane.

Another down-and-out country number, ‘More Pills’ is melodic, but there is nothing to hook the listener. It feels like Amy is trying too hard to have a country sound, even though that isn’t where her talent shines the brightest.

‘Broken Record’ is a really slow number that is much more within Amy’s comfort zone. The words are well-written and the music is good, but it doesn’t really grab the ear until the end.

‘Goodnight Tender’ has Amy and Kelly Hogan sharing vocal duties. While their voices sound terrific together, the song is probably background music at best.

The mandolin kicks off ‘My Dog’, which sounds like it could have come out of the Indigo Girls catalog, minus the country guitar. Amy does make an attempt at contrived country, but lets go of that notion and shows off her vocal range instead.

I wasn’t crazy about ‘Let The Spirit’ after the first listen, but there is something southern baptism in a river about this one. The background vocals have this mysterious glory about them like seeing your destination breaking through a fog.

‘When You Come For Me’ is a really fabulous folk/country track with Amy allowing Heather McEntire to have vocal lead. It is a really great cut that is performed flawlessly. Amy made a good choice to hang back for the harmonies on this song, because I hear a CMT hit here.

I have to admit, ‘Goodnight Tender’ was not my first or second choice to review this week, but after some sampling on itunes, it seemed like the best one. Honestly, after the first listen, I wasn’t sure I wanted to listen to it again. However, I liked more of it after the second listen and even more after the third. Amy Ray has a deeper somewhat monotone voice for a woman in country music today and at points in the album, the music seemed to be moving in that direction. Amy probably could benefit from softening her voice a little and exploring her vocal range more. She is a great singer/songwriter, but just needs to let the music come even if it sounds more like the Indigo Girls than she probably likes. Enjoy!!



1938- James Jamerson (bassist w/ the Funk Brothers on Motown hits by the Temptations, Marvin Gaye, The Four Tops and more; died in 1983)

deity James Jamerson had

Funk Brothers w/ James Jamerson “Reach Out (I’ll Be There)”

1944- Andrew Loog Oldham (producer; first manager of the Rolling Stones; also worked with Jimmy Page, Clapton, John Mayall)   70 yrs.

Andrew Loog Oldham

1952- Thomas Erdelyi a.k.a. Tommy Ramone (drummer w/ The Ramones; worked as a record producer; assistant engineer for the production of Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Band Of Gypsy’s’ album)      62 yrs.

Tommy Ramone photo #6

The Ramones w/ Tommy “Sheena Is A Punk Rocker” live

1953- Louie Perez (songwriter, percussionist, & guitarist w/ Los Lobos)        61 yrs.

Louie Pérez – Бесплатная

Los Lobos w/ Louie Perez “Lovelight> Not Fade Away> Bertha”

1961- Eddie Jackson (bassist w/ Queensryche)   53 yrs.

Eddie Jackson

Queensryche w/ Eddie Jackson “I Don’t Believe In Love”

There are your birthdays for today, along with video links for most of them. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ANYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!



A man who has meant more to music and politics, than probably anyone before him and anyone in the future, Pete Seeger left us at the age of 94.

Pete Seeger was a singer/songwriter/guitarist/banjoist/veteran, but to say that is all he was, is to say Martin Luther King Jr. was just a preacher. Pete Seeger introduced the world to some of its most prolific music. Seeger wrote songs that contradicted war such as, “Turn, Turn, Turn”, “This Is Your Land” and “We Shall Overcome”. Besides these amazingly timeless songs, Pete Seeger broadened our musical horizons even farther. He introduced America to songs like “Wimowe” (‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’) and “Guantanemera”. Not only did Pete Seeger give us an ocean of time and music to remember him by, but Pete has also left his legacy in the sounds of those still making music for generations to come. THANKS A MILLION, PETE!!

Pete Seeger on the Deck of the                    for Seeger who became one



1941- King Tubby (reggae producer; died in 1989)

aka King Tubby was born on

King Tubby ‘Leaving Babylon Dub’

1951- William Nelson (member of Funkadelic)     63 yrs.

Billy bass nelson

Funkadelic w/ Billy ‘Bass’ Nelson “One Nation Under A Groove”

1959- Dave Sharpe (singer/guitarist w/ The Alarm)       55 yrs.

This Autumn, Dave Sharp,

The Alarm w/ Dave Sharpe ‘Rain In The Summertime’

1968- Lawrence Muggerud a.k.a. DJ Muggs (member of Cypress Hill) 46 yrs.

