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Album Review: ARCADE FIRE ‘Reflektor’ 10/30/13

Our neighbors to the north, Arcade Fire, released a new album Tuesday titled ‘Reflektor. I saw them perform the title cut on SNL last week and also heard it on local radio station 94.9 FM. I liked it, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to review this or the live Los Lobos CD. My local big box store, helped me make that decision by only carrying Arcade Fire’s new one, which I didn’t know was a double disc. Here’s what I thought…. Continue reading Album Review: ARCADE FIRE ‘Reflektor’ 10/30/13


The Disco Biscuits will bring their jamtronic sound to Colorado for the winter edition of ‘Bisco Inferno’ in January. The band will play two shows at the Ogden Theatre on January 23rd and 24th, as well as January 25th at the First Bank Center. The 1/25/14 show will see the Disco Biscuits joined by Infected Mushroom in Broomfield. Pre-sale starts today 10/30 at noon, our time, on the band’s website. The tickets for the Ogden shows are only going to be available as part of a three day package. Good Luck to everyone trying to get tickets!!

Review: ORGONE @ Hodi’s On Sunday Night!!

Orgone @ Hodi's 10/27/13
          “Love Is The Answer” 10/27/13

Orgone came onto the stage around 11 p.m. and opened with a funky instumental w/ some heavy afro-cuban percussion. They brought out female vocalist, Adrianne DeLeon (don’t quote me on spelling) for what felt a little like Pebbles circa the 80’s with a better voice. Next, Adrianne proclaimed to the crowd of about 120 that “Love is the answer”. Then some afrobeat to start ‘Funky Nassau’ and some group percussion to end it. Oh boy, did Adrianne ever bring sexy to the funk on ‘I Get Lifted’. They played another soul number with some super-funky backing before Adrianne left the stage. At this point, the rest of the band treated us with healty helpings of funk and afrobeat on “It’s What You Do”.

Adrianne DeLeon belting it out!
                 ORGONE @ Hodi’s 10/27

The guitar player is phenomenal and seems to be the true leader of this group. Adrianne came back out and they did a slow groovy soul tune, that could have been a Whitney Houston cut. ‘Who Knows Who’ with its Sharon Jones kinda soul/funk was next. They stayed heavy on the soul for the remainder of the set with ‘Say Goodbye’ and ‘Vehicle’ by the Ides Of March. They left and came back for an encore with the funky 70’s sound of ‘Do Your Thing’ to end the evening.

Punch Drunk Munkey Funk continue to get better and I know that they were super-stoked to be opening for Orgone, as well. Orgone was exceptional both on instrumentals and vocal tunes. They made the most of their hour and a half set with funky beats under soulful lyrics and a jamming guitar. They really had the crowd going, especially on a Sunday night. They are one of a few bands that effectively pull-off the African rhythms while making the music something that stands on its own. It is an interesting dynamic to have rotating female vocalists and a core band, but it seems to work well for Orgone, who started as an instrumental group. It was only three months since their last visit, so we can hope they are back that quickly the next time.

LOU REED Passes At 71 :-(

Sadly, Rock’n’Roll trailblazer Lou Reed passed away earlier today from liver disease at 71 years old. Lou had liver transplant surgery earlier this year and was being treated again at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, until a few days ago. Besides being in the ground-breaking Velvet Underground in the psychedelic 60’s, Lou Reed had a successful solo career and continues to influence new musicians. Songs like ‘Sweet Jane’ , ‘Rock & Roll’, ‘Heroin’, and ‘Satellite Of Love’ are woven into the fabric of the American music culture. He has been covered by everyone from the Cowboy Junkies to U2 and Jane’s Addiction. His impact will last long after today….. Continue reading LOU REED Passes At 71 :-(

Review: The FistMitts perform The Misfits @ Road 34 on 10/26

The Fistmitts @ Road 34
The Fistmitts performing The Misfits 10/26

Last night, I decided to hit Road 34 in Fort Collins, because I was intrigued by the idea of paying tribute to a couple of bands that aren’t often covered. Ben Pu and the Crew were set to perform the music of The Smashing Pumpkins as the opener. The Fistmitts were performing their tribute to The Misfits to close out the night…. Continue reading Review: The FistMitts perform The Misfits @ Road 34 on 10/26

ORGONE Back In Colorado This Weekend!!

The California-based soul funk outfit, Orgone, will be in Colorado this weekend. I have seen this 8-piece band on two seperate occasions and was nothing but impressed. With some fierce guitar, Afro-beats, funky horns and soulful vocals, these folks can take you to Memphis, Capetown, New Orleans, and Detroit in the same show, if not the same song. I want you to see and hear for yourself so I have added a live video performance. Orgone is @ Cervante’s with Latyrx tonight and at Cervante’s Otherside tomorrow night. On Sunday, October 27th, Orgone will be at Hodi’s Halfnote in Fort Collins with opener Punch Drunk Munkey Funk. Hope to see you there. Enjoy!!

HAPPY LISTENING!!!! 😉                                                             Orgone ‘I Get Lifted’ Live

BLACKALICIOUS Coming To Fort Collins In December!!

So, Fort Collins, CO. is getting an early Christmas present in the form of hip-hop veterans Blackalicious. They will be at the Aggie Theatre on Thursday, December 19 with their perfect beats, amazing flow, and conscious lyrics. I know not everyone likes hip-hop, but these rhymes are better than most top 40 rappers have and way more clever. They can and do perform great live shows, but don’t take my word for it, check out the following live video and decide for yourself. Enjoy!!

HAPPY LISTENING!!!! 😉                                         Blackalicious ‘Deception’ Live