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Review: Prism & The Grippe 9/28/13

The Grippe doing The Who 9/28/13
    The Grippe @ The Aggie 9/28/13

Last night was an awesome night in Fort Collins, Colorado for live music fans. Both of the main live venues downtown were hosting free shows with local bands. The Aggie Theatre had Punch Drunk Munkey Funk and The Grippe and Hodi’s Halfnote had the Hot Gazpacho Trio and Prism. The venues are two blocks from each other, so it was a perfect night for bar hopping…. Continue reading Review: Prism & The Grippe 9/28/13

Album Review: Kings Of Leon ‘Mechanical Bull’ 9/25/13

So this Tuesday saw the release of the Kings Of Leon album ‘Mechanical Bull’ and not wanting to be left out, I bought the deluxe edition, which contained two bonus tracks. To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t sure about buying this disc, deluxe edition or not. I wasn’t really impressed with their last album ‘Come Around Sundown’ and having listened to their music for the last ten years, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was optimistic that having dealt with personal issues over the last couple years, there would be some revitalization to the energy they once had…. Continue reading Album Review: Kings Of Leon ‘Mechanical Bull’ 9/25/13