Picture of DJ Muggs

Cypress Hill “Illusions” (DJ Muggs Remix)

1968- Sarah McLachlan (singer/ songwriter/ musician)    46 yrs.

Sarah Mclachlan Performs In

Sarah McLachlan “Good Enough”

Those are the birthdays for today, along with some video links for each artist. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!



As we get farther into 2014, some summertime venues are starting to announce spring and summer shows, not to mention winter tours that are happening now. Needless to say that makes for a pretty good list of music to hear in Colorado.

2/12- Los Lonely Boys @ Boulder Theatre   8:30 p.m.   $32-35

2/20- Leo Kotke @ Boulder Theatre     8 p.m.     $25-35

2/27- Juno What? @ Hodi’s Halfnote    $10-17

3/02- Mountain Standard Time feat. Tim Carbone (of Railroad Earth)  @ Hodi’s Halfnote  $12-20

3/07- Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band @ Bluebird Theatre   $16.50- 20

3/07- David Grisman’s Folk Jazz Trio @ Boulder Theatre    8 p.m.        $25- 32.50

3/07- Papadosio w/ The Main Squeeze @ Fox Theatre   $14-18

3/08- Papadosio w/ The Main Squeeze @ Fox Theatre   $14-18

3/09- Papadosio @ Aggie Theater    $16

3/12- Travelin McCourys feat. Billy Nershi (of SCI) @ Fox Theatre      $20-24

3/14- New Orleans Suspects + Great American Taxi w/ special guests @ Cervante’s Masterpiece Ballroom     $15-20

3/15- Travelin McCourys feat. Billy Nershi (of SCI) w/ Pert Near Sandstone @ Gothic Theatre

3/20- Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey + Mike Dillon Group @ Hodi’s Halfnote     $8

3/21- The Subdudes (w/ original line-up) @ Herman’s Hideaway    $30- 240

3/22- The Subdudes (w/ original line-up) @ Boulder Theatre       8:30 p.m.    $30

4/03- The Werks @ Aggie Theatre     $10

6/04- Leo Kotke @ Rialto Theatre      7:30 p.m.     $29

6/05- Leo Kotke @ Rialto Theatre      7:30 p.m.     $29

Los Lonely Boys will bring their Santana meets Los Lobos, latin blues to Colorado once again. I have not seen them live, but know that they have great music and hope to see them in the near future.

When Leo Kotke plays acoustic guitar and sings/prognosticates on stage, it hardly seems like a solo performance. Between his playing prowess and his sense of humor, he easily grabs the audiences’ attention.           Leo Kotke ‘Airproofing’ live

Juno What? is a spin-off from The Motet. This trio provides a 70’s funk/dance vehicle for Joey Porter and company. I have seen them once and was certainly impressed.

Mountain Standard Time is a great Colorado jamgrass band, but the real draw for this show will be the guest they are playing with. Tim Carbone of Railroad Earth will bring his fiddling ability to their high mountain sound.

Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band is the epitome of foot-stompin, barn-burning, hell-raising backwoods blues. This three piece sounds way bigger and puts some serious step in your feet. I have seen them and can’t wait to get to again!!

David Grisman’s Folk Jazz Trio, is not one of Grisman’s projects I have heard. However I have seen him a couple of times and listened to many of his different outings from jazz to bluegrass and his own blend, referred to as “Dawg Music”. Always impressive!!

I haven’t seen Papadosio for a few years, but I always dug their live shows. They have become favorites among the jamtronica community. If that’s your scene and you haven’t heard them live, you should!!        Papadosio w/ Mike Rempel (of Lotus) “All I Knew” live

The Travelin McCoury’s are already huge on the bluegrass circuit, but adding one guest, broadens that demographic. The String Cheese Incident’s own Billy Nershi will join the boys for a finger-pickin good time!!

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey and Mike Dillon Group are going to bring their variations on the concepts of jazz to Colorado. I haven’t seen JFJO for years, but I have seen Mike Dillon Band three times over the last year and can’t wait to see what his group has in store.

The original line-up of The Subdudes are going to be reuniting in March. This bayou-influenced well-harmonized zydeco folk outfit has not been together for awhile, but with their experience as a group, it should be like riding a bike. I’ve caught them live and they play respectable party music for a neighborhood hootenany.  The Subdudes ‘Late At Night’

The Werks has an organic sound that mixes well with some of their more jamtronic improvisations. They are as good if you lean more toward UV Hippo or Perpetual Groove. The last time I saw them was the best show I’ve seen them play.

These are some of the acts coming to the area over the next several months. I have added some YouTube footage for a couple of the acts. Enjoy!!




1918- Elmore James (blues singer/guitarist; thought to be ‘King Of The Slide Guitar’; died in 1963)

Elmore James

Elmore James “Rollin’ & Tumblin’ “

1930- Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland (R&B singer; blues hall of fame inductee, rock & roll hall of fame inductee; Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award recepient; died in 2013)


Bobby “Blue” Bland “That’s The Way Love Is”

1945- Nick Mason (original member/ drummer/ percussionist for Pink Floyd, who played on every album)        69 yrs.

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason

Pink Floyd w/ Nick Mason @ Live 8 in 2005

1946- Nedra Talley (singer w/ The Ronettes)       68 yrs.

Nedra Talley

The Ronettes w/ Nedra Talley ‘Be My Baby’

1951- Brian Downey (drummer for and founding member of Thin Lizzy)    63 yrs.

Brian-Downey-of-Thin-Lizzy-on- ...

Thin Lizzy w/ Brian Downey ‘Whiskey In The Jar’ 1973

1951- Seth Justman (keyboards/vocals w/ The J. Geils Band)  63 yrs.

Seth Justman performs with

J. Geils Band w/ Seth Justman ‘Centerfold’

1961- Martin DeGaulle (singer w/ Sigue Sigue Sputnik)    53 yrs.

Sigue Sigue Sputnik w/ Martin DeGaulle ‘Sex Bomb Boogie’

1961- Margo Timmins (vocals w/ Cowboy Junkies)   53 yrs.

Margo Timmins and The Cowboy

The Cowboy Junkies w/ Margo Timmins ‘Sweet Jane’

1968- Mike Patton (singer/multi-instrumentalist w/ Faith No More) 46 yrs.

Mike Patton Tribute 2

Faith No More w/ Mike Patton ‘A Small Victory’

These are the Birthdays for today. I have added video links to these artists. Unfortunately, I could not find photos for Martin De Gaulle. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE BORN ON THIS DAY!! Enjoy!!


MUSIC TO HEAR 1/27 – 2/02


Hodi’s Halfnote- Free Comedy @ 7 p.m. ; ‘Funk Jam’ presents Jimi Hendrix   9:30 p.m.    Free!!


Quixote’s True Blue- Joey Porter’s Vital Organ   $5


Homemade Liquids & Solids (Longmont)- Electric Blues Jam   7:30-10p.m

Tasty Weasel (Longmont)- Open Stage w/ Danny Shafer    6-8 p.m.


Ogden Theatre*- Trey Anastasio Band     SOLD OUT!!

Quixote’s True Blue- Open Stage     8 p.m.

The 1Up- ‘official Trey Anastasion Band after-party) feat. Soule Monde w/ The Malai Llama      11 p.m. – 1:45 a.m.     $12-15


Dickens Opera House (Longmont)- The Prarie Scholars    6 p.m.

Laughing Goat Coffee House- Soul Explosion    8 p.m.

Oskar Blues Grill & Brew (Lyons)- Bluegrass Pick     8-11 p.m.

Pioneer Inn (Nederland)- Open Mic    10 p.m.


Aggie Theatre*- Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School Of Medicine w/ In The Whale, Joy Subtraction, + American Blackout       7 p.m.    $15


Armoury- ‘Hump Day Funk Jam’ w/ special guest La Damian Massey         10 p.m.- 2 a.m.

Hi Dive- ‘On The Cover #6’: Elvis Costello’s first 2 albums performed by Quantum Creep w/ Joshua Novak      $7

Marquis Theatre- Cody Canada & The Departed (ex-Cross Canadian Ragweed) w/ American Aquarium          $13-15

Ogden Theatre*- Trey Anastasio Band    SOLD OUT!!!!

Oriental Theatre*- Leon Russell w/ Robbie Peoples      7 p.m.     $35


Fox Theatre*- Dopapod + Kung Fu w/ special guests      $12-16

Laughing Goat Coffee House- Purple Squirrel       8 p.m.     $??

Nissi’s (LaFayette)- Nelson Rangell    7:30 p.m.     $10-12

Pioneer Inn (Nederland)- Blues Jam      10 p.m.


Aggie Theatre- Hopsin’s Knock Madness Tour w/ Dizzy Wright, DJ Hoppa, + special guests from Funk Volume, Black Pegasus + Gritty Musik     7 p.m.  $20

Moxi Theatre (Greeley)- Pepper w/ Lionize     $25-30


Cervante’s Otherside- ‘Grass For That Ass’ feat. Gangstagrass w/ Wood & Wire        Free- $10

Quixote’s True Blue*- Stir Fried feat. Buddy Cage & Allie Kral of Cornmeal    8 p.m.      $15


Dickens Opera House (Longmont)- Thursday Open Mic     7 p.m.


Avogadro’s Number- Ragged Union w/ Mike Finnders     8:30 p.m.


Armoury- Trad + w/ Chris Pandolfi & Andy Hall of Infamous  Stringdusters 8 p.m. – 1 a.m.

Bluebird Theatre- RJD2 w/ DJ Chonz + Man Mantis    $22-25 (2 Day pass $40)

Dazzle Jazz- ‘Friday 10 p.m. Social’ w/ Liebermonster  10:30 p.m. – 1:30 a.m.      $5

Donkey OT*- ‘Grassroots California SIA Party feat. The Gift Of Gab     7 p.m.  $10

Fillmore Auditorium- Sound Tribe Sector 9              CANCELLED!!!!

Quixote’s True Blue*- Stir Fried feat. Michael Kang (of String Cheese Incident) w/ Hunab      8 p.m.    $20

The 1Up*- Kung Fu + Dopapod w/ Technicolor Tone Factory   9 p.m.-1:45 a.m.       $10-18


Boulder Theatre*- Dr. Ralph Stanley     8 p.m.      $30-40

Fox Theatre- Pepper w/ Lionize    $25-27

Homemade Liquids & Solids (Longmont)- Honey Comb     8-11:30 p.m.

Nissi’s (LaFayette)- Zeppephilia    7:30 p.m.       $10-12


Aggie Theatre- The Yawpers w/ Matt Mahern & Constitution + Drunken Cuddle       7 p.m.      $7


Bluebird Theatre- RJD2 w/ DJ Amen + RUMTUM   $22-25  (2 Day pass $40)

Cervante’s Otherside*- Nth Power feat. Nikki Glaspie (Dumpstaphunk), Nigel Hall (Lettuce), Nick Cassarino (Jenn Hartswick Band), Weedie Braimah (Toubab Krewe) w/ Empresarios Soundsystem + The Recovery Act       $12-15

Donkey OT*- Eric McFadden, Norwood Fisher & Willie Waldman    7 p.m.   $15

Fillmore Auditorium- Sound Tribe Sector 9       CANCELLED!!!!

Larimer Lounge- Agent Orange w/ Wiredogs, Royal Dead, Highbinder     $15

Oriental Theatre- Casey James Prestwood & The Burning Angels + Halden Wofford & The Hi Beams    $10

Quixote’s True Blue*- Stir Fried feat. Michael Kang (of String Cheese Incident) w/ Blue Moon Soup    7 p.m.    $20

Summit Music Hall- Rocket From The Crypt w/ Snake Rattle Rattle Snake  $25-28

The 1Up*- Dopapod + Kung Fu w/ Tiger Party   9 p.m.-1:45 a.m.   $10-18


Boulder Theatre*- ‘Mountain Sun: Funky Good Time Benefit’ w/ Kyle Hollingsworth (String Cheese Incident), George Porter Jr. (The Meters), Adam Smirnoff (Lettuce), John Statton (KDTU), Art Edmaiston (Mofro), Dennis Marion (Mofro) & Kim Dawson (Motet)    $25

Dickens Opera House (Longmont)- Dead Phish Orchestra   8:30 p.m.  $??

Fox Theatre- “Chinese New Years” feat. Itchy-O w/ Men In Burka, DJ Dr. Whom, + DJ Babyshoe     $13-17

Nissi’s (LaFayette)- Rebecca Folsom Band   7:30 p.m.   $10-12

Oskar Blues Grill & Brew (Lyons)- Delta Sonics    8:30-11:30 p.m.


Homemade Liquids & Solids (Longmont)- Bluegrass Pick   12-3 p.m.

GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are some great shows in the area over the next week. I have marked the shows I recommend with an * after the venue name. Though I love music, I must admit that the orange & blue of the DENVER BRONCOS is overshadowing everything in Colorado these days!! Enjoy!